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Tips, Rules and Recipes for a Juice (liquid only) Fast:
1. Number One Rule of All Fasting: Find a health practitioner who supports fasting and take her or his
advice. If you start to feel bad, weak, no energy see your physician. If they tell you to stop fasting, stop.

We need you alive and well feeling good and healthy!!
2. No dairy. The reason for this is that dairy is difficult to digest and can make fasting uncomfortable and
hard on your body. Since this is a rule, there are, of course, exceptions. See tips #3 and #15.

3. At least 20 grams of protein per day. There are many different kinds of protein powder. The most common
are soy, rice and whey protein powders. Doesn't whey come from milk? You ask… The answer is yes, but it
has no lactose and no milk fat and is therefore easily digested. Also, it tastes good in fruit smoothies. If
you're a vegan, either soy or rice protein will work. Note: Some people have a hard time digesting soy

4. Take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. You will be getting a lot of nutrients from the juices you make
(or buy, but the ones you make taste so-o-o much better - and you know exactly what's in them). But you are
radically changing your diet. I''m not suggesting some mega-pill. Any good multi-vitamin/mineral will do

5. Limit caffeine and alcohol. Both tend to be dehydrating, so they are not recommended. I had a half-cup of
coffee the first two days of my fast to avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches.

6. Beware of fruit juice, particularly commercially produced fruit juice. Fruit juice has a lot of sugar (fructose
and/or glucose) and it will make you really hungry if you drink it straight. This doesn't mean you shouldn't
drink fruit juice. Here's the caveat: seriously dilute your fruit juice with water - seriously meaning maximum
one part juice per four parts water.

But most of your nutrition will come from
7. Lots of vegetable juice. My favorite combinations follow these tips. As much as you want. Within reason,
of course.

8. A smoothie in the morning. If you're hungry in the afternoon, have another smoothie and don't forget the
protein powder. Recipes below.

9. Fat is your friend. This is an important point, which some fasters forget. You should have at least 3T (a
combo of raw Coconut oil and cold pressed oils and essential fatty acids) fat per day. There are several
ways to get fat into your juice fast. One of my favorites is a slice of avocado in your morning smoothie - you
don't taste it and it makes the smoothie even smoother.
A flax oil blend is another option

Either put it in your smoothie or drink it straight. (I bet you can guess which I prefer). Fat will assure that
you absorb the nutrients you're getting and to keep you from feeling hungry. It also helps remind your body
you're not starving, so it doesn't start trying to store fat. If you do go into starvation mode, you will stop
losing weight and feel horrible.

10. Drink some juice every couple of hours or sooner if you fell you need to. Do not try to limit yourself to a
certain amount of juice per day. You are already getting far fewer calories than you normally do and each
person needs a certain amount of food to feel good. I found I generally drank about ¾ of a quart of
undiluted vegetable juice per day, in addition to my morning smoothie.

11. Potassium broth or a potassium supplement. Either 2 capsules morning and night or drink the broth
once a day

12. Drink plenty of water. Most people recommend at least 2 liters per day. I think that if you're diluting your
fruit juice with a lot of water, this does count towards your daily water intake.

13. Constipation: It is important that you have regular bowel movements while you're fasting. There's a
bunch of different products you can use many different products if you choose
15. Trick Number 15: Even if you have a juicer, I believe it's better for your system to juice only the veggies
that are hard to blend and release a lot of liquid - carrots, celery, beets, spinach, lettuce and blend
everything you can in a good blender. You get both the fiber and nutrients from the peel. The added fiber
helps with, ahem, elimination.

16. There are a couple of products you may want to consider purchasing before you begin your fast. You do
need a powerful blender to make good fruit smoothies. I personally swear by The Magic Bullet (widely
available for about $60 - $48 if you've got one of those 20% discount coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond).
You may have seen the unbelievably cheesy infomercial for this product on late-nite t.v. Of course, it
doesn't do everything it claims - it can't chop worth a darn. But it blends like a dream - if you follow the
instructions. And the fact that you can make your smoothie in the same glass you use to drink it is
convenient and timesaving. The Jack Leanne Juicer is available at Costco for $87. It is plenty powerful for
our purposes and you will save money in the first couple of weeks of fasting. Neither is essential, but they

17. If you start to loose too much weight: You're probably not getting as many calories or as much fat as you
think you are. Have an avocado a day (or more) for a few days. Another possible addition to your juice is raw
cream. Because it's raw it still has all the digestive enzymes in it and doesn't present the digestive
problems some dairy products do. If you don't have trouble with dairy, you may add milk and yogurt or
Lactaid Milk you can buy at your local supermarket, it has the sugars from milk removed. I use a soy creamer
by Silk vanilla flavored.
18. Finally: Relax.
Try some visualization
click here...

Here's a typical day on a month-long juice/liquid fast. Recipes follow.

• A cup of delicious tea (Some people prefer green or herbal. I didn't find black tea to be detrimental -
moderation is the key here). You may have honey and lemon.

• Breakfast when you feel hungry: a fruit smoothie - remember, no dairy.

• Every two hours or so: vegetable juice or heavily diluted fruit juice. I tended to alternate between a
tomato based and a spinach based juice.