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Even the best planned diet can come unstuck at a Christmas party, birthday dinner or barbecue. Often the
temptations are just too great. Yet models have some of the most active social lives of anyone, so exactly
how do they do it and stay so slim?
It take real discipline, but there are also plenty of tips and tricks that we use as models. Events like these
are not just for fun, they are a part of the social networking that goes into a successful modeling career.
This page is about how we manage to diet successfully without compromising a fun social life.

Restaurant Food
When faced with a delicious menu, its all too easy to let your stomach do the ordering rather than your
brain! Here are some tips to help you stay on track when eating out in a restaurant.
• At buffets, pick up the smallest plate you can find. Whatever size you choose, you will usually feel
compelled to fill it!

• Drink a Diet Coke or a cup of green tea before dinner, both will help to reduce your appetite. Going to a
restaurant when you're really hungry is tempting fate.

• Don't follow the crowd and order a 3 course meal. If you feel that you have to, try to choose light options
like a consommé, fruit plate or sorbet.

• Order an appetizer instead of a main course - portions have grown in recent years and you really don't
need more.

• Don't order anything with sauce. That grilled chicken may sound light, but not if its drowning in a creamy
sauce! In an Italian restaurant, order the tomato-based sauces rather than the cream-based ones.

• Order your food steamed, baked, grilled or poached, rather than fried or deep fried.

• Substitute salad for the fries or potatoes that come with your meal.

• Watch your salad dressing! Caesar salad can be just as fattening as a burger.

• If the waiter brings you bread before the meal, send it right back or you'll end up full before the meal.

• You don't need to finish the whole meal. Most restaurants are happy to provide a doggy bag.
Cocktail Parties
After a couple of drinks and a few rounds of the hors d'oeuvres tray, you suddenly realise that you've
consumed about 3,000 calories without even realizing it. That's a pretty typical experience around
Christmas time, but there are simple ways to survive a cocktail party without putting on five pounds.
• Foods to avoid on the snacks table - samosas, chicken nuggets etc. Stay away from anything fried or
covered in sauce.

• By drinking Diet Coke with your cocktail, you can control your appetite and be better prepared when the
hors d'oeuvres come around.

• Find a place far away from the snacks table and do all your socializing there. Don't be one of those people
loitering around the hors d'oeuvres!

• Limit yourself to one snack at a time. Eating slowly will help you to eat less.

• Aim for dishes like the hummus platter, with carrot and celery to dip. Even though hummus has a lot of
calories, eating the vegetables will help.

Alcoholic Drinks
When you have a birthday party or a work event to go to, its often extremely hard to avoid having a drink or
two. Here are some tips to make sure that you don't ruin your diet in the process.
• Light beers have fewer calories and will slow down your drinking.

• Order your drinks with soda instead of tonic. Tonic has a surprising number of calories. Fruit juice is even

• For a little more flavor to your drink, try Diet Coke or Diet Sprite as a mixer.

• Try a white wine spritzer (white wine and soda). Its a great low calorie summer drink.

Restaurant Rules

Drink a glass of water before going.
If really hungry have some tea, or even veggies beforehand.
If at a restaurant drink at least a full glass of water before the food comes.
Take a sip in between each bite.
Eat slowly.
Sabotage food with too much salt, etc.
Try eating with opposite hand (if right handed use left hand and vise versa)
To avoid temptation, don't even look at the section of the menu with the fattening foods. Out of sight, out of
mind, out of body.
Stick to ordering items including the words ' baked' 'broiled' and 'steamed'.
Always order sauces on the side
Dip the tines of your fork into the dressing then into meal, so you can still taste the sauce but with a fraction
of the calories.
Eat half and pack it up
Start with soup or side salad to fill you.
Eat in the order of veggies first, protein next, carbs last.
Have salad with only negative calories vegetables.
Try not to be the first to start or last to finish.
Aim to drink at least 3 glasses of water during the meal.
Put your utensils down between each bite.
Talk a lot so you spend more time speaking than eating.
Look up the nutritional info online before going to the restaurant so you can decide before hand what you
Ask for lunch size portion or children's size.
Say 'No thank you' to dessert.