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Full of practical tips and scientific insights, we discover
how anyone can lose weight more easily.  This medical journalist Michael Mosley investigates
the latest scientific breakthroughs in slimming the body, uncovering some of the simplest
ways you can shed UNWANTED EXTRA pounds. From the slimming secrets of soup to our
brain's response after skipping meals, what he discovers may completely change the way you
think about diets, health and losing weight. And keeping it off. Michael does not look like he is
at all overweight, but while making this film he discovered that he, like millions of others, has
internal body fat around his kidneys and liver that he really needs to lose. So he tries out the
scientific tips himself, and by the end of the film ON THIS PAGE he succeeds in losing the weight he wants.
Plus, musician Alex James, who is a passionate cheese maker, tries out an intriguing
scientific discovery - that low-fat dairy products can help you excrete more fat from all your food.
Radio presenter Amy Lame learns how just a few small changes in her daily routine can help
burn significantly more calories, which is handy for those who hate exercise and the gym.
And actress Debbie Chazen, who eats healthy foods, has her metabolism checked and keeps a
food diary - with some surprising results.
We discover the scientific reasons why soup keeps you feeling fuller for longer than solid food:
it's all to do with the particular way the stomach shrinks and expands, and we'll prove it using
ultrasound scans of Territorial Army recruits.Omay here are some quick holiday tips....

Tricks to Try
Eat the best-for-you offerings first. For example, hot soup as a first course? Yes, especially
when it's broth-based, not cream-based.... I can help you avoid eating too much during the main course.

Stand more than an arm's length away from munchies, like a bowl of nuts or chips, while you
chat so you're not tempted to raise your hand to your mouth every few seconds.

Concentrate on your meal while you're eating it. Focus on chewing your food well and enjoying
the smell, taste, and texture of each item. Research shows that mealtime multitasking
(whether at home or at a party) can make you pop mindless calories into your mouth. Of
course, dinner-party conversation is only natural, but try to set your food down until you're
finished chatting so you are more aware of what you're taking in.

Prepare Yourself Before the Party

One of the biggest mistakes you can make before heading to a party is to skip a meal or arrive
hungry. By eating a light, healthy snack before leaving your own house, you can set yourself up
to make better choices. Try a low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, or a small bowl of whole-grain cereal
with skim milk.

Bring a Healthy Holiday Food

If you are hosting the party, you have control of the ingredients that are added to the favorite
holiday recipes - but as a guest, it is not as easy. However, just because you are a guest does
not mean you can not offer to bring a healthy, low-fat dish to add to the selection. Most hosts
will welcome an additional dish, and the other guests may enjoy having a healthier option to
choose. Consider a simple dish like roasted string beans, or if you offer to bring dessert,
consider a pumpkin pie without the crust or baked apples.

Be Mindful During the Party

The first thing you should do is remember what the celebration is about. Your mind should be
focused on enjoying the time with your family and friends. During mealtime, fill your plate up
mostly with vegetables. Try not to over-indulge, but you should not feel like you have to avoid
any item. Choose items that are your favorite in smaller portions, and eat slowly to savor every bite.

Avoid drinking beverages that are high in sugar and calories, or at least limit your intake to a
single drink. Alcohol adds extra unwanted calories and, if too much is consumed, it lowers
inhibitions, which can lead to overeating. Try consuming water with a lemon or lime, skim milk, or diet / sugar-free beverages.

One great way to avoid snacking throughout the party is to plan fun activities to participate in
with other guests, such as games or making crafts. If it is available, set up a tournament with a
gaming system t at is interactive. That is a great way to burn some calories and avoid the buffet of snacks sitting out on the counter or table.

Keep Moving

This time of the year should be enjoyable. However, you need to keep physically active, maybe
now more than ever. Physical activity reduces stress and gives us more energy. Try fitting in a
workout before the party because, more likely than not, you will be tired from all the
celebrating afterwards. During the party, go on a brisk walk with some of the other guests or, if
there are children around, toss a ball  Outside. This can give you a burst of energy and a chance to catch up.

If you like participating in races, sign yourself up for a seasonal 5K run/walk or some other
fitness event that will keep you focused and motivated to stay active.

Remember: The holidays are for celebrating with family and friends. If you must splurge one,
two, or even three days during the holiday season, then that really is not going to ruin all of your
hard work. It takes an extra 500 calories each day, or 3,500 calories a week, to gain a pound.
All the extra snacking can really add up, but you can easily pass up all the treats in the office
and keep goodies out of your own home. If you do this, you can feel good allowing yourself to
enjoy the foods you look forward to every year.

Chew While You Chop... CHEW CHEW...Helping prepare Christmas dinner or whipping up a
dessert for the potluck can be a recipe for weight gain. "Those little bites and tastes you take
while cooking can add up to hundreds of calories," says Amy Jamieson-Petonic, R.D., the
director of wellness coaching at the Cleveland Clinic and a spokeswoman for the American
Dietetic Association. A slice of cheddar cheese, for instance, serves up 100 calories, while a handful of chocolate chips tacks on another 70 calories.

To avoid nibbling, pop a piece of gum to occupy your mouth when you're in the kitchen so you
can save those calories for the treats you'll really enjoy. Researchers at Louisiana State
University discovered that people who chewed gum throughout the afternoon were less likely to snack mindlessly than those who didn't.

When grabbing a pack, reach for spearmint or peppermint rather than a sweet or fruity flavor.
"The scent of mint may stimulate the area of the brain that registers fullness, helping you eat
less," explains Bryan Raudenbush, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at Wheeling
Jesuit University. In a recent study, he found that people who whiffed peppermint oil before
meals consumed about 250 fewer calories a day. Out of gum? Grab a candy cane off the tree or light a mint-scented candle.

Trim back the trimmings. Go all out and deck the halls with boughs of holly, glitter, and lights,
but when it comes to holiday food, accessorize with care. To shave calories, go easy when
adding nuts, cheese, cream sauces, gravy, butter, and whipped cream -- additions that don't
add much to the meal, but can add plenty to your waistline. Be aware of what you are putting on
your food. EAT CLEAN... Trim calories wherever you can so you leave the party feeling satisfied, but not stuffed LIKE A PIG FOR ROASTING.

Wear snug clothes and keep one hand busy. When you wear snug-fitting attire, chances are
you'll be too busy holding in your stomach to overeat. While you stand around looking posh in
your holiday finery, hold a drink in your dominant hand so it won't be so easy to grab food... A

"When you're preoccupied, you don't fully taste everything, so you tend to overeat," says
Richter. "Give your full attention to the conversation or sit down to concentrate on the food in
front of you—you'll appreciate both much more."Where you sit at dinner matters too. Try
snagging the chair next to your brother's cute friend: A new study published in the journal
Appetite found that women who ate in the presence of a man consumed 358 fewer calories
than when they dined with a group of women. Researchers at Canada's McGill University say
women often suppress their eating in front of a person of the opposite sex. They also tend to
mirror their dining partners' habIts, so avoid the seat next to that friend with the huge appetite and enviable metabolism.


How Not to Overeat When You're DEPRESSED
Why Depression Makes You Eat Too Much: Depression and food are related to each other on
many levels, says Deborah Kesten, M.P.H., a nutrition researcher and educator in Sausalito,
Calif., and author of The Healing Secrets of Food (New World Library, 2001). First, eating certain
kinds of foods can make you feel low. Those high in sugar and caffeine deplete your body of B
vitamins, low levels of which are linked to an increased risk of depression. And when you feel
down, you're more likely to binge on high-carbohydrate foods, like bread or cookies, says
Kesten, because they increase production of serotonin, a mood-regulating brain chemical.
Finally, although humans evolved eating with other people, many Americans eat alone, which
may increase feelings of loneliness or depression and lead to more overeating.

How to Break Blues-Based Eating Habits: It's crucial to learn to stop and ask yourself why
you're reaching for food, most experts say. Realize that although food will alleviate feelings like
depression, says Foreyt, the effect is only temporary. The most effective way to counter
feelings of isolation when you're feeling down is to reach out to other people. Talk to a friend or
family member, or write your feelings down in a journal.
You can even use your meal itself to connect with life, says Kesten. She often advises
depressed clients to eat their meals with appreciation, reminding themselves of the nutrients
that their food is providing as they eat. Eating mindfully and truly appreciating the food you're eating will make you less likely to want another helping.

How to Keep from Returning to Comfort Foods: Because depression is linked, in part, to a
deficiency in B vitamins, it's vital to eat mostly whole foods (especially fresh fruits, vegetables,
legumes, and whole grains like millet, barley, and oats), rather than processed foods, which
have few B vitamins, says Kesten.
One study found that meditation actually helps prevent a vitamin deficiency, she says.
Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia found that people who meditated produced
more of an enzyme called alpha-amylase, which helps your body use B vitamins. Mealtime can
be the perfect time to relax. Kesten recommends the following meditation before each meal:
Sit at the table with your meal in front of you, fold your hands in your lap, inhale deeply, and
exhale slowly. Do this three times with your eyes closed or focused on your food. Or say a prayer of thanks.

How Not to Overeat When YOU'RE BORED
Why Boredom Makes You Eat Too Much: You overeat when you're bored because you're
looking for stimulation, says Hewitt. In today's fast-paced society, we're simply not used to
downtime. Food--with its color, aroma, flavor, and ability to raise blood sugar--provides stimulation.
Our eyes, not our stomachs, tell us when we’re full. In a study conducted by our research
team, when we replaced eight-inch dinner plates with 12-inch plates, diners consumed 20% to
35% more because their portions looked smaller on the larger plates. After the meal, they were certain that they hadn’t eaten any more than usual.

What to do: Use smaller plates, bowls and spoons if you want to eat less. Drink from tall, thin
glasses—not short, fat ones—so you will think you are drinking more. When possible, serve food over a bed of lettuce so that the plate looks full.

We feel full when there’s visual evidence that we have had a lot to eat. In one study, we gave
chicken wings to graduate students while they watched the Super Bowl. When we left the
bones in front of the students, they ate an average of four wings apiece. When we cleared the
bones away frequently—removing the visual evidence of earlier consumption—each student ate an average of six wings.

After the game, students in both groups estimated that they had only four wings each.
What to do: When you’re eating—particularly when you’re snacking—leave out candy
wrappers, peanut shells and other evidence of snacking so that your eyes can warn you about how much you have eaten.
When there’s no distance to the food, there’s no thinking before eating. Office workers
consumed an average of nine Hershey’s Kisses per day when we put bowls of the chocolate
candies on their desks. Their consumption dropped by more than 50% when these bowls were
positioned just six feet away. Six feet is only two steps, but even a short distance forces us to think twice before we eat.

What to do: At home, fill individual plates at the stove, and leave the leftovers on the stove or a
sideboard. The more hassle it is to eat, the less we eat. You will have fewer additional helpings
if you must stand up to get them. A bowl of salad or vegetables can be brought to the dinner
table because second helpings of these foods won’t add many calories.
With snack foods, pour a serving into a bowl rather than eating straight from the bag. Then if
you want more, you have to go to the kitchen to get it.

Is cleansing the colon important?
Constipation and congestion is so common in our society that it has been
accepted as a normal part of our Western health standards. This is the
reason for the numerous advertising for a host of laxatives, regulating
and digestive over the counter drugs.

When the cycle of congestion starts, you come up with indigestion,
stomachaches, gas, bloating, heartburn, gastric spasm, headaches, cold,
flu, infections, allergies, insomnia, fatigue, stress, bad mood, lack of
energy and many other signals indicating to you that "all is not well
inside". If you don't take the hint and clean out your colon, you will have
acute symptoms of disease with aches and pain. It is important to note
that it is immaterial what your health status is, whether at the warning
stage or with acute symptoms of disease. Once you start cleansing your
colon by a high fiber supplementation and regular daily high fiber and
nutritionally high quality food, your health will take a quick turn toward
improving the cycle.

Our Prothinspo Colon Cleanser is the product for cleaning your digestive
tract and there is nothing like it in the market. It will literally scrap and
clean your colon.
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