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Avoid Winter Weight Gain
By Dustin Driver

Winter is your enemy. Freezing temperatures force you inside, where you shovel
heaps of high-fat comfort foods down your gullet. Before you know it, you’ve gained
10 pounds and your New Year’s resolution has you shackled to a treadmill. Winter
weight gain isn’t just an urban myth; it’s driven by biology and fueled by mood. In fact,
most of us gain between three and four pounds during the winter months, despite our
best efforts. But fret not: You can combat winter weight gain and remain slim and trim
for spring.
There are lots of culprits, but cold is the No.1 suspect. When temperatures drop, we
stay inside. Our metabolisms slow to a crawl and we pack on the pounds. But the
conspiracy runs deeper than that. During the winter, we forgo low-calorie snacks for
prepackaged, high-fat delights like chips, nuts and crackers. We also get less sunlight,
which makes us feel down in the dumps. To combat those feelings, we gobble up
carbohydrates, fats and sugars, which make us feel better.

Some doctors believe that we’re genetically programmed to gain weight when it gets
chilly. "Your body may be working against you to hang on to it so you stay warm,”
said Lawrence Cheskin, MD, founder of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management
Center in Baltimore, in an interview with Prevention magazine.

Fat is a great insulator and it really does a great job of keeping you warm. Before the
days of forced air heating and good insulation, a few extra pounds could mean the
difference between life and death. For most of us, however, freezing to death isn’t
really a problem. We want to look and feel good.
how to fight it
Stay active

Exercise is your best weapon against winter weight gain. And strength training will do
a lot to keep your metabolism revving. So hit the gym at least three times a week and
devise a workout routine that will tax your biggest muscles. Focus on your legs; they
burn more calories than any other part of your body. Add a little cardio to the routine --
about 15 minutes per workout -- and you’ll do a lot to avoid packing on pounds.

Get some sun
Go outside, even when it’s freezing. Bundle up and jog around the block or start a
snowball fight with the kids. The sunlight will refresh your mind and the activity will
put you in a better mood, making it easier to turn down those leftover candied yams. If
you don’t have time for a snowball fight, try to take a walk during your lunch hour.
“Even an hour of direct sunlight a day can help elevate your disposition,” says
Raymond W. Lam, M.D., in an article in Shape magazine.

You can eat those holiday treats as long as you stay active.

Take up a new sport

Cross-country skiing is a great way to burn off excess calories, as are ice skating and
snowshoeing. Winter sports will help you get outdoors and stay in shape until spring.
If it’s just too cold to do anything outside, consider swimming. Many health clubs
have  heated indoor pools, and partaking in a summertime activity can trick your
subconscious into believing the weather is fair. Swimming is also one of the best
ways to burn energy; it consumes more calories per hour than running, bicycling or

Eat well

Eating well doesn’t mean stuffing yourself with mashed potatoes, pecan pie and
honey-baked ham. It means finding tasty, low-calorie alternatives that will satisfy your
gut and your mind. Plenty of winter crops are low in fat and calories, like squash,
onions, oranges, artichokes, kale, Brussels sprouts (yes, they are tasty if cooked
correctly), and cauliflower. They’re also filling, which will help you say no to that
second piece of pumpkin pie.

Keep in mind, however, that wintertime is chock-full of cookies, pies, candies, and
treats of all kinds. It’ll be nearly impossible to avoid them all, so don’t. Have a few --
but only a few -- treats to satisfy your cravings. If you’re exercising, the extra calories
won’t make a huge difference. When you’re faced with a big holiday dinner, don’t deny
yourself; it’ll just drive you crazy. Instead, load your plate with lean protein (turkey is
great) and vegetables. Take only small tastes of high-fat, high-calorie dishes like
candied yams, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing.

Lay off the booze

It’ll be tempting to guzzle spiked eggnog, brandy and good wine during the holidays,
but don’t. Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories and it slows down your metabolism.
Limit yourself to just one drink a day, if you must.

Don’t go overboard
Winter weight may be a good thing. Assistant professor and biologist Gregory Demas
has discovered that weight gain actually boosts immune function in animals. Similarly,
weight loss impedes immune function. He theorizes that extra fat reserves provide
instant energy to combat attacking microorganisms. He hasn’t extended his research
to humans, but so far, he’s found that nearly every mammal he has tested gets an
immune boost from a little extra fat.
stay healthyGaining a little weight during the winter may be an inevitable biological
reaction to cold temperatures. Becoming a couch potato is, however, very much
avoidable. Stay active during the winter, even if you don’t avoid all the holiday treats.
Lack of exercise will affect your health and mood, and will add those few extra pounds
you don't need.