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Top asked question from Prothinspo/Pro-thinspo members is 'HOW FAST DO YOU LOSE WEIGHT WHEN YOU STARVE YOURSELF?"
Now this question came about after the post on "how to starve yourself"
(click here to read) and the other post (50 day anorexic diet,
click here to read) After so many members started asking the same question, instead of answering over 100 thousand email's with
the same question I decided to do this post....
I understand that you are somewhat desperate to drop those pounds and take weight off as fast as possible...Many of us at some
point have tried to take weight off drastically, and it's not hard to understand why. Especially when someone's been trying to lose
weight, for many years... That you just decide " I am going to starve this weight off"  It just kind of gets to you and you feel ready to do
everything and anything just to be done with trying to get that weight off  already.  So to answer the question...
First I will tell you how fast you can expect to lose weight when starving yourself, and then I will discuss this approach.
When you starve yourself, you are basically consuming zero calories. Assuming your body's daily calorie requirement is 1200 calories
(this is calculated on an individual basis, I'm just using this number as an example), So... By starving yourself you are depriving your
body of exactly 1200 calories.

Your body will then attempt to access those calories from a different source. This is when you lose some body fat reserves.... First,
the body will attempt to tap into your body's fat reserves. But since the body is unable to burn more than approximately 1,500 calories
per day directly from your fat reserves (this is an average number, by the way, and there is much more to it than that - I'm simplifying
for the sake of the article) Now if you starve for too long of a period your  body will start burning your muscles, so you don't want this.

So if you starve yourself... This means you will lose close to 3 pounds of pure fat per week (since there are 3500 calories in 1 pound of
fat), about 3-4 pounds of muscle (since there are 800 calories in 1 pound of muscle), and tons of water weight. This means that when
you starve yourself, and particularly if you are overweight or even obese, you can expect to lose around 10 pounds per week for the
first few weeks - after that, it's anyone's guess, as the body will be so wound down from this process and the body doesn't lose as
much... I always suggest that if you are going to do a water fast to only do it for a week and then bring in watered down juices into the
mix and then EAT CLEAN LEAN AND EXERCISE to continue to lose weight and keep it off.
The best way to keep weight off is taking your weight, multiply it by 10 and that is your calorie amount for the day, then take the
amount a day and break it down into 6 small meals... SMALL/ Portion control is key in weight loss and I do suggest you keep a diary.
(Click here to get one.)
So for example you weigh 120... You can eat 1200 calories  a day that comes to 6/ 200 calorie small meals throughout the day. This
keeps your metabolism going and using the calories you are eating. Now as you lose weight these numbers go down, so this type of
plan works all the way to goal weight...

You never want to "water fast" or starve for more than a week....Everyone has a different metabolism, and metabolism affects
everyone's weight loss differently. Metabolism is essentially the number of calories your body uses to perform daily living activities
such as digesting food and breathing. Individuals with more lean mass, or muscle, typically have higher metabolisms because muscle
is more metabolically active than fat. Weight Watchers reports that restricting calories during weight loss lowers metabolism
because the body is more efficient, requiring fewer calories to perform the necessary daily functions for survival.

The relationship between how quickly your body reduces its metabolism with lower caloric intake is still not clear. For some
individuals, there is a clear linear reduction in metabolism with lower caloric intake. Others have a more hyperbolic relationship-their
metabolism does not decrease as dramatically early in caloric restriction, but they a have significant decrease in metabolism when
they severely reduce their food intake. When your body is starving for nourishment, it will begin to break down muscle tissue to
provide it. Too much of a caloric restriction, and you will begin to lose muscle mass, not fat, which will in turn reduce your metabolism
even further.... So doing short term fasts or alternating fasts is the way to go if you are set on doing a "water fast" ....Water Fasting
Won't Produce Lasting Results Unless You Are Willing to Make Permanent Eating-Habit Changes...It takes hard work and dedication to
reach our goals in any field. Water Fasting is no different. Yes, the weight loss and health benefits are amazing, and these do
materialize very quickly, but first you'll need to go through some discomfort with hunger and detox symptoms. And, again, the most
important part of any fast is what you do AFTER it.

Regular water fasting can often foster dramatic anti-aging effects. But it is wise NOT to jump blindly into a fast longer than three days
without suitable preparation. If you are a beginner, I suggest that you start with a partial fast. Skip one meal a day - say lunch - and
drink a healthy amount of water as replacement.

Do this for a whole week. That alone will give you a good idea of what water fasting is all about. You will be exposed to hunger pangs
and detox symptoms. But you will also get to experience the increased energy, mental clarity and sense of wellbeing that fasting
ALWAYS provides. A partial water fast will make the detox process less uncomfortable. This type of intermittent fasting is a wise
preparation step! I learned it the hard way.

If you are ....Going from a full-course fatty meal to water fasting is a recipe for misery. Many highly toxic & obese people go from never
fasting to a wanting to do a long one right away. They are quickly floored by the severity of the hunger pains and detoxification
symptoms. Do a partial fast instead and make it easier for yourself!(
GET CRAVECONTROLLER TO HELP, click here.) read more below
24-Hour Fasting...Once you do a partial fast as described above for a few weeks, then start water fasting for short periods of time.
Start with a 24-hour fast. Don't think that to attain a benefit you HAVE to fast for months. That is not true.

Fasting for longer periods of time will foster deeper detoxification and, of course, greater weight loss. But ANY effort you can make
RIGHT NOW is more than enough to get you started! Little by little you can work your way to longer and longer fasts, if your health so
allows it. Do not hurry and please take it easy.

SO STILL WANT TO TRY IT... Choose the particular day in which you plan on carrying out the fast. If possible, select a day that is NOT
packed with activities and engagements. Sunday is a good day for many and it is the first day of the week. But don't procrastinate.
Choose a day and - DO IT! Water fasting while also going through a regular day is not optimal but possible nonetheless.

* Make sure that you have good quality water! While most cities have decent tap water, this is an occasion for you to give yourself the
very best. If you don't have a water filter, now would be a good time to get one. Stock up on seltzer water and green tea. Seltzer water
works great to soothe hunger pangs and detox symptoms. But stick to plain water as much as possible. Use the seltzer sparingly.
* Tell at least ONE person close to you of your intentions, but DO NOT shout it from the rooftops. Trust me with this one. There are
many who simply will not understand and may even try to talk you out of water fasting. But, by all means, make sure to have human
support. *At least ONE WEEK before the fast, reduce your intake of sugar, fats and caffeine. The stricter you are with this particular
step, the easier the fast will be. Caffeine detox can cause strong headaches. If your body is brimming with sugar and grease, I can tell
you what the hunger pains and detox symptoms will be more uncomfortable than they have to be.

Eat salads, steamed vegetables and lean poultry and fish as much as possible. Also, start to drink at the very least one-half gallon. The
water AND the reduction of sugars, fats and caffeine will move your bowels and kick-start the detoxification process.

* Purchase a bottle of a
colon cleanser (click here to read more) tablets daily, also for seven days prior to the fast. In combination with
the change in diet and increase in water-intake, this inexpensive yet extremely-effective cleanser will induce powerful bowel
That will commence to purge your digestive system of built-up fecal matter adhered to the walls of the colon. This pre-fast cleanse will
reduce hunger and detox symptoms because many of the toxins in your body will already have been eliminated.

*Eat your last meal at around 6PM the night before the day of the fast. On the morning of the fast, have two full glasses of water upon
awakening to get the bowels going. Take cup of green tea with a pinch of lime. SORRY, NO SUGAR OR HONEY! Go through your day as
planned, making it a point to drink as much water as possible.
Every time hunger hits you, drink two large glasses of water. (
USE THE CRAVE CONTROLLER, CLICK HERE) Just can't take the hunger
and gotta get out of the house... If you have to leave your home, make sure to take sufficient water with you, along with at least two or
three bottles of seltzer. I usually take a whole gallon of water and six-pack of seltzer when I have to go out while fasting. Refrigerate
the water when you get to your destination. If no refridgerator is available, keep the water as cool as possible and away from heat and

* At around noon, when hunger strikes, crack open a bottle of seltzer and drink it slowly. You can add a pinch of lime or lemon to the
seltzer for taste. You will have to go to the bathroom... So make sure to stay fairly close to a bathroom.

* By 3PM, you will certainly start to really feel the hunger pains and may experience the beggining of the detoxification symptoms. (if it
is out of control
Use the cravecontoller spray click here to read more.)... But...Consider yourself fortunate, your body is working hard to
rid itself of toxins that were curtailing your health. Drink more water and seltzer. Have a cup of green tea for energy. You're almost

I also encourage you to keep a journal and spend time writing your thoughts, feelings in it. Jot down how you are feeling physically and
mentally. Record any mood swings or particular symptoms that stand out more than others. This information will be very useful for
future fasts.

* Drink more water and seltzer through the rest of the afternoon and have ONE more cup of green tea if you need it. When the clock
hits 6PM, you are done! Break the fast initially by drinking a glass of watered-down orange or grape juice. A coconut water is great for
the break fast...About ONE HOUR later, have a bowl of sliced apples and pears. One apple and one pear is more than enough... If you
are full half way through eating it stop....YOU DO NOT HAVE A FULL-COURSE MEAL, or FINISH ALL THE FOOD ON YOUR PLATE! That can
make you very sick. Eat light and GO TO BED!

click here to read more page 2 of this post... coninued...