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Ten Tips For a
Successful Fast

The following provide some practical principles that will assist you in fasting with the least number of
distractions. They come from a resource of personal experience of those who fast often and have been
forced to learn the hard way to find the smoothest path into the sometimes difficult personal terrain of
fasting. During a fast, focus is critical. You will become painfully aware of how noisy, chaotic and cluttered
your world has become. This is because fasting will force you to slow down. Vacations allow us to leave our
busy life for awhile and escape to a quieter landscape. Fasting is quite the opposite, instead of an escape,
you will come face to face with your life in a new way. It can be overwhelming, even unmanageable when all
the years of useless pursuits flash before you, demanding focus and attention.
Here are ten principles which will help manage the chaos and find victory and power over your life again.      
1. Tell the least number of people that you are fasting.
Fasting is an exciting event and it is easy to blab off to everyone that you are on a fast, especially when you
begin to experience the incredible benefits. The problem is that you set yourself up for failure and
disappointment when you make your fast public. There are two reasons for this:
First, most people will think that you are crazy. They will not understand. And if you do not have any fear of
fasting, they will supply all the fear you need. Satan often uses those who are closest to us to cause the
most trouble.
You look like you have aids!
You’re becoming a fanatic!
You’re going to become protein deficient!
Times have changed, people don’t fast any more!
Are you under a doctor’s supervision?
Fear, fear, fear, fear--the last thing you need on your fast is fear. Secondly, do not tell people that you are
fasting as it can cause the fast to become a law to your heart. When you are tempted to break the fast, the
thinking will be that, Aunt Myrtle, Uncle Ed, Dad, Mom, and half the church know I’m on a fast. If I quit now, I’
ll be humiliated in front of all of them.
Your fast is between you and  no one else. And when you are being tempted to break, it is not Aunt Murtil
you need to be concerned with.
2. Turn off the TV.
Watching TV while on a  fast will become increasingly ridiculous. In every commercial you are being tempted
with food. Most of all, it destroys your focus. It is not going to kill you to turn off the TV and radio, and stop
buying the newspaper. The world will continue happily along without your presence. Of the many times I
have broken a fast, I can usually root it back to allowing myself some form of earthly distraction.
Even a short fast has many different stages. Fasting speeds up emotional states to the point where one
moment you will have a sense of feeling of well-being and the next moment the bottom falls out and you
feel empty and cold.
Remember, a tug-of-war is going on in the soul between the flesh that is being inflicted, and the spirit that
is being strengthened.
You are the most vulnerable when you’re feeling deprived. That is the time when you must be aware of the
temptation to find an escape.
3. Get alone Yourself and Who You ARE!
Fasting and solitude have always gone hand in hand.  It is in loneliness and the quietness of solitude that
we learn more about ourselves. !
4. Feast on YOU!
Just think of all those lost hours of time spent on radio, television and newspapers. Well, during your fast
make a diet adjustment. Saturate yourself in YOU...You might have the nerve even to think that the only
difference between you and the apostle Paul is that he didn’t have a cordless phone. In your spare time,
you may start a new hobby...We are not ignorant of the power of media to change peoples’ thinking.
5. Meditate.
For the most part, our thinking, especially for the undisciplined, has a mind of its own. We are victims of our
own thoughts. I’m sure that you’ve experienced it time and time again. You could be driving your car, and
without any conscious decision you begin to worry. You envision yourself in the worst case scenario and
before you know it you are embraced by a mood of melancholy and despair.
Through meditation we wrestle down negative thoughts and emotions that plague us every day. Meditation
is a discipline of the mind where you take charge of your thoughts, directing them towards your goals and
We are a society of lazy thinkers. Television has become an electronic imagination. It determines, with vivid
stereo and full color imagery, how we feel and think.
Try sitting down, closing your eyes and allow your imagination to be filled with a single thought. Allow your
mind to be filled with the implication of how that single truth affects who you are, and your importance to
this world. This will be difficult because negative thoughts come easiest to the mind. They are safe.
As you travel throughout your thinking, you will begin to experience obstacles of fear and unbelief. Those
thoughts will oppose themselves against your real goals... You will find that often your first experience with
meditation is like a wrestling match in the mind, instead of an experience of peace and stillness. As you
begin to experience the authority you have over your own thinking, the floodgates of joy will burst within
you, maybe for the first time. There may be fifty years of hardened residue built up that you will have to
come up against as you meditate to internalize. .

6. Go for walks alone.
Clouds, a breeze in the face, flowers, trees, sun, moon and stars,and as you fast, your five senses will
become sharp and clear, allowing the loveliness of all that is in this world.  Whether winter or summer, go
for long walks alone.

7. Take a phone break.
Clear your schedule. Take a break from the phone. No interruptions! Withdraw from people’s lives for a time
of intimacy with you and yourself. Many have found escape by submerging in themselves. They leave
themselves behind by focusing on the needs of others. They draw people like a magnet with kindness and
compassion. However, what seems to be selfless devotion is just a search for identity and purpose, a
desperate attempt to prove value. If only they knew that in that quietness, they would find the smiling face
of themselves.

8. Be quiet.
With pride comes many words. Tame the tongue. Bring it into submission. Be silent. There is humility in
silence. The literal interpretation of the word fast is to cover your mouth. The noise of words can cover
insecurity, drowning the murmurs of a restless soul. What vulnerabilities do our face show when we are
silent? We use words for boundaries, for protection, for meaningless distraction. Yet it is only in silence
that we can quiet the soul to experience the awe of one's self, an experience of majestic greatness that
transcends the emptiness of words.
9. Do not enter into needless temptation.
The smells and sight of food can be difficult during a fast. As you continue along the path of fasting, all five
senses will increase in sensitivity. When the next door neighbor opens a jar of fresh peanut butter, you will
know it. Every desire to draw closer to your fasting goals will be obscured in peanuts. All you can imagine is
the smooth, delicious flavors of peanut butter melting on freshly-browned toast.
During a fast, you will be surrounded with the hostile world of food, especially in a country that has become
addicted to eating. Do all you can to separate yourself from temptations--the neon signs, commercials and
the golden arches.
You will learn that you can live quite happily without food.  Caffeine, fat and sugar are crutches that we
depend on to keep us moving when we feel emptiness. Take a risk. Get hungry! Explore the emptiness of
your own stomach. Of course, your children need to eat. Do your best to arrange a schedule where your
spouse is able to do the cooking. This also can be an excellent situation for your children to experience a
sense of responsibility in the home. You can plan meals for the next five, 20 or 30 days or however long you
decide to fast. They may not want too, but once your family sees that your decision is firm and that this is
important to you, they will support you.
10. Sleep.
If you are going to detoxify you ought to do it on a good night’s sleep. The last thing you need during the
difficult part of your fast is to be tired and overworked. It is worth investing time and energy toward a fast,
as if you were investing in a vacation. We look forward to a vacation, saving money, planning as if it will
become a highlight of our year. Fasting is a spiritual vacation , traveling to foreign parts of your character,
learning more about yourself. Breaking old patterns and developing a brand new culture that will affect the
rest of your life.
Most of us live on the edge, rarely getting the sleep that we need to function with clear-mindedness.
During a fast it is essential that you get enough sleep. Come home from work, take a shower, and allow
yourself time to quietly and restfully meditate....
A water fast becomes a sort of "lifestyle change" as so many patterns and routines become disrupted. Hopefully, these
water fasting tips, and ones you find on your own, will make that transition a bit easier. Every time you fast, you will gain
more insight into the process, making it easier and easier.

Water fasting, as you can imagine, requires a great deal of commitment. Some people find it easy to make a decision
and then stick to it no matter what. Others struggle with second thoughts and doubts, or are more prone to give in to the
temptations. You know which type of person you are, and most of us are the second type.

And there's nothing wrong with that. We're creatures of habit and when our routines and habits change, we usually feel
discomfort. This discomfort can be turned into a sense of excitement if you choose.

During fasting, it's usually just the first day that we feel the pangs in our stomach that we equate with hunger. And it's
usually the first few days that we "miss" eating, even after those "hunger pangs" have ceased. If you're new to fasting,
you might be surprised (and enlightened) by what you miss about eating. Just the action of chewing can become
something you crave. Some miss the hand to mouth action of feeding themselves. But, for most, it's the full, satisfied
feeling in the stomach, that not only feels good physically, but provides a level of emotional comfort.

Each person will gain unique insight into their relationship with food and eating. That's part of what fasting is about and
one of the many benefits of fasting. Don't ignore this aspect. Examine your feelings and responses around food and the
lack of it, and use that information for greater personal awareness. This can truly be an exciting time of personal insight
and expansion.

It is highly recommended that you not work during a water fast, and most importantly that you not work during those first
few critical days. If you work in a totally loving and supportive environment, it might be okay to work during the latter part
of your fast.

If you work in a non-supportive environment, particularly one that is highly charged with strict deadlines or difficult co-
workers, just don't even go there. You may feel more emotional than usual during a fast, because your emotional and
mental patterns will be undergoing a sort of cleanse of their own. (See Emotional Benefits of Fasting for more on
emotional cleansing.)

If you really must work during part of your fast, and this might depend on how long you're fasting, at least reserve the
first 3-5 days to be away from those pressures and the pressures of being around the "eating public". This applies too
to those who work from home. While fasting can be inspiring toward your work if you love your work, avoid the parts that
are stressful. This time is best spent in partial seclusion, or full seclusion, depending on your personality.

Just a reminder here that may tip the scale in favor of taking some vacation time: body odor and bad breath are quite
often a side effect of fasting as your body eliminates toxins and wastes.

What to do with your time
You might be surprised at how much time is freed up by not eating, time you used to spend cooking, cleaning the
dishes, food shopping, and thinking about and planning your next meal. You may also find you need less sleep. We're
not talking about insomnia here, but rather sleeping more soundly and so, requiring less. Not having to digest food,
which is such an energy-intensive activity, frees up energy too.

Plan ahead by at least having several ideas in mind for things to do. And have the supplies on hand for any activities
that require them (especially for any activity you're planning to do in those first few days when you may not be able to
drive safely).

Treat yourself with a self-spa—take long baths, moisturize your skin with natural, chemical-free moisturizers, give
yourself a manicure or pedicure, do a facial. Begin the practice of dry skin brushing to help eliminate toxins and
stimulate the lymphatic system. Many like to sun or sit in hot tubs or saunas, but these can be dehydrating, so proceed
with caution.

Catch up on reading (only non-stressful, preferably uplifting). For the best book to read on water fasting, see here. Buy
it or other books on water fasting, or check them out from your library.

Walk or do yoga or mild stretching exercises

Start practicing breathing exercises to help with detox and increase lung function.

Spend more time than you usually do with your pet

Take time for long meditations and prayer

Pick up that neglected hobby or passion - drawing, painting, writing...

Re-connect with friends that have fallen off your radar lately (but not any who will try to twist your arm into going to lunch)

Keep a fasting journal, recording your feelings, impressions and insights. From this journal, you will discover your own
unique set of water fasting tips to use for your next fast....
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