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Info on a 10 day water fast

♥ How much weight will I lose?
Weight loss can initially be as high as three to four pounds per day, much of it water, but as the fast
continues, the average loss will be one pound per day. If you are juice fasting and not losing weight, the
juice is supplying all the calories you need. You may have to cut down on the juices or alternate between
water fasting and juice fasting if losing weight is part of your goal.
The slower your metabolism, the slower the weight loss.

                               ♥ Will I get too thin?
If you are thin or at average weight and you fast for 30 days on juice or 10 days on water, ribs will show, face
will become gaunt, friends and family will notice. It is imperative not to eat a lot after the fast because the
body will quickly re-gain the lost weight during the next 10 days.
Instead, ease yourself onto food by gradually incorporating fruit and veg in your diet.
Metabolism is normalized due to the cleansing process.
It is very important not to try to gain weight too quickly.
The body can rebuild only at a set rate.
Overeating will burden the body and undermine the rebuilding process.

                               ♥ Will fasting shrink my stomach?
From years of over-filling the stomach, it is no surprise that the muscles supporting the tummy have lost its
natural elasticity, stretched out of shape.
People with large protruding stomachs need more food to feel full, out-eating their need.
Fasting helps recover the stomach's natural elasticity, restoring a flat stomach.
You will be satisfied on less food, tummy in proportionate size to the body’s caloric requirement.

Absence of Food and State
Fasting refers to the complete absence of Food, only Water.

Short-Term Fasting
In general, fasts should be conducted for no longer than 28 days, with most fasts 21 days or less. Long fats
(for more than 42 days), are both unnecessary, and potentially dangeroud. A prolonged fast, for more than 2-
3 months, is called Starvation! Although most of the 'miraculous' benefits of fasting do result from 3-5 days
or more but 7-14 days, that's "healing". Although days 1-7 are quite benefitial to be sure, days 7-14 are truly
tremendous, with the benefits from days 14-21 becoming extreme. Days 21-28 are nothing than a complete
regeneration of the body. Literally erasing years of aging. (Where the true "Miracles of fasting" take place).

Medium-Term Fasting
Medium fasts (Between 28-42 days), although certainly possible, and frequently performed by dedicated
fasters. The benefits of a 35 day fast are absolutely astonishing!

Fasting and Ketone Bodies
After the third day of a fast, the body begins to make ketone bodies in the liver (Enters ketosis). In the
absence of food (Energy), Ketone bodies are produced by the body as an alternate energy source.
Normally, ketone levels in the blood are less than 0.2mm. After several days of fasting they approach 3.0mm,
and steadily rise thereafter. Importantly, never eat, even an extremely amount of food during a fast. This will
quickly shift the body out of ketosis, back to its normal metabolism of glucose (food), decreasing ketone
bodies, decreasing growth hormone and increasing hunger.

Fasting and Hunger Levels
The only challenge to fasting, and a challenge for many it is, is completing the first 1-5 days. During days 1-5
hunger levels can flucuate from average, to well above average many actually experience their greatest
hunger on day 3 (Just prior to ketosis, when both blood sugar, and ketone body levels, are lowest). After
day 3, hunger levels noticeably decrease. After day 5, hunger levels, and the "desire" for food in general
(So strong initially), dramatically decrease. After day 10, hunger levels, for the most part, are non-existent.

Fasting and Energy Levels
During days 1-5, energy levels can flucuate from average to well below average (Feeling light headed, at
times, is not uncommon). During days 5-10, energy levels very noticeably improve after day 10, with sharply
elevated levels of both growth hormone, and ketone bodies,
energy levels are tremendous, as is mental clarity.

Fasting and Weight Loss
Expect (in general) to lose 1 pound each day of fasting!

Fasting and Starvation
Contrary to what many people believe, fasting is not starvation. During the fast, the body is breaking down
the non-essential tissue (Fat) for energy. While conserving essential tissue. Starvation, is the point where
the body has used up all of its non-essential tissues (Reserves) ,and begins to break down its own
essential tissues. This point (The point of starvation), even for the average individual (Of normal weight),
takes quite some time to reach (Some 42 days or more).

Fasting and severely restrictive diets
Prolonged, severely restrictive diets are extremely unhealthy, in many cases, even life threatening. Unlike
fasting, the body never completely enters ketosis (A fundamental process in sparing essential tissue from
breaking down). The result, severely restrictive diets cause the body to lose a much greater percentage of
lean body tissue (Essential tissue) than a complete fast. Over time (Once body reserves become
dangerously low), lean body tissue (Essential tissue) eventually become used as an energy source.
Prolonged, severely restrictive diets, are essentially just a slow form of starvation.

Fasting and Calorie Restriction
Calorie restricted (10-30%) diets are extremely healthy. Unlike severly restricted diets, the bodies energy
(Food) needs are restricted just enough to result in sharply elevated levels of growth hormone, while
eliminating the need to break down essential tissues.

Recommended Fasting Schedule
Definitely include short-term fasting (1-28 days) into your schedule. Your body will begin to literally "grow
younger" before your eyes, especially, after day 10.

Discipline and Determination
Suppressing hunger (During days 1-5), one of life's greatest drives, is not easy for most! Eliminating food
(During the fasting period), one of life's greatest pleasures, is not easy for most! However, those that have
the discipline, and determination, wil have tremendous to extreme healthy benefits awaiting them!

No Pain No Gain
With the exceptions of days 1-5, particulary day 3, fasting is not nearly as difficult as one might imagine (In
fact, after day 10, quite pleasurable). Remember too, exercise (Discussed next), also associated with some
degree of self sacrifice to promote health, pales in comparison to fasting in terms of health benefits. In fact,
one could perform 1-3 annual (14-28) fasts, or calorie restrict (10-30%), never exercise again, and achieve a
state of health that no form or amount of exercise could ever accomplish.
The good and bad on fasting:
it focuses the body on burning up and clearing toxins.
Its great for loosing weight!!!
Breaks down cancer cells and other illnesses
Also breaks down....built up chemicals, BODY FAT, and transformed fatty acids.
you have to drink 8-10 glasses og water a day
you have to stay exercise as your body gets weak
You will suffer from dizziness, especially when getting up from sitting or laying down,
May cause black outs if you go for a long fast
Juice fast can cause extreme bowl movement.
Take a multi-vitimin as the body may lack in this area.


This will mainly benefit people with a low metabloism, as it gathers lots of energy and then will find it easier
compared to lower metabloism who will lose energy and probaly feel drowned out.
Water dieting is one long detoxication, the long detox.
Water fasting demands mental preperation,
clear your calendar for the amount of days your planning to fast for.
Water fasting is proven to be more difficult then juice fasting as the body is getting no calories or nutrients.


There are alot of nutrients in fresh juice that energizes the body's natural regenerative abilities.
This system of removing wasteand supply a full spectrum
of nutrients has an advantage of over weight loss program
Drinking less juice supples fewer calories therefore increasing detoxication.
Juice diet drinks include: fresh juice, herbal tea, vegetable broth, and Barley green/water.


Water. We absolutely must drink water to survive, and it has zero calories, so there's no excuse to not drink
it. As we typically get much of our water content from foods, when we reduce food intake we begin to
dehydrate ourselves, which is dangerous.
Also, cold water chills the body and may raise metabolism to get warm again.
Vitamins and minerals. We must have these, too, to survive and so againg there's no reason not to take
atleast a daily multivitamin (which may help reduce some cravings aswell). Vitamins are vital in keeping our
bodies functioning and our skin, hair, teeth nice. Particularly be aware of electrolytes(potassium,
magnesium, salt, along w/ water balance) and calcium.
Protein. Protein is necessary, particularly if youre exercising. It maintains and repairs our muscles,
including heart muscle, which is (last i heard) kind of a requisite for continued survival.
Caffeine. While caffeine can be an appetite supressant and can increase your metabolism, it will also act as
a diuretic. Drink a glass of water for each cup of tea, coffee,
or diet soda you have. Again, dehydration is a potentially serious problem.
Get plenty of sleep. Steal naps whenever you can and rest when you need to rest. Sleep deprivation
increases appetit and makes you age faster.

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