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60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
Under 200 Calories
Enjoy  under 200 calories.

Dairy or Dairy Alternative
8 oz nonfat fruited* or plain yogurt*
8 oz nonfat yogurt* with ½ cup mixed berries
8 oz nonfat yogurt* with 1 Tbsp slivered almonds, ground flax or wheat germ
4 oz nonfat or 1% fat cottage cheese with ½ cup canned fruit in own juice
4 oz nonfat or 1% fat cottage cheese on 1 slice whole grain bread or English muffin
½ cup frozen low-fat yogurt topped with ½ cup diced fruit of choice ½ cup nonfat pudding
1 oz soy cheese alternative or nonfat/2% fat cheese and 3-5 whole grain crackers
1 oz part-skim mozzarella string cheese and 1 medium apple
6 oz skim or reduced fat soymilk and 2 graham crackers
8 oz skim milk or reduced fat soymilk and 1 piece of fruit
*120 calories or less per 8 oz portion

(1) 8 oz can reduced sodium V8 juice and 3-6 whole wheat crackers
1 cup or more of raw vegetables of your choice
1 cup raw veggie of choice, dipped in 2 Tbsp reduced fat salad dressing
1 cup raw veggie of choice, dipped in ¼ cup hummus
1 Tbsp peanut butter spread over 2 celery stalks and topped with 2 Tbsp raisins
1 cup cooked vegetable with 1 ounce melted 2% fat cheese
2 slices diet whole wheat bread with 1 cup sliced raw or cooked veggies of choice and 1 ounce nonfat cheese slice
1 medium serving most fruits
½ cup fruit canned in own juice or light syrup
8 oz 100% fruit juice
6 oz skim milk, ¾ cup diced strawberry and banana, 1 Tbsp chocolate syrup and 1 cup ice blended to make a smoothie
1 Tbsp peanut butter spread over a medium apple
Nuts and seeds
2 Tbsp raw or dry roasted nut of choice (soy nuts, slivered almonds, walnuts, pecans) with 2 Tbsp raisins or dried cranberries
¼ cup raw or dry roasted nut of choice
¼ cup reduced fat trail mix
Dry Goods
3 peanut butter-filled wheat crackers with 6 ounces skim milk
1 packet plain oatmeal with 8 oz skim milk
1 ounce whole wheat or oat bran pretzels, lightly salted
1 Nature Valley crunchy granola bar
1 Nature Valley chewy trail mix bar
3 cups air-popped popcorn
1 ounce dry whole grain cereal
2 oz canned tuna or chicken on 3-6 whole grain crackers
2 oz smoked salmon with 1 Tbsp nonfat cream cheese on ½ whole wheat small bagel

SO WHAT ABOUT FAT INTAKE?...While consumption of unhealthy fats should be kept to a minimum, fat, like protein, is necessary to
maintain a healthy body. It is a vital component for building body tissue and cells, and it aids in the absorption of some vitamins and
other nutrients. And just as there are essential amino acids, there are essential fatty acids which must come from food sources.
Many people eat too much of the bad fats, but also eat too little of the good fats required for optimal health.
It's not just the fat we eat that can become fat on our bodies. Any macronutrient not immediately needed by our bodies is stored in our
energy reserve of body fat. When needed, it can be broken down and used for energy. Though all too often it is just left to sit there...
And some would say "why on my thighs"... Unhealhty fat needs to be removed from your diet and amazing results will spring forth. But
let me discuss Carbohydrates... This topic is most often confused lately because of the "low-carb" dieting craze.
Carbohydrates are chains of small, simple sugars, and are the body's main source of fuel. They are broken down and enter the
bloodstream as glucose. Excess glucose is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and, in limited quantities, the muscles.

•Simple carbohydrates are small molecules. Because of their size, they can be metabolized quickly and therefore provide the quickest
source of energy. They include the various forms of sugar, such as sucrose (table sugar), fructose (fruit sugar), lactose (dairy sugar),
and glucose (blood sugar).
•Complex carbohydrates are larger molecules. Because they are larger, it takes longer for your body to metabolize them to provide
energy. They include starch, glycogen, and cellulose, and are found in vegetables and unrefined whole grains. Complex carbohydrates
are also excellent sources of fiber.
•Fiber is a form of carbohydrate that our bodies cannot digest. It is not only important for health, but is a significant factor in weight
Calories in Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates
Diet and Weight Loss Tutorial
Macronutrient Calories Kilojoules
Protein 4 16.7
Fat 9 37.7
Carbohydrate 4 16.7

Yes, each gram of fat you consume provides more than twice as many calories as a gram of protein or carbohydrate!

As an example of how these numbers are used, imagine a food containing 10 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, and 10 grams of
carbohydrates. That would total 170 calories:

(10 g protein x 4) + (10 g fat x 9) + (10 g carbs x 4) = 170

In this imaginary food 40 calories come from protein, 90 calories come from fat, and 40 calories come from carbohydrates.

So your counting calories ...The Numbers Don't Always Add Up... If you check a food label you may find that the total number of calories
listed doesn't match the number you arrive at using the 4-9-4 method described above. The reason for the discrepancy may be that
the figure for carbohydrates includes insoluble fiber, and the food manufacturer has accounted for this in their figure for calories.
Insoluble fiber passes through your body without being converted to a form that provides energy, or calories. Knowing this, the
manufacturer may subtract the caloric value of the insoluble fiber (4 calories per gram) from the total calories figure. When they do
this, the 4-9-4 method will give you a higher figure for total calories than the one you find on the food label. You might think that you
could subtract the figure for fiber from the figure for carbohydrates to correct the discrepancy. But the figure for fiber will likely
include both soluble and insoluble fiber, and you'd only want to subtract the insoluble fiber. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing
how much of the fiber is soluble, and how much is insoluble.

Now that you know calories come from protein, fat and carbohydrates, and how many calories each of these macronutrients
provides, you will want to know how much each macronutrient should contribute to your diet. The answer is commonly expressed in
percentages and referred to as micronutrient ratios, or simply nutrient ratios.

Example: 30% protein, 15% fat, 55% carbohydrates

In order to obtain optimal health, and the slim body that comes with it, you need to eat healthy foods. But it's not enough to simply eat
healthy foods; the foods must provide a healthy balance of all three macronutrients. There is no one set of numbers that is best for
everyone, and the percentages that are best for you can change with your circumstances. At different times your goal might be to lose
body fat, gain muscle, or both.

Examples of Ratios
The USDA Food Guide recommendations, based on a diet of 2000 calories per day, include 91 grams of protein, 65 grams of fat, and
271 grams of carbohydrates. This equates to 18% of calories from protein, 29% from fat, and 53% from carbohydrates.

While one of the goals of the Food Guide is to reduce consumption of fat, many would consider 29% too high for optimal health. But
perhaps it's a good compromise for the average American who might not be willing to reduce fat consumption further.

USDA: 18% protein, 29% fat, 53% carbohydrates

In his book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, author Tom Venuto recommends a baseline diet of 30% protein, 15-20% fat, and 50-55%
carbohydrates. These percentages are referred to as "baseline" because they are only meant to be a starting point.

The book instructs you in how to modify the baseline percentages based on your body type and goals. And how, after measuring your
initial results, to further refine them to meet the requirements of your particular body.

Burn the Fat: 30% protein, 15-20% fat, 50-55% carbohydrates

200 Calorie tips and tricks.
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