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Although the lite is vague, "low calorie" (less than 40 calories per saving) and "reduced
calories" (at least one third fewer calories than the traditional version of the same food) are
terms regulated by the FDA.

Check calories per ounce.
A 300 calorie lite frozen meal is a great idea, but not if it weighs only 5 ounces! Divide the
calories per serving by the weight of the portion. If the result is more than 35, you're eating a lot
of calories in a small portion. Some foods marketed as lite ("lite "fried fish fillets, for example)
can contain up to 60 calories per ounce.

Freeze out the butter.
Buy frozen vegetables packed without butter sauce. Add herbs and spices to sea-son.(Try onion
and tamato on green beans or garlic powder on leave spinach).You’ll save money as well as

Trim visible fat from meat.
Eating a half-ounce of visible fat adds almost 130 calories to your meat

Skip the extra sugar.
Low fat yogurt with sugar can have 250 calories a serving. Instead, try plain yogurt with juice -
packed fruit and vanilla.

Eat with style.
Food that looks good and served in an attractive setting is more satisfying. Treat yourself well,
you deserve it.

Eat chicken without the skin.
Try this marinade for chicken breast. Mix 2 tablespoons each low fat yogurt, vegetable oil,
minced garlic, chopped scallions and cider vinegar. Add a pound of chicken breast, cut into 4 -
inch pieces. Cover and refrigerate at least 24 hours. Remove chicken from marinade, sprinkle
with black pepper and broil.

Quite the "club".
Don’t be a member of the "clean plate club. "you probably joined years ago when your mother
told you to eat all your food because people were hungry some -where in the world. True,
people are hungry in this world, but eating more than you need today isn't going to help them.

Ask for a doggie bag.
Don't be shy. Even the best restaurants won't be offended by your request. And you’ll avoid
eating more than you should.

Don't rush your meals.
Savoir the flavors. If you enjoy what you eat, less of it will satisfy you.

Keep active after dinner.
Plan an activity that you enjoy after meals to keep your mind from thoughts of food.

Cravings are not always hunger.
Often, they signal distress. Have a friend you can call when food cravings strike. Talking about it

Drink plenty of water.
W.C Fields was wrong about the stuff. It's good for you, and filling. Drink at least six glasses a

Don't weigh yourself daily.
Once a week is enough. Daily fluctuations can be misleading (and discouraging).

Flowers, not candy.
Tempted to buy a candy bar or potato chips? Buy a flower for your desk instead.

Avoid adding salt.
Extra salt will cause you to retain fluids, making it harder to lose weight. Instead, season with
herbs and spices.

Try an all-vegetable meal.
A meal without meat two or three times a week will lower your total calorie intake. Serve
vegetable baked, steamed, boiled or stewed, but not fried.

Eat more fish.
It's tasty and low in calorie. Broil or bake without butter or margarine. Instead, add some
chopped onion, green pepper and tomato for extra flavor.

Clean out your pantry.
Your refrigerator too. Throw out the foods that may tempt you.

Have a mental image of yourself thinner.
It can help when you're tempted to eat more than you should.

Here are some daily fat fighting tips.
De-automate your housework and make your body work harder. Wash dishes, mix batters and
open cans by hand, and hang your wash on the line instead of using a dryer.
Use whipped or softened butter or margarine. You'll spread the flavor around using a lot less
than if it were hard and you had to scrape it on.
Learn that it's okay to say an assertive "No, thank you" when other people offer you food.
Hold a conference and explain your weight-loss wish to family, friends or doughnut-bearing co-
workers. Ask them to understand if you turn down their dinners or candy.
Go out dancing, miniature golfing, bowling - anything active - if you normally sit around and play
bridge or watch television. The most calories you can burn in an hour playing cards is 95, but
waltzing can whisk away 195 to 305 for every hour on the floor, and an hour of square dancing
can stomp away 330 to 510 calories.
Drink no-calorie sparkling waters when you're out, instead of alcoholic beverages.
Set a realistic goal for yourself. "Take it one day at a time and don't punish yourself for slipping,"
says Suzann Johnson, a registered nutritionist with Weight Watchers International. "You'll be
more successful if you remember to be your own best friend."
Exercise during television commercials. Those 3-minute spurts will keep you out of the kitchen.
Use good plate psychology. Don't use place settings with intense colors such as violet, lime
green, bright yellow or bright blue; they're thought to stimulate the appetite. The same goes for
primitive-looking pewter and wooden plates. Instead, appease your appetite with elegant place
settings in darker colors. Choose plates with broad decorative borders and a slightly "bowled"
design. You can fit less food in them.
Eat only at scheduled times in scheduled places and leave the table as soon as you're finished
eating, instead of lingering over the last bites.
Ask for smaller portions and don't eat everything on your plate (unless you're having steamed
vegetables and fish, or an equally good-for-you meal).
Remove food stashed in inappropriate places - get the candy bars out of your desk drawer and
remove the nut bowl from the coffee table.
Chew each bite of food at least ten times to really taste it and to make yourself eat more slowly.
Don't skip meals. You'll only overeat later.
Invite your spouse or house mate into the kitchen with you when you're preparing meals and
cleaning up to keep you from sampling as you go.
If you still can't control yourself and those hunger pains are getting the best of you.


A Brief History of Acupressure
Traditional Chinese Medicine has used acupressure massage and techniques for thousands of
years as a natural healing method for restoring the body’s energy.  Acupressure points located
in certain areas of the body can help increase energy flow and reduce the risk of health
problems or disease. While these techniques cannot replace professional medical care, they do
offer a number of benefits for people who want to improve their well-being, reduce stress or
simply balance their body’s energy flow.

Acupressure is based on the concept that the body’s energy is divided along different energy
pathways called ‘meridians’ that are connected to certain organs in the body.  If someone is
experiencing pain or illness because of a poorly functioning organ, the energy may be ‘blocked’
in this area.  Acupressure is used to release this blocked energy and restore the natural flow of
energy so that the body is performing at its optimal level.

Finding Acupressure Points in the Hands
The following areas in the hands can be stimulated with acupressure to eliminate any energy
blocks and manage the symptoms of certain health problems or illnesses:

The thumb:  The lower right corner of the thumbnail is an acupoint that has been linked to a
number of organs

The base of the hand:  The crease of the wrist near the base of the hand

Below the wrist:  Two thumb widths below the crease of the wrist (outside), in line with the
middle finger of the hand

The lower forefinger:  Squeezing the thumb and forefinger together create a ridge above the
thumb.  The fleshy area in the middle of the ridge is a powerful acupoint

The inner wrist:  Directly on the largest crease of the wrist, parallel to the thumb

Using Acupressure Points in the Feet

The following areas of the feet can be stimulated with acupressure to eliminate any energy
blocks and manage the symptoms of certain health problems or illnesses:

The anklebone:  The small depression on the outer ankle behind the bone is a powerful acupoint

The shins:  The areas directly below the knee cap and between the calf muscle and shinbone are
acupoints that have been linked to reducing many health problems from the waist down, as well
as anxiety and depression

Near the big toe:  The area between the big toe and second toe on top of the feet, approximately
2 inches below the ‘web’ can be stimulated for various effects

The second toe:  The top right corner of the second toe below the nail is a powerful acupoint

The sole of the foot:  The area under the ball of the feet, in the middle of the sole is an important

Above the ankles:  The area approximately 4-5 inches above the top of the inner anklebone near
the shinbone is an acupoint linked to alleviating depression and reducing fatigue or anxiety

Other Acupressure Points for Certain Conditions
A number of acupressure points exist outside of the hands and feet, and these can be pressed
to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and other health problems.  

To relieve anxiety:  apply pressure to the largest crease of the inner wrist that runs parallel to
the little finger

To reduce back pain:  apply pressure to the two ligaments behind the knee on the crease

To reduce menstrual cramps:  apply pressure to the area one palm width below the naval

To reduce symptoms of depression:  apply pressure to the area approximately 3-4 inches below
the bottom edge of the kneecap near the outside of the leg.  The area between the shin bone
and calf muscles is particularly sensitive and linked to the nervous system.

To reduce fatigue:  apply pressure to the tip of the shoulder where there is a small ‘dimple’ near
the back of the shoulder.  

To reduce nasal congestion:  clasp the hands together and apply pressure to the area two
inches to the right of the wrist on the right hand.

To control hunger:  apply pressure to the area approximately 4 inches above the top of the inner
anklebone near the shinbone

To manage a fever:  apply pressure to the middle fingertip above the nail near the thumb.  
Another point is located on the nostril on the opposite side of the septum; this area can help to
reduce a tension headache or migraine pain that may be coupled with the fever

To increase energy:  apply pressure to the largest crease of the inner wrist in the area that is in
line with the thumb.  Alternating pressure can be applied to both wrists.