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What is Starvation Mode?
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First, a definition. Starvation mode does not mean going without food. It means that
you cut your caloric intake to less than what the body would normally burn in the
course of a day. I have seen so many posts where people offer advice and tell
people they need to eat more to lose weight because they are starving their
bodies. The idea postulated is that eating too few calories will reduce a person’s
metabolism to such an extent that the person will gain weight instead of losing.

Now, a look at one of the classic scientific studies on starvation. Probably the most
famous study done was conducted after WWII by researchers at the University of
Minnesota. Starvation was widespread throughout Europe during the war and
scientists were trying to figure out how to re-feed people suffering from starvation
and determine the long-term effects. (Remember, tens of thousands of people died
after liberation from concentration camps not only from disease but from the
reintroduction of food that their bodies were no longer capable of digesting.)
Scientists recruited 36 young healthy men to participate in a yearlong study divided
into several phases: a 12-week normal control period, a 24-week starvation phase
where calories were so dramatically reduced that participants lost approximately
25% of body weight; and, finally, a recovery phase to renourish participants.
Results of the study were published in the two-volume, Biology of Human
Starvation (Minneapolis: University of Minneapolis, 1950). See more information
here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Starvation_Experiment.

So, what did the results of the study find? First, all participants lost weight.
Starvation mode does not result in your body hanging onto extra fat or calories in
an effort to “preserve” your body. But, it’s more complicated than just losing
weight. All of the participants also experienced a drop in their metabolic rates –
approximately 40% below baseline. Now, you will see many posters here that will
argue that you will start losing muscle and not fat within a few days of going into so-
called “starvation mode.” Yet, the research shows that participants lost both. In
fact, at no point did they stop losing fat until they hit a rate of approximately 5% body fat near the end of the study.
Lyle McDonald explains it this way:

In general, it's true that metabolic rate tends to drop more with more excessive
caloric deficits… But here's the thing: in no study I've ever seen has the drop in
metabolic rate been sufficient to completely offset the caloric deficit. That is, say
that cutting your calories by 50% per day leads to a reduction in the metabolic rate
of 10%. Starvation mode you say. Well, yes. But you still have a 40% daily deficit.

But, keep in mind that apart from weight loss, semi-starvation has other not-so-
cool effects on your mind and body. The other physical effects from the Minnesota
study on semi-starvation included a significant drop in physical endurance,
reduction in strength of about 10%, and sluggish reflexes. Those that were the
most fit initially showed the greatest deterioration. In addition, heart volume
shrank about 20%, pulses slowed and their body temperatures dropped.
Concentration and judgment became impaired. Sexual function was reduced and
all lost interest in sex. They had every physical indication of accelerated aging. But
keep in mind, this was a year-long study, not something that happened in a just a
few days or two weeks of eating restricted calories.

The more dramatic effects of semi-starvation from the Minnesota study were
psychological, similar to what can be observed in anorexic patients. The men
became nervous, anxious, apathetic, withdrawn, impatient, self-critical, emotional
and depressed. A few even mutilated themselves, one chopping off three fingers
in stress. They became obsessed with food, thinking, talking and reading about it
constantly; developed weird eating rituals; hoarding, etc.

Now, let’s look at another aspect. The folks at Cambridge University in England did
a study to determine the different effects starvation had on lean people versus
obese people. The study can be found here: http://www.unu.
edu/unupress/food2/UID07E/uid0 7e11.htm. Let’s just cut to the chase with this study.

Does starvation mode slow down the metabolism? No and Yes.

In the first 2 days of starvation, there is a small absolute increase in basic
metabolic rate relative to values obtained from overnight fasting. Overnight
fasting is what every one of us does during our sleeping hours. So it is not true
that going below recommended calories for one day is going to slow down your
metabolism -- quite the contrary, it may speed it up just a little. Of course, this is
just limited to the first few days. After that, studies in fact support that “starvation mode” slows down metabolism.

Does Starvation mode cause our bodies to catabilize (devour our muscles and other lean mass)? Yes and No.

Lean individuals lost great amounts of fat-free, lean tissue during starvation, but
obese individuals lost much more fat tissue. The loss of lean mass is not as critical
to the obese person simply because an obese person has more lean mass than a
person of the same age and height but normal weight. Here we get to a basic idea
that makes sense – fat storage – the same way animals build up bulk to rely on
during the winter, obese people have fat stores they can use (to a limited extent)
in times of need. This means that the effects of a semi-starvation diet upon a
normal weight individual are of course much more devastating than the effects on someone who is obese.

Finally, some conclusions. Does all this mean I should reduce my caloric intake
below the minimum recommended as an effective way to lose weight? If you think
the answer is yes, then you haven’t carefully read everything here, so I will spell it out:

Let’s start by clearing up that major myth I see repeated over and over again in the
forums: that a single day or even a few days of extreme caloric restrictions forces
your body into starvation mode, significantly reducing your metabolism and
causing you to lose muscles. Not true. You may, in fact, lose weight in the short
term. Your body does not go into starvation mode after a few days of extreme
calorie restricted eating.

However, let’s look again at the Minnesota study for further compelling evidence
why semi-starvation is not a good idea for long-term weight loss. In the latter half
of the Minnesota Starvation Study the men were allowed to eat ad libitum again.
Researchers found they had insatiable appetites, yet never felt full, these effects
continued for months afterwards. Semi-starvation diets don’t work long-term for
this simple reason – under ordinary pressures, when eating resumes, people put
the weight back on and oftentimes, gain more.

And let’s not forget the other physical and psychological effects mentioned earlier.
Any of those sound appealing to you? Reduced concentration or sexual function
anyone? The Cambridge study also looked at several deaths from people who
undertook extreme starvation diets, particularly those that did not create a good nutritional
balance in the calories that were consumed.

Bottom line, you should do adequate research and dietary analysis to ensure you
are getting the best nutrition you can for your calories.

So if you are thinking of trying a UK fast/ 500 calorie a day you can try the 5:2 diet...
5:2 (or Fast Diet) popping up in conversation just about everywhere, from offices to schools and sports clubs.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 5:2 diet, also written as 5/2 diet, is a fad diet, which involves severe calorie restriction
for two non-consecutive days a week and normal eating the other five days, which
originated and became popular in the UK, and spread in Europe and to the USA.  It is a form
of intermittent fasting... (using that term losely since you actually don't fast at all during this
diet) The diet is claimed to promote weight loss and to have several beneficial effects on
health. According to the UK National Health Service there is limited evidence on the safety
and effectiveness of the diet; they advise people considering it to consult their doctor.
At first glance, the 5:2 wonderfully appealing. For two days every week you consume only 5-
600 calories (which is about how many calories I eat on a daily basis, but that is me); for the
other five days, you eat whatever you want, which personally I don't agree with on any diet...
URGHH EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT ON DAYS OFF.... They say that...The weight simply falls off
you. No daily point scoring, no constant weighing of food. Just two days of self-discipline,
followed by five days of glorious care-free living. Now don't get me wrong, for some people
this is an amazing way to start to see what 600 calories a day looks like and how much they
really do overeat... for others telling a dieter they can go crazy for 5 days can actually
destroy any successful weight loss that they might have acrued during those low calorie
days. Yet it does have some respected advocates that are worth mentiong... The science
behind its theory is compelling,  even if it’s been subjected to extremely little clinical
testing. The diet’s potential lies in the affect it has on our genes. Regular, intermittent
fasting activates a gene called SIRT1. Often referred to as ‘The Skinny Gene’, it is involved
in the repair and maintenance of cells to promote survival during times of dietary scarcity.
Conveniently, SIRT1 also inhibits fat storage and is thought to deliver anti-ageing benefits.
Not a bad package - especially when combined with the DAF 16 (or ‘Sweet 16’) gene, which
has been shown to switch on during fasting tests on animals, keeping them younger for
longer. The majority of people in the western world are not experienced to fasting, fasting....
these days they call a "fast" you actually aren't not eating anything at all... you are eating..

By now, you know the drill. Burn more calories than you consume, and you will lose weight.
Right? Well… no. A calorie is simply a measure of energy. When it comes to weight
management, they are actually rather meaningless - instead, it’s the things that supply the calories that matter.
Our calories are given to us by the three macro nutrients in the diet - protein, fat, and
carbohydrate. These foods are digested, transported, and metabolised in very different
ways, affecting a huge array of body functions. One such function is the metabolic pathways
that regulate fat deposition. Weight gain isn’t necessarily a question of how many calories
you consume and how many your burn, it’s a question of an increased growth of fat tissue.
The key here is that fat is an active tissue. It’s growth is controlled by hormones and
enzymes just like any other tissue in your body. Carbohydrates like white bread, white rice,
white pasta, and sugar cause us to release excessive amounts of the hormone insulin.
Insulin tells our cells to take in as much sugar from the bloodstream as possible, which
means these carbs, when consumed regularly, cause the blood sugar level to rise beyond what our cells can handle.
The body’s way of dealing with this excess? Turn the sugar into fat.
The process is called denovo-lipogenesis. Due to a quirk on insulin, it locks the fat into fat
cells, which results in weight gain. Lower the insulin level, and the body can actually start to
release fat from its cells and burn it as an energy source. So insulin is like the opposite of the SIRT 1 gene (which it actively inhibits).
What does this all mean in relation to the 5:2? Well, one thing that is becoming clear is that
the very genes that become activated during periods of caloric restriction (SIRT1 and
DAF16) are also turned on when insulin is lowered. So it could be that, instead of merely
reducing your overall calorie intake, the 5:2 helps you lose weight by reducing your insulin levels.
This last bit is theory - it depends on people eating less carbs during the 5:2. But that seems
likely, given that if you’re on the 5:2 and actually losing weight, you’re probably consuming
less white bread and sugary processed foods without really thinking about it.

What is Starvation Mode?
Tips and Tricks to self control and more  ...
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