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THINNER THIGHS AND STOMACH TIP....Prothinspo has Discovered The Secret to Beautiful Bodies that the Rio de
Janeiro beach crowd would rather you didn't know about ....
Think of Rio and you think of long sandy beaches
draped with beautiful Brazilians ... healthy, with beautiful skin and without an inch of fat or cellulite!
Now the secret is out .... and it's nothing to do with their genes, diet or lifestyle.
Pharmacies, health stores, beach-front snack bars, all along Rio de Janeiro's beach fronts are selling to those in
the know a local powdered herb that has proven to be a very successful appetite suppressant which is as a side
benefit is also believed to help fight cellulite!
Thermogenic formula designed to increase thermogenesis and assist in fat loss, without eliminating muscle.
(Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms.)
Now with Fucoxanthin.
Fucoxanthin is being explored for weight loss to naturally increase the metabolic rate. Japanese researchers
have found that fucoxanthin (isolated from wakame) promotes the loss of abdominal fat in obese mice and rats.
Animals lost 5 to 10% of their body weight. Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to
target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which abdominal fat is burned.
HOW TO GET SUPER SKINNY... COCAINE SKINNY...Here is what's in THIS CART Program and how this product
decades of research and scientific breakthroughs in the weight loss pills industry, we've finally discovered the
key to fast and lasting weight loss success. And that key is only available in this CART PROGRAM. The main
reason you're overweight is the back-and-forth battle going on deep within the brain inside the satiety center of
your hypothalamus. The ongoing battle exists between the two neuropeptides CART and NPY ... also known as the
good and the bad when it comes to weight loss.
A Spray Mist Crave Controller Is Diet Defense... It  has been all over the runways this season... models are spraying
what seemed to be mouth spray to cleanse and refresh the breath was really homeopathic and helps you reduce
hunger cravings!!! Everyone was spraying into their mouths this rapid-released formula that is used to reduce
hunger cravings quickly.
As a model before a show I can tell you that you really can't eat... not before a show, it  can quickly change your
body. So the no eat policy reigns strong.. but what to do if you are just craving??? Pills are sometimes to obvious
and people can take note, so spray a little spray and no one is the wiser....
This product I chose because...
People ask me everyday what was the strongest product that I have taken to lose weight the fastest. I took
Prothinspo's Hydroxylim/ Diet Slim...I chose this product because of two studies.... The first studied showed a
more rapid and effective weight loss than other diet products.This study set out to determine the efficacy of a
calcium/potassium salt of 60% HCA extract from Garcinia cambogia alone and in combination with niacin-bound
chromium and a standardized Gymnema Sylvestre Extract on weight-loss parameters in human volunteers. I know
blah blah, but  In a double-blind fashion,
60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
What is...Pro-Thinspo/Prothinspo.... Comes from two words, Pro (side note hate to digres, but some say the Pro was for Ana or Mia but they are wrong and
I made up the word...I was a gym pro for all my life and when I made up the word it was supposed to be Pro about thinspo anyway...) and Thinspiration, if
you didn’t know already: thin + inspiration..Shortened became thinspo and am happy to say Prothinspo.Com is the worlds largest site for thinspiration, diet
and exercise information today and the most talked about site of its kind. I (Jodee Prothinspo) Get 30 calls a week from talk shows... Today Pro-thinspo is
the site and I am the guru of weight loss!

Just a little History lesson about Prothinspo.com/Pro-thinspo and Pro-thinspollc oh and Thinsporation.com, WORLDSBESTDIETINGTIPS.COM! All names
bring you back to Pro-thinspo the main site. Okay so how about we go back to the beginning..

Since the beginning of human kind, we have desired the perfect form.
All human beings want to look their best. That means the right weight for your height and bones.
From the beginning of time man has strived to attain these perfect forms.
From the start man made many statues representing the perfect form of man and woman and some societies worshiped them. This was old school
Prothinspo thoughts.
Thinspo is not a negative part of todays society. It can be a positive tool in reaching our goals.  A muse of sort to keep you focused on
your goals.

I used to be a high fashion model and have worked in the gym business my entire life, started when I was 13yrs old teaching and modeling with a
permission to work note from my parents and I  have always been a Prothinspo type of person who just always loved walking the runway and working
out, I loved the photos and celebrity weight loss diets and tips and used to spend a fortune in magazines.

Now I surf the web and mags and give it all to you, plus with my backstage knowledge and gym backround I have a real apptitude for getting people in
shape and keeping them that way.... Everyday I update this site. I hope it helps you achieve your goals... stay focused and remember to tune in everyday
for more photos and gossip. This site is for entertainment purposes, please remember that before starting any diet or exercise plan that you have the
permission and advice of your doctor.

Prothinspo or Pro-thinspo whichever way you want to call us, have inspired over a million members to lose weight and keep it off for over a decade and
more and I am proud to open my internet doors to new members this time of year! As Jodee Prothinspo I am happy to welcome on phase 2 of our members
and build that group up to OVER a million strong as well. So lets get started, Now is the best time to get into the plan! You can make a small donation or
you can take advantage of a higher plan that comes with supplements to speed up the process.

Prothinspo's weight loss program is used by doctors in obesity clinics,and by dieters all over America and in countries worldwide. Prothinspo's website
attracts millions of visitors, of whom over I am proud to say is over a MILLION strong and growing.
This is the program to get into the best shape of your life. A Weight Management Program That Helps Everyone who works it!
Over the past decade or more, Prothinspo has helped a huge number of people to lose weight and regain control of their lives. They include celebrities, as
well as ordinary individuals of every size - from 400 pounds downward. Prothinspo helps women and men with hypothyroidism, diabetes, insulin
resistance, PCOS, digestive disorders, menopausal problems and many other conditions such as eating disorders....
The heart of the program is our weight loss support with direct emails to
Me and my Prothinspo staff to help you with your own personal goals.

If you are looking for safe permanent weight loss, then you simply must keep reading.

Here's What Makes Prothinspo's Membership so Successful

Diet without going hungry. Hunger is your biggest single enemy. Have you ever felt that horrible gnawing feeling on other diets when you feel that your
stomach is eating itself? Well you'll never feel this with my system. If you're feeling hungry my advice is always to go eat.

You'll stay motivated. A lot of diet programs or weight loss products provide you with no support or help while you are trying to lose weight. I'm sure that
there have been times in the past when you have found it impossible to resist the temptation to go on an eating binge. Then comes the overwhelming
feeling of guilt and sense of defeat.
It's a vicious cycle. ...But with the Prothinspo Membership you will be supported every step of the way and if you happen to slip up at any stage I'll be there
to pick you up, dust you down and get you back on track. You can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting forever.

There are many supplements to choose from ...these on this page are just some suggestions to get you started if you want, you can become a member
without the purchase of a diet supplement if you chose. Read more..

There are no forbidden foods. Some diets forbid you some of your favorite foods. success is working in all of your favorite foods in the right quantities and

You will lose your excess weight permanently if you work with the Prothinspo plan. Did you know that more than 97% of people that use other diet
methods end up heavier and fatter than before not my members they are still sending before and after photos of their success everyday!!

With The Prothinspo Membership you will learn how to make realistic and
sustainable changes to your eating habits forever.

What else could you ask for in an internet membership!

pro-thinspo's Weight loss plans get a lot of talk show time these days, Oprah talked about Prothinspo, Dr.Oz, Fern Cotton, Life, and Time. Never before has
there been such pressure to be thinner, although not simply to fit into a certain dress size. And since Prothinspo is the top site for people to find quick
fixes to take it off and has worked for millions they seem to like to talk about it on these shows... And of course... Obesity is a huge health issue for people
of all ages.

Television, magazines, and other forms of media emphasize the need to look like a movie star with a perfect body. This increasingly negative influence
leads to the development of eating disorders and choosing stressful means of achieving weight loss goals which harm the body and the mind... I try to
work with my members to focus on better ways to control their weight and not to resource to such drastic means. While you will learn how to lose weight,
you will also come to understand the nature of eating disorders.

Prothinso has always and will always go outside the norm and discuss many taboo topics... Some types of Thinspo looks at anorexia and other eating
disorders in detail, discussing the issues which cause them. It also aims to help people overcome eating disorders...Understand the way your body uses
energy and figure out what will help you lose fat, not just weight. It may be that you do not need to lose anything just want to maintain your weight...
The two factors involved in losing or controlling weight are your calorie count and how many calories you burn.. We suggest to take a healthy and
educated approach to the subject of weight loss. Use this to help you create a healthier lifestyle in which you lose weight but gain a healthier attitude
towards your body.

But just because you are taking a supplement you should keep fit!
The body must be worked out in order for it to stay fit and trim. With most leading sedentary lifestyles and indulging in the Western diet, it is no wonder why
so many people are overweight, or even obese. Below are great exercise tips that are sure to work.

Developing an
Exercise Routine...Choose exercises that are geared to problem areas, and work extra hard on them to ensure satisfaction. Remeber that
you lose weight through your circulatory system so you can't spot reduce but you can tighten and tone problem areas, Do cardio to burn fat and calories all
over!! Do not neglect a cardio workout, which is beneficial to overall health, as well.

Be sure to pick exercises for your workout that you enjoy, as this will keep you more motivated. For example, if you like to dance, then dance yourself into
fitness... But be sure that you are doing a routine or cardio at your target heart rate for at least 25minutes and a 3-8 minute cool down.

Try to incorporate weights into your workout, no matter how light they may be. Weights help to boost metabolism, burning fat even after your workout is
completed... start light and work your way up, women you will not start to look bulky that is usually a fear women have, the women you see that look like
that spend many many many did I say many hours to look like that it takes hard work and if you don't want to look like that they you most certainely
wouldn't work out hard enough to look like those  

Creating a Workout Schedule for Success.. Make time!! Try to workout every day, and at the same time. This will get you into a routine that you will become
accustomed to. By doing so, you will train yourself to stick to the plan, increasing your chances of seeing your goals through to the end. I do 50 push ups
and 50 sit ups and 50 jumping jacks and stretch everyday!! And that is not considered my workout, I go to the gym, swim, run, hike and do kick boxing,
yoga and just about everything to keep my cardio and health strong.

If at all possible, work out in the morning, before you go to work or have to handle any other responsibilities. You will also feel more energetic throughout
the day.

Try to get a friend on board with you because you could motivate each other.

3 TOP TIPS TO KEEP YOU COMMITTED ...  Before Your Commitment ...

1. Photograph your body... Attach to your board.

2. Weigh yourself... Keep track with your food journal... I will send you one to keep you on target.

3. Measure each part of your body with a tape measure to track results... I will send you a measuring tape and measuring chart.. As muscle is heavier
than fat, do not be discouraged if the scale is not reaching the desired number. That is why you should measure your body.

Are you tired of that fat on your body? Well… the Prothinspo has a  method that can be a solution that can provide results fast but it’s actually more than
that. It’s a lifestyle which guarantees to keep that fat off your body once you lost it. You probably experienced this: You’ve lost a few pounds but then you
put them back in no time… well! This won’t be happening with the Prothinspo and the millions of our members that are skinny can prove that. THE

Even though the program works, you have to work it... Eating Right... super important. Every weight loss method out there is based on eating the right
kind of food in the right way. The calories that you burn must be lower than the calories that you eat but it’s very important not to eat less and hope to lose
weight because your body will adapt fast and even if you will eat less…you won’t lose weight. Of course, the recommended foods should be healthy and
natural because this kind of foods are burned easier. DON'T PANIC WHEN YOU PLACE AN ORDER PROTHINSPO SENDS YOU LISTS....  I will send you a
fatburner food list and grocery list to help you shop and stock your house up with the foods that burn fat and increase your metabolism.

Do you need to lose more than 24lbs?
Then you should start with the
colon cleanse program, this will clean out the gunk in your body and then we send you a 2week detox diet plan to start you
out before doing the

WHAT ABOUT THE .... Exercise....I will send you some home exercises to start with and Prothinspo has hundreds of other exercise choices and tips and
tricks for almost anything you would like to do and maybe try or stick with! Prothinspo helps you with all that!

STICKS...  Mental Change...This is probably the most important part and here’s the attitude you should have if you want to lose weight fast... You need to
have possitive affirmations and be able to visualize what you want and you can do it!!

PROTHINSPO HELPS You get a HEALTHY weight loss... FAST!
PROTHINSPO HELPS You realize that you don’t have to have anorexia or bulimia to want to lose 10-20 pounds in a week... I WORK WITH EDS OF ALL
You will realize that you aren’t the only woman or man in the world fighting with their weight and want to get it off as fast as possible! I asked a member
how fast do you want to get the weight off? She answer, "yesterday". I answered, " we got today and tomorrow you can see results".... Make your move
today find a plan that works for you below and lets get started!!

I do suggest a few things if you want the best results for any weight loss plan...Eat a lot of fruits. They are healthy, they can be easily used to fill your
apetite. Try to eat oatmeal once a day!! Try to sleep 8 hours a day, every day. Try not to stress yourself because you might find food a remedy for stress, so
you need to avoid that.
Don’t try to lose a pound a day, SOMETIMES THAT JUST ISN'T POSSIBLE... THERE ARE OTHER

The secret of Prothinspo is that it’s a long term weight loss model, and it isn’t based on sudden weight loss… and instead it’s based on a long term model
that will help you lose weight get to your GW or UGW and stay there healthy and happy, fit and strong.

If you want more information about the Prothinspo, including some tips for eating healthy and staying focused while losing some pounds then you should
become A
The goal is to help the dieter change from within, with these changes eventually radiating outwardly. An evolution of the dieter’s opinions and thinking
regarding weight loss occurs creating a permanent change in the individual.

Assuming control of your future and health is the goal Prothinspoer's..

A Prothinspo's choice of  diets it is more personally designed to help an individual loose weight in a short time span without creating any of the usual
health problems that certain weight loss methods cause.The techniques presented are designed to transform the individual into a  strong person... Who
can reach their goal weight and keep it there for life, living long and healthy and confident.
I have 101 tips on burning excess calories... which I send you in an ebook form!
Also included in your Prothinspo Membership you will get Proven tips that will help to reduce the caloric intake, ebook on pounds and inches so you can
read why you want to lose weight but inches are more important. So I send you a measuring tape and measuring chart so that you can keep track of your
progress... and stay motivated and on track to your goals. Any amount over a dollar will get you your first email of tips...
 contact us.