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Fucoxanthin is being explored for weight loss to naturally increase the metabolic rate. Japanese researchers
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Animals lost 5 to 10% of their body weight. Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to
target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which abdominal fat is burned.
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60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.

Dear Jodee,
Got any tips on how to use pressure points to control hunger? I love the
crave controller spray and use it often and it works!! Thank
you. But I heard you can use pressure points to control hunger. Can you tell me more about it?  Vickey Ohio.

Answer to your question...How to stop hunger pains without eating>? Pressure points are a natural and drug free way to help control
your appetite. They have been used for thousands of years  in Asia to improve health and channel energy. While pressure points alone
will not cause you to lose weight, when combined with a program of diet and exercise, they can be a big help...Weight Loss tips - Other
Acupressure Techniques You will need to learn a couple of other acupressure techniques as weight loss tips if you find your appetite
perks up when you are under a great deal of stress or perhaps when you’re depressed. This post is amazing because it really shows
you and tells you about the points on your body to get the best results...
Locate the pressure point in front of your ear where it meets your head. There is a
small piece of cartilage sticking out at the front of the ear canal. Pinch this piece of
cartilage between your thumb and index finger for two to three minutes. This will help
dispel your appetite.
Spleen 6 Pressure Point Find the pressure point on the inside of your leg just above
your ankle. Place four fingers above the bone that sticks out in your ankle. Press the
point just above that on the back of the bone. This is the pressure point for the
spleen. It helps with digestion. You should not use this pressure point if you are
Bend your knee in front of you. Place four fingers at the bottom of your knee cap.
Press the point directly beneath your fingers on the outside of the shin bone. This
pressure point is for the stomach and helps decrease appetite.
Locate the pressure point on the outside of the shin. It is midway between the knee
and the ankle. This is stomach pressure point number 40. It is important in the
elimination of waste and weight loss.
Bend your arm at a 45 degree angle. Notice the line that forms in the skin on the
inside of the elbow. Press the point at the bottom of the crease on the outside of the
arm. You will feel a sharp pain but it will pass quickly. Work the pressure in a circular
motion. This is a pressure point for the large intestine. It regulates the function of
your large intestine and helps eliminate heat and waste from the body
Weight Loss Tips and how to help get rid of those hunger pains without eating...– Acupressure
and Japanese finger pressure method can be vital role against the war with extra weight. By
means of Japanese acupressure, the finger pressure method as weight loss tips, you can
reduce up to seven pounds a week.
Although this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. You’ll be able to eat what ever you want after
learning this simple, drug-free method of hunger reduction.

You’ll lose weight after using Japanese acupressure, the finger pressure method as weight loss
tips because you’ll find that you don’t want to eat huge amounts anymore.

Weight Loss Tips - Basic of Acupressure
The basic of acupressure as weight loss tips is that there are key points on your body. These key
points are in direct relation with the hunger center of your brain.

So by simply massaging these key points with your fingertips when you get the binging urge of
hunger, you can stop these urges from reaching your brain.

Working Of Acupressure
Midway between your upper lip and the nose, the key pressure point for dulling appetite lies.
Before each meal, place thumb inside lip and index finger outside lip and massage 10 seconds
moderately. Massage the pressure point up and down.

Weight Loss tips - Other Acupressure Techniques
You will need to learn a couple of other acupressure techniques as weight loss tips if you find
your appetite perks up when you are under a great deal of stress or perhaps when you’re

Technique to Subside the Hunger
This one of the weight loss tips will help you to subside the hunger, which is getting out of
depression. Try massaging the point just below the root of the nail on the little finger of your left
hand if you are about to binge because you are depressed.
Start on the ring-finger side of the little finger and massage with your right hand toward the
outside of the little for 10 seconds.
Massage the point two-finger widths below the knuckle at the base of the index finger and half a
finger width toward the thumb if your appetite increases due to stress. Massage the point on
both hands with your thumb. This one of the weight loss tips can help you a lot in reducing your
Massage the point halfway between your navel and breastbone in a circular motion for 10
seconds with your thumb if you get a hollow, hungry feeling at the pit of your stomach. The
hunger pangs should subside right way with this particular one of the weight loss tips.
Finger pressure is the final breakthrough in weight loss. Finally, you can shed the weight you
want to using a fast, simple and healthy methods of weight loss tips.

50 Fast and Easy Diet Tips
A diet is always temporary.
Instead, plan to change your eating habits permanently by making sensible changes that you can
live with. Remember, it took years to add those extra pounds; they won’t come off overnight.

Keep cut raw vegetables in your refrigerator.
They're low in calories and great for snacking. Eat a few pieces a half-hour before you sit down
to lunch or dinner to cut your appetite.

Skip the elevator.
Prefer climbing the stairs instead of using elevator because climbing stairs burns calories. If
you're going up four stories or less, walk.

Walk to walk.
Walk all the way if you work a mile or less from home. If you live farther from work and take
public transportation, get off two stops early and walk the rest of the way. If you drive to work,
park half-mile from the job and walk.

Always eat sitting down.
(Whoever told you it doesn't count when you eat standing up was wrong). Create a calm,
unhurried atmosphere for your meals, and put your fork down between bites.

Add a big salad to your dinner.
This is particularly important if you plan to eat a semi frozen entree for your evening meal.
Without the salad, you’ll feel hungry later.

Use smaller plates for meals.
Your portion will look bigger. Satisfy your eye, it's easier to satisfy your stomach.

Lite onions.
Instead of using oil, saute onions in a non-stick pan with a little white wine. You’ll save 120
calories for each tablespoon of oil you eliminate from a recipe.

Ice, not cream.

If you must have dessert, try a sorbet. These elegant fruit ices are about 100 calories per half-
cup serving. Rich ice-cream can be 150 calories or more per serving.

Try our tuna.
Don't miss your water-packed tuna with regular mayonnaise. Instead combine 1-tablespoon lite
mayo with tablespoon di-jon mustard and 1 teaspoon of sweet relish. Used instead of 2
tablespoons of regular mayo, this dressing saves 126 calories.

Potato topper.
Mix 2 cup low fat yogurt with 3 tablespoons dijon mustard and a tablespoon chopped fresh dill.
At 11 calories per tablespoon, this makes a great lite topping for baked potatoes.(And a large
baked potato is only 145 calories- without the butter or sour cream).

Use oils with lots of flavor.
If you use oil on your salad, try Sesame, Olive, Walnut or another full-flavored oil. A small amount
will go a long way.

Or skip the oil entirely!
Try using a flavored vinegar (tarragon, garlic or raspberry, for example) diluted with water to half-
strength. It makes a great dressing for greens and is almost calorie-free.

Don't snack by the light of the TV.
For some unknown reason, whole bags of snacks can disappear this way.

Mustard on your sandwich.
Use it instead of mayo for turkey or learn roast beef. Try dijon, spicy, yellow, sweet and grainy
varieties. They all have 15 to 45 calories per tablespoon. Mayo has 100.

Fat-free "fries".
Place thin slices of raw potatoes under the broiler to make "French fries" without oil. Turn once
during cooking to brown both sides. Add garlic powder or chilli powder for extra flavor.

Watch the packing liquid.
Buy fruits canned in juice or water instead of heavy syrup and don't buy artichoke heart or
mushrooms marinated in oil. Look for water -packed vegetables and pickle them yourself-with
vinegar, water and spices.

Brown bag your lite lunch.
Use the money you save to reward your-self with a new item of clothing.(Buy it one size smaller
as an incentive).

Skim that soup.
If you use chicken or beef stock (either homemade or canned) in a recipe, refrigerate-- it first.
Then skim off the fat that solidifies on the surface.

"Cream" lite soup.
Make an ordinary hot soup creamy by adding low fat yogurt. Mix into the soup pot just before
serving. Adds about 133 calories to your recipe

Don't food-shop when hungry.
Shop for food after a meal so you won't be as tempted by goodies in the super-market.

Sprinkle the cheese.
Because they are high in fat and calories, use hard cheese sparingly. If you love the taste of
cheese, sprinkle a small amount of sharp cheese on a low-calorie food. For example, a teaspoon
of grated Parmesan or Romano cheese on cooked asparagus adds a lots of flavor, but only
about 8 calories.

Fiber fills.
Eat breads and cereals made from whole grains. Not only are they better for you than white
bread and processed cereals, you won't feel hungry as quickly.

Eating out?
Watch out for sauces and gravies that can add calories to meat, fish, poultry and dishes. Ask to
have your entree served without sauce (or with sauce on the side). Always order your salad with
dressing on the side.

Buy low fat dairy products.
When buying milk, cottage cheese and yogurt, look for products with 2% (or less) butterfat.

Skip the cocktail.
If you are going to have a drink before dinner, make it white wine spritzer.

Sauces from vegetables.
Use cooked, pureed vegetables to make low calorie sauces for meat and poultry. Try cooked
carrots pureed with a little curry powder on broiled chicken.

Try the "spa" menu.
Today, many restaurants offer menu items that are lower in fat and calories. Often, calorie counts
are printed on the menu, or are available if you ask the waiter.

The best snack?
Popcorn, made without oil in a hot air popper, is a filling, whole grain snack at only 23 calories a
cup (popped). Skip the butter!

Don't be blinded by the "lite".
"Lite" (or "light") is a vague term in food marketing. A food product needs only contain less of
something (fat or alcohol, for example) to justify a lite label. Sometimes the calorie savings are
not significant. Check the label of the lite item against nutritional information for a traditional
version of the food.

Know the lingo... CONTINUED...