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We’ve all been there: it’s the middle of the afternoon, you’re stuck at school or at work, and you’ve
forgotten your lunch. You can’t leave, and the only food source nearby is that horrible vending machine in
the lunchroom, loaded with all kinds of junk food you know will ruin your diet. But you’re desperate, and
hungry! What to do? No worries! Here’s a list of the things from a vending machine that won’t ruin your diet!

Water.... If you can, buy a bottle of water from the vending machine. It will take the edge off your hunger
until you can find something more healthful to eat, and besides, you likely need the hydration anyway!

Fruit....Some vending machines stock a small variety of fresh fruits alongside the candy bars. If possible,
grab am apple, orange, or banana from the vending machine. It won’t wreck your diet, and besides, you
need five servings of fruits and veggies every day anyway!

Dried fruit or nuts.... Most vending machines offer trail mix to their customers they know are dieting. Be
careful, though, since some have M&Ms in them, or other chocolate candies. The kind of raisins and a
variety of nuts is best, because it’s loaded with protein and doesn’t have as much sugar.

Baked Chips.... You know, I actually prefer Baked Lay’s over the fried version most people eat. If the
vending machine offers baked chips or crisps, choose those instead.

Pretzels... Most vending machines offer several varieties of bagged pretzels, which can be high in sodium,
but are usually very low in sugar, unless they’re chocolate or yogurt-covered. Some of them also have a
few grams of fiber, which means they’ll make you feel fuller, longer.

Granola Bar.... Look for a granola bar in the vending machine that’s labeled as whole-grain, and that doesn’t
appear to have chocolate chips in it, and one that’s not dipped in chocolate. Again, the whole grains and
fiber will make you feel fuller, longer, so you won’t ruin your diet by grabbing something else from the
vending machine half an hour after you eat the first snack.

Okay, if there’s absolutely nothing else left in the vending machine except candy bars and Cool Ranch
Doritos, then grab a bag of peanut M&Ms or Raisinettes, because at least both of these have some vague
concept of nutritional value. Are they good for you? No way, but at least they won’t ruin your diet like the
chocolate-marshmallow-peanut-butter-crisp-cups will…

Remember that one small lapse at the vending machine won’t ruin your diet, especially if you try to choose
the right thing. And next time, try to remember to bring your own snack!

The question: To snack or not to snack
Snacking once or twice a day is OK. Leslie Beck in her book, "Ten Steps To Healthy Eating," states that how frequently or infrequently
we nourish our bodies can have an impact on how much we eat, our energy levels and our overall health. Here are some great snack
ideas from some of my favourite books.

Beck has a best and worst snack list in her book. Here's her "best" list: 3/4 cup of low fat yogurt with one serving of fruit; medium-
sized low-fat skim or soy latte and one serving of fruit; 1/4 cup dried fruit and 2 tablespoons nuts; 1 slice whole-grain bread with 1
tbsp. nut butter or tahini; energy bar with 10-18 grams protein and no more than 200-250 calories (Elev8Me bar, Genisoy bar, SoyOne
bar); whole-wheat or whole-rye crackers with 1 oz. low-fat cheese; homemade smoothie made with milk or soymilk, and your choice
of fruit.

Here's what's on Beck's worst list: cookies, cakes and rich desserts; coffee and a chocolate bar; potato chips or tortilla chips;
pretzels or baked potato chips; energy bars with less than 10 grams protein; bagels, bread or crackers; smoothie made from frozen

Beck shares her "Grab A Snack Mix" recipe from her book: 1 cup whole-wheat cereal squares, 1/2 cup raisins, 1/3 cup broken banana
chips, 1/4 cup quartered dried apricots and 2 tbsp. chopped toasted almonds. In a glass bowl, mix together cereal squares, raisins,
banana chips, dried apricots and almonds. This mix can be covered with plastic wrap or transferred to resealable plastic bag for up to
two weeks.

Bob Green in his book "The Best Life Diet" suggests the following as healthy snack choices: 1 oz. whole grain pretzels with mustard; 1
cup red pepper strips or celery sticks with 1/3 cup hummus; 3/4 cup carrots with 3 tbsp. of low-fat ranch dressing; 3/4 cup edamame;
1 cup pineapple with 1-2 tbsp. of heart-healthy nuts; 2-3 tbsp. of peanuts, almonds, walnuts or cashews; trail mix made with 1/4 cup
Multi-Bran Chex, 2 tbsp. of nuts, 1-1/2 tbsp. of raisins or other dried fruit; maple nut yogurt made with 1 tsp. maple syrup and 1 tbsp.
walnut pieces stirred into 6 oz. of low-fat plain yogurt; 12 oz. skim milk latte and 8 almonds; 1 oz. low-fat cheese on 1/2 oz. whole grain
cracks; 3/4 cup mixed berries with 3/4 cup low-fat yogurt and 1 tsp. of honey.

Sherry Kwasnicki shares these snack ideas in her book; "Go For It, The Winning Way To Fat Loss:" Low-fat yogurt and fruit; raw
vegetables and yogurt dip; fruit and yogurt dip; glass of juice or milk; hard-boiled egg; low-fat crackers and cheese; couple of fig bars.

Nancy Clarke's Sports Nutrition Guide book suggests the following as a good list for snacks for athletes: dry cereal mixed with raisins,
dried fruits or cinnamon; instant oatmeal sprinkled with raisins and chopped nuts; popcorn, plain or sprinkled with spices like chili
powder, garlic powder or onion powder; reduced fat or fat-free muffins, whole grain bagels, any fruit; smoothies make with milk or
juice, fresh or frozen fruit, and wheat germ or flax meal; frozen fruit bars; plain yogurt flavoured with vanilla, honey, cinnamon, instant
decaffeinated coffee, applesauce, fruit cocktail or berries; nuts and seeds; sandwiches.

Clare shares her "Peanutty Energy Bar" recipe with her readers: 1/2 cup salted dry-roasted peanuts, 1/2 cup roasted sunflower seed
kernels or use more peanuts or other nuts; 1/2 cup raisins or other dried fruit; 2 cups uncooked oatmeal, old-fashioned or instant; 2
cups toasted rice cereal, such as Rice Krispies; 1/2 cup peanut butter, crunch or creamy; 1/2 cup packed brown sugar; 1/2 cup light
corn syrup; 1 tsp. vanilla; optional 1/4 cup toasted wheat germ. In a bowl, mix together the peanut, sunflower seeds, raisins, oatmeal
and toasted rice cereal. In a medium microwavable bowl, combine the peanut butter, brown sugar and corn syrup. Microwave on high
for two minutes. Add vanilla and stir until blended. Pour the peanut butter mixture over the dry ingredients and stir until coated. For
squares, spoon the mixture into an 8x8-inch pan coated with cooking spray; for bars spoon it into a 9x13-inch pan. Press down firmly.
Let stand for about an hour, then cut into squares or bars....

To eat nutritious and healthy foods regularly, you don’t need to change your shopping trend instead you
just adapt some proven strategies while making grocery list. These strategies help you to follow healthy
eating plans because you find each and every essential item in your kitchen shelf.

While making a healthy food grocery list, decide for how many meals, you are going to shop. Give a though
consideration over the numbers of items, you can afford to serve in breakfasts, snacks, lunches and
dinner. Check out the existing stock of low-fat milk, whole grains, cereals and brown rice etc. If any of your
family members is following a particular diet chart go through that carefully and add the required items that
don’t exist in your regular grocery list. CONTINUED...
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