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60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
CONTINUED... PAGE1, PAGE 2.... The percentage for protein is higher than the USDA recommendation because Burn the Fat, Feed the
Muscle is based on the concept of eating properly and exercising to ensure that you do not lose muscle while losing fat. Losing
muscle causes your metabolism to slow and weight loss to stop.

You will find that most diet plans recommend specific proportions of the three macronutrients. Keep in mind that any diet plan
proposing extremely low proportions of any of the three macronutrients may be designed for quick weight loss and have little chance
of long-term success. People often find that they tire of eating in such extremes and quit, rendering their diet a failure.

Converting the Percentages to Grams
Once you have determined the macronutrient ratios you will be using, it's easy to calculate how many grams of each macronutrient
you should be eating. But first you have to calculate the total number of calories you will eat in a day as described in Calculating Daily
Calorie Needs.

•daily calories x percent protein / 4 calories per gram = grams protein
•daily calories x percent fat / 9 calories per gram = grams fat
•daily calories x percent carbs / 4 calories per gram = grams carbs
For example, if your daily calorie needs are 2000 calories and you choose proportions of 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrates:

•2000 x .30 / 4 = 150 grams protein
•2000 x .20 / 9 = 44 grams fat
•2000 x .50 / 4 = 250 grams carbs
This tells you how many grams of each macronutrient you should be eating to achieve the ratios you have chosen. Another way of
looking at it is to calculate the ratios of what you are eating, and then make adjustments accordingly.

Butter and oils contain only fat, and sugar and honey contain only carbohydrates. But foods comprised of a single macronutrient like
these are the exception. Most foods consist of a combination of two or all three of the macronutrients.

To see the proportions of a food you eat, simply calculate the food with the Food Calculator. If a food doesn't appear in any of the food
lists, you can enter the grams of protein, fat and carbohydrates with the Add Foods feature and then calculate it.

To see the proportions of a combination of different foods, calculate each of the foods and let the results accumulate. The results will
indicate the percentage of protein, fat and carbohydrates for the total of the foods you calculate.

The formula used by the calculator is quite simple, and you can do the math by hand if you prefer:

•(grams protein x 4) + (grams fat x 9) + (grams carbs x 4) = total calories
•(grams protein x 4) / total calories = percentage of calories from protein
•(grams fat x 9) / total calories = percentage of calories from fat
•(grams carbs x 4) / total calories = percentage of calories from carbs
The Thermic Effect of Food
Diet and Weight Loss Tutorial
The expression "thermic effect of food" is used to describe the energy expended by our bodies in order to consume (bite, chew and
swallow) and process (digest, transport, metabolize and store) food. We "expend energy" by burning calories.

Processing protein requires the greatest expenditure of energy, with estimates ranging as high as 30%. Dietary fat, on the other hand,
is so easily processed and turned into body fat that there is little thermic effect, perhaps only 2 or 3%. The amount of energy required
to process carbohydrates falls between that of protein and fat.
As you can see, all calories are not equal. If you eat an equal number of calories of protein, fat and carbohydrates, the calories in the
fat are more likely to end up on your waist as fewer of them are burned off by the thermic effect. And as you learned in Calories in
Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates, a gram of fat contains more than twice as many calories as a gram of protein or carbohydrate. So a
gram of fat not only gives you more calories, but a smaller percentage of them will be burned off by the thermic effect. Yippy!!!

A figure of 10% is generally used to account for the thermic effect of food. This means that if you want to replace 500 calories burned
through activity, you need to eat 10% more, or 550 calories. And if you eat 500 calories, 10% of them will be burned off by the thermic
effect, leaving only 450.

However, most people are either unaware of the thermic effect of food or choose to ignore it, making weight loss seem just a little

So remember...A good diet plan will be healthy from the start, and will be based on principles that you can follow for a lifetime. In fact,
if you have found the right diet plan, it will be one that you will want to follow for a lifetime. After learning the fundamentals of diet and
weight loss you will be able to choose the diet plan, or simply a healthier way to eat, that is right for you. Me?
I eat clean, read more
"clean eating".
So what do I eat and why should I eat that way?
The Three Macronutrients... The energy or calories in the food we eat comes from three macronutrients: proteins, fats, and
carbohydrates. Macro means large, and these nutrients are needed in large quantities to sustain our growth, metabolism, and other
bodily functions. Oh, did you just learn something... good, that is why I write. Our bodies require other nutrients, too, including vitamins
and minerals... That you probably already knew... However, these nutrients are required in smaller quantities and are therefore called
micronutrients. While critical to our health, micronutrients do not provide us with energy or calories.

Protein is the main component of our organs, muscles, all our living cells, and almost all our body fluids. Proteins are chains of amino
acids linked together in complex formations. There are 20 different amino acids, and all of them must be present in order for our
bodies to build, maintain, and repair themselves. Nine of the 20 amino acids are considered essential because they cannot be
manufactured by your body; they must come from food sources. Proteins that contain all 20 amino acids are called complete proteins,
and they are found in animal sources: meat (poultry, fish and other meats) and dairy (eggs and milk products). Proteins that come
from plant sources are considered incomplete because they do not contain all 20 amino acids, though you can combine different plant
sources to obtain all of them.

It is a common misconception that you must eat animal products in order to supply your body with adequate protein. In fact, if you
compare meat and dairy to dark green vegetables, soybeans, and other plant sources, you will find that the plant foods often contain
more protein -- based on an equal number of calories -- than their animal counterparts. And speaking of animal counterparts, gorillas
become huge and muscular without eating meat or dairy.

Hunger Drives Most People to Eat High Calorie Junk Food... Urghh it is something that has to stop. Why does it happen? Let me
explain...When hunger becomes unbearable, we typically will reach for all the wrong foods out of hunger.  I mean, who will usually eat
an orange to beat off serious hunger pangs? Usually only somebody who doesn't need or want to lose weight... Mostly people will
reach for cookies, cakes, popcorn or anything that gives us an "instant hit", that quick rush of sugar or the feeling of going hand to
mouth. Unfortunately those foods simply make the problem worse. Not only because of their high calorie-content and sugars, also
because they play havoc with  blood glucose levels which can lead to cravings, mood and appetite swings. (read more about "why am
I a bitch when dieting"
click here)

Psst little secret my friend... You Don't Need to Go Hungry to Lose Weight....For example, some high-calorie foods (like cookies, candy,
cakes, rich ice cream) are easily eaten even when we are relatively full * I know lol... Their high-fat and high-sugar content makes
them easily digestible. Result? It's easy to ingest 300 calories in a matter of minutes.
1 oz (25g) of butter (almost pure fat) contains more calories than 10 oz (275g) of potatoes (which are mostly digestible carbohydrates,
fiber and water). Now 10 oz (275g) of potatoes is really quite a large helping. But an ounce of butter can be eaten in an instant, melted
on half a potato, without even batting an eye.

A whole pound of apples contains the same number of calories as a couple of candies. The difference is, very few people can eat a
pound of apples: they are simply too filling.
So the message is simple, instead of going hungry, cut down on calorie-dense foods (usually fatty-sugary foods) and eat more lower-
calorie or lighter foods, especially those rich in dietary fiber. So if you are one of those people who lose control and are prone to these
Hunger attackes... think about small little meals broken down into 6 portions a day at 200 calories or less depending on your caloric
intake, obviously the example I just mentioned is for a 1200 calorie a day diet.  Eating this way will also raise your metabolic rate.
Why?...it is believed eating small little meals throughout the day helps to reassure the brain that food sources are plentiful, which in
turn encourages it to burn calories. By starving yourself or going hungry, the opposite occurs after long periods of starvation, the brain
thinks there is a food shortage and will (if hunger persists) slow things down and burn fewer calories. This is why starvation diets or
prolonged fasts rarely lead to long term weight loss. For optimum weight control, choose lower-fat, lower sugar foods that include
plenty of fiber for these calories that you will be taking in. These foods fill up your stomach without expanding your waistline. Most
important of all, by avoiding hunger it's much easier to stay happy and maintain your motivation to lose weight. * read more about
Hunger controlling tips,
click here.