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Dear Jodee, How do I stop binging and purging? Why am I letting it control my life? Sometimes, people with Bulimia Nervosa just cant
say why or when it took a hold of their lives. They might feel completely confused as to why they continue behaving in ways that they
want so desperately to stop, yet still feel compelled to do.
Knowing that many others feel the same and behave the same way as you do can bring some degree of comfort, as can knowing that
it IS possible to break free from the condition.
And having an understanding of the cycle of binging and purging that is so often central to Bulimia can help immensely in being able to
break free from that cycle.
I give here an example of how that cycle might work, but please remember it is just ONE example. Everyone will have their own unique
and individual story, but perhaps you will be able to identify with the basic theory suggested here.
You might be able to adapt it to more closely reflect your own story, and then be able to use it to see how, perhaps by making changes
in some of the stages of the cycle, you can break the chain of behaviour.
You can stop one thing necessarily leading onto another.
Yes it is easier to say than to do. But, by building up your understanding, and by taking that understanding forward with you, you can
make steady progress towards a life free from Bulimia Nervosa. There are so many different and very individual emotions all wrapped
up in Bulimia,it is difficult to generalise, but here are a few illustrations about emotional influences around the binging and purging
*1) Binging or 'comfort eating' can temporarily dull the pain of negative emotions. This is due to the effect on blood sugars, endorphins
and other brain chemicals (and you can learn more about this in this website). This helps to partly explain why we feel that food and
emotions are so closely linked (as well as the developmental and psychological reasons).
The areas of the brain that respond to blood sugars and endorphins are even in the SAME area of the brain that deals with the
emotions! So its no wonder we 'comfort eat' sometimes, because the connection and effect is very, very real!
When people talk about their binge eating, they often describe going into a trance like state, which is this dulling of the emotions to an
extreme level, called 'dissociation'.
*2) People often describe feeling 'cleansed' after purging. It can provide a powerful feeling of release from confusing, negative
emotions that are otherwise not expressed. This can lead to a psychological 'addiction' to purging, and as vomiting is much easier on
a very full stomach, a sufferer can end up binge eating IN ORDER to purge afterwards, as it is the feeling of emotional release and
relief that they are dependent upon.
Using any of the purging behaviours actually makes it HARDER to resist binge eating. This is because the thought is always present
(even if subconscious) that "if I do over-eat, then I can always make up for it afterwards by vomiting or taking laxatives" or whatever
is the method of purging someone chooses.
This is another factor that maintains the behaviour, even if the sufferer is trying to stop.
And sometimes in Bulimia Nervosa, the purging is a conscious choice, used for this same reason, as the sufferer believes they can
eat what they like and still control their weight without having to worry about eating healthily or increasing their exercise.
*3) Binging and purging can also be a persons form of self harm, where the behaviour might be felt as a punishment, closely tied to a
sufferers extremely low self esteem. If someone does not feel they are worth very much, and as society places such high value on
appearance and being slim (especially for women), so the sufferer goes back on the diet, and the cycle continues.
It can be seen how the binging and purging cycle so characteristic of Bulimia can be so self-perpetuating, and as a result, can
continue for many years if the right kind of help is not found.
Imagine a pile of fresh-cooked chips, crisp outside, meltingly smooth and starchy inside. A soft, squidgey doughnut, oozing jam. A
mound of ice-cream. A whole box of chocolates...just for you. A big bag of salty, crunchy crisps.
Hard for most of us to refuse -- and for people with food cravings, almost impossible. Cravings are strong desires for particular foods
or types of food, almost always high-fat and often high-sugar as well. These are danger foods, diet busters with a vengeance. Once
you start eating them, it's very difficult to stop, and the desire for them can seem irresistible and uncontrollable.
Cravings aren't fuelled by hunger. They are often set off by emotional needs, and can also be caused by food allergy. Since many diets
do leave you feeling hungry, how can you tell whether that sudden passion for chips is an emotionally-based craving or simple semi-
Craving* Is in the mouth and mind. You long for the taste, texture, mouth-filling qualities and feel of a certain food:

* Is sudden and urgent

* Is specific, for a particular food or type of food

* Is semi-automatic; you just can't stop shovelling it in

* You may go on eating past the point of physical discomfort

* Leaves you feeling ashamed

Real Hunger* Is in the stomach, with rumbling, emptiness, discomfort

* Grows gradually

* A wide range of food would do

* Is under conscious control

* You stop when you're full

* Leaves you feeling satisfied
Food cravings can make your life a continuing misery, trapped in a hideous vicious circle. You feel fat, unattractive and unlovable. So
you binge to distract yourself, to fill the emptiness inside, to cheer yourself up. It doesn't -- or not for long. What it does do is make you
feel out of control, disgustingly piggish and profoundly ashamed. Your self-esteem ends up even lower and your hips even larger.
Knowing the pointless harm you're doing yourself doesn't help you stop. Lecturing yourself, blaming yourself, hating yourself -- these
reactions not only don't stop the cravings, the stress makes them worse.
There are three games your cravings play to make you feel it's OK to give in to them -- just this once.
*persuading yourself that giving in will positively improve things in the present situation -- some chocolate will really energise you.
*telling yourself that bingeing will help relieve anxieties, depression or other discomforts ... cream cake is so soothing.
*believing that you deserve it ... you've stuck to a diet all week, you're entitled to some chips tonight.
All harmless enough -- unless you have food cravings and you know that once you start, you won't stop. Obviously it's a good idea to
find other things which relieve stress, make you feel good and act as rewards.
Five ways to beat bingeing
Half the battle in learning to cope with cravings is realising that you CAN resist them. These six key tips will point the way.
* Keep things in proportion. Thinking of your cravings as 'overpowering' urges it would be 'unbearable' to resist, that you just 'couldn't
live without' chips or whatever is just so frightening and stressful that you'll head straight for the fridge to calm down.
Such over-the-top descriptions are simply not true, so change your inner language. Is walking past the chip shop really unbearable --
compared with breaking a leg? Use words like 'uncomfortable' to yourself instead. Remember that millions of people have overcome
full-scale addictions -- for drink, tobacco and drugs. You can certainly cope with chocolate. You can bear the feeling, you won't go
It helps to remember past times when you've denied a strong urge. You survived then, you can survive now.
* Visualise the results of giving in. Counter the immediacy of the craving by making the long-term consequences very vivid. Urges are
very shortsighted; it's hard to see past that tub of ice cream. So ask yourself: How will I feel later if I give in?
Imagine someone whose opinion matters to you watching you stuff yourself, finding out you can't control yourself. Imagine how you'll
feel once you've, yet again, proved to yourself that you're a slob with no willpower? Now, feel the glow of achievement you'll have
when you walk away from the food. See yourself as a size 12, slipping easily into terrific clothes in a communal changing room.
Warnings on the fridge door can help. So can talking to yourself as if you were advising a friend. Use to yourself the arguments you
would use to her.
* The Inner Beast! Think of the craving as something quite separate from yourself. Give it points on a ten point scale. Even a name,
perhaps -- one woman called her food cravings 'the Beast'. Distancing it this way makes it easier to fight.
* Mental distraction. Create a vivid mental picture of a peaceful setting -- a warm beach, perhaps -- and use it to relax. This will help if
you mainly overeat as a response to stress. However, if being relaxed just makes cravings stronger for you, choose some
challenging mental activity ... planning the perfect holiday, designing your dream house, creating a business, working out what makes
your boss tick...
* Physical distraction. Leave the place where you feel the craving. Get out of the kitchen and take a walk or do some gardening.
Monitor yourself to find out when and where you feel most tempted, and change or avoid those particular situations.
* Food allergy. If you mainly crave one type of food .. ie wheat (bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, biscuits) ... suspect you may have a food
allergy/addiction. Try stopping ANY wheat (read every label) for a week, then try a little again. If you're allergic/addicted, you'll feel bad
as withdrawal kicks in, great after a week, craving again once you try the food again. If you stay off the wheat, you'll be free of
cravings. But having 'just one biscuit' is like an alcoholic having 'just one drink' ... Be warned! And consult a nutritional professional.
Why haven't I talked at all about understanding the emotional reasons behind food craving?
Because you can gain control of your eating without analysing the reasons. It's so tempting to use introspection as a substitute for
action and a way of finding excuses and justifications for going on giving in. 'I have to binge, I had such a miserable childhood.' If you
still can't control this behavior you should try the hoodia lollies they work,
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After the first bite, you can’t stop and end up consuming a bigger portion than you planned.  The guilt creeps in.  You start feeling like
crap.  You beat yourself up.  These questions start running through your head.

• “Oh no I screwed up AGAIN, What’s WRONG with me?”
• “Why don’t I have ANY self control?”
• “Will I ever really have normal eating habits?”
• “Am I just a FAILURE?”

The questions keep getting harsher.  You might even start to remember all the other times you ruined your diet attempts.  To deal with
the guilt, mental and emotional pain you do one of two things.

You might automatically try to avoid all those painful thoughts and emotions by binge eating, and stuffing yourself.  By doing this you
numb out your emotions.  You become emotionless for the next hour or two.  You figure you’ll just make up for it the next day.  

Or you decide to make up for it right away.  To make up for it, you might vomit, exercise compulsively, or starve yourself for the rest of
day, or the next couple of days.

This cycle will make you life unbearable.  And if you are overweight, it will keep you that way.

Emotional eating triggers include stress, anxiety, worry, fear, disappointment, sadness, anger, boredom, achievement, or even
Emotional eating helps you numb out negative emotions, so that you can avoid them, at least temporarily.  Consuming large amounts
of junk foods or comfort foods numbs you out.  

You are probably wondering about how boredom, achievement or comfort can trigger emotional eating?   
Boredom is an interesting emotion.  Often when you are bored it’s because you are avoiding something you know you should do or
need to take care of.  That thing might be uncomfortable, scary or a hassle.  

If you feel bored all the time then you should take a vacation.  But you probably won’t.  The though of having to take the time off work,
save up the money for it, or having to arrange it with your family is probably such a hassle.  So you’ll just decide to remain bored
instead.  This boredom builds up over the weeks, months, and years and become unbearable.  
Consuming comfort foods is easier than dealing with the boredom.
Achievement and comfort are very similar.  Because once we achieve a goal we often start getting comfortable and take the success
for granted.  That comfort leads to boredom, and you know what happens from there.

It’s easy to find your emotional eating triggers.  Just think about the last 2 or 3 times you engaged in overeating or binge eating.  Think
about the events, circumstances, or thoughts that lead up to the overeating.  What happened the few hours before you overate?  What
was going through your head?

Start writing down everything you can recall.  You’ll start noticing some of the things in your life that are stressing you out, the things
you’re trying to avoid dealing with.
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