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CONTINUED... Breatharian's tips,

The stomach is an abnormal inflation designed to store excess food untill your digestive tract can deal with
it. When you fast or stop eating it shrinks back to its original tubular state, allowing your solar plexus
(directly behind your stomach) to start beating again.

check out these youtube videos on how to breath..
click here for breatharian tips and tricks.

Go somewhere private where you will not be disturbed and take five deep continuous and fairly quick
breaths. Do not pause after each exhale and keep the breaths connected or continuous through conscious
When you're done stand still with your arms slightly outstretched and feel the euphoria and tingling
sensation all over. You will not even need to breathe for awhile as your body is fully oxygenated and does
not require pulmonic movement. Air contains fire or the life force and you have just burned away much of
the dross or waste in your body that came into contact with your breath. If you try to move now you will feel
lighter and stronger and your head clearer, and if you look in the mirror you will look more pale or thin.
When your normal breathing comes back you can try this again, except this time go for ten breaths,
followed by fifteen or twenty. Do not overdo this if you are a smoker or living where the air is very polluted.
Go to your garden or backyard, or even inside your house if it is well ventilated.
The best times are in the early morning or late evening when carbon monoxide levels are lower. Bad air can
kill you as swiftly as good air can heal you.
You can do this exercise daily as a form of cleansing or rejuvenating exercise. It also works much like a
zapper burning away many parasites. Deep and controlled breathing is especially effective during a fast
when the oxygen is able to penetrate deeper into all parts of the body and quicken healing.

The first humans neither ate nor drank nor slept nor died. Adam was physcally immortal and covered with
angelic light and could telepath and teleport and was the awe of everyone and everything around him -
untill he began eating. Then his light went out and he fell to the ground unconcious. When the fruit was
eliminated from his system he regained strength and conciousness. Unfortunately, once you start eating,
the taste sears your mind, and you develop a craving or addiction for more -and the rest is human history!
Humanity is an addicted race and has been so nearly from its beginnings. The reptillian or serpent race,
who are the biggest eaters of all, were instrumental to our acquiring this nasty habit. They want to bring us
down with them so they encourage eating in all its forms. Eating leads to sex and this another favourite
reptillian activity. Eating unbalances the sex hormones and is what changed bisexual humanity into male
and female. Breatharianism, or living on air and/or light is the ideal state for humans, sadly, the presently
polluted state of our planet makes this very difficult to achieve. One would have to live in a relatively pure
and peaceful environment in order to succeed. The same goes for fruitarianism(eating only fruit) unless
one lives in the semi-tropics and picks his or her own chemical-free fruits.

Eating or Not Eating??
The modern sedentary lifestyle, combined with much leisure time spent watching television, full of
advertisements for food, is a basic explanation for the fact that so many people in the modern world are so
overweight and mis-shapen. But even in TV commercials for food, the emphasis is not on nutritional value,
or on how you’ll feel afterwards, but simply how good it looks, and how good it tastes. Yummee, let’s get
some. I understand that the most popular food in America is pizza, which tastes and smells great.
But isn’t it interesting that a thing like food, which is so attractive, and so desirable, become an object that
is so gross and obnoxious when it comes out the other end? I mean, did you ever think about this? Isn’t it
kind of strange? That’s why it’s important - - if you must eat, whether for physical, spiritual or emotional
reasons - - to eat the lightest food, in the most efficient, lightest way. The least amount, the least often (the
most hours or days between meals), the fewer combinations, the simpler, the less frequent, the better.

Breatharians can eat!
I know this may com e as a shock to some, but yes, it's true - YOU can be a Breatharian and still EAT! How it's
possible? Here are some thoughts, tips & theories:

Breatharians eat for "mechanical reasons" - - because they’re hungry for example. However, there is a
deeply ingrained belief in nutrition, which is the belief that various substances, (proteins, vitamins,
minerals, etc) in different foods provide certain biological benefits).   Even I myself often use belief in
nutrition as a basis for eating (bee pollen, for example, which has a relatively bad flavor).   There are many
foods which taste horrible, but which are supposedly beneficial, such as garlic, royal jelly, etc.

For the breatharian, even for a breatharian who eats, eating becomes easier.  The appetite gets
stronger.       Digestion is stronger.  The satisfaction with eating is greater.  The requirement for food is
less, and the dependence on food, the mental belief in the need for eating all the time, becomes absent.  
Breatharians will still eat, but they will catch themselves.   They will not eat like a pig, or like one who
believes in the "chemical theory" of nutrition, who believes it is necessary to consume and stockpile the
"nutrients" that are in the food.
Breatharians like myself who nevertheless eat, must be careful to not take it too lightly.  Eating is somewhat
offensive to a breatharian.  But eating should be neither something to strive for, nor something to
necessarily avoid (like the anorexic who starves herself to death, but still doesn’t get any pleasure, except
from alleviating her concern with what other people think of her figure).  Breatharians can eat a little, and
be happy.  The purpose and goal of life is not in eating.

Breatharians don’t chase after food, or avoid it, but simply enjoy it when they are hungry. They eat a little,
and that’s enough to feel great. Other breatharians may eat even less, or nothing, and may even feel
better.  It is important to distinguish between a satisfied breatharian, and a starving anorexic.  By
understanding the theory, philosophy, science and practice of breatharianism, which recognizes the
deleterious nature of eating, it is easy to be a satisfied breatharian, instead of a starving anorexic.

People on yo-yo diets wouldn’t go on wild weight swings, if they understood breatharianism, and practiced
it.   It would be hard to understand breatharian philosphy, and not practice it. Wiley Brooks from http:
//breatharian.com  kept saying "it takes no discipline to be a breatharian; it takes understanding....  It takes
no discipline to avoid standing in the middle of the freeway when cars are going by," and it takes no
discipline to avoid eating, when you know and believe, and have had experiences proving, that food is not
all that "good" for you.  Even if some food were "good" for you, breaharianism may still be better!

Fasting is an ancient practice, also used by many animals in nature when they get sick. It has been well-
known throughout human history, and has been well-researched.   Fasting is a practice that it safe and
effective, and hundreds of books have been written on the subject and are available (see bibliography).   
By not eating, the body saves a lot of energy it would normally use on digestion.   Fasting allows a deep,
physiological rest of the digestive organs, and the energy saved goes into self-healing and self-repairing.

Another aspect of the Stop Eating diet is that it offers a possible cure to world hunger, as well as great
health to those who follow it.   "Stop Eating" is a catchy title, and it reinforces the main theme, but it doesn’t
mean to stop eating altogether, or forever.   It just means "watch it!"    And "watch out!" Because eating
food can be like playing with fire, and you don’t want it to backfire on you!

Sure, food is pleasant to look at, and to smell, and it can be very appetizing, but eating it without
moderation, or without strong can be very debilitating.    There have been times when I ate the wrong
foods, or too much food, or got gas so bad which caused me to be so bloated, that I couldn’t work, walk, or
even bend over.  I could only peacefully lay down, on my back or on my side.  This has probably happened
to many of us, on occasion.  Overeating and/or indigestion also distract from clear thinking.

Especially now, so many people in the modern world have sedentary occupations and sedentary lifestyles,
which also contribute to ill health, or dis-ease, which is the lack of ease.   Such sedentary lifestyle,
combined with the affluence of the west, and the smorgasbord of food choices available in the modern
supermarkets,  is a major contributing cause of obesity and other associated health problems.   American
breatharian and founder of the Breatharian Institute, Wiley Brooks, told the story of an obese man who
explained he had a "gland problem." "Sure, he has a gland problem," joked Wiley, "It’s called his mouth!"

The supermarkets are full of thousands of items, thousands of choices are available, thousands of
questionable concoctions and mixtures of different things, that all have to pass through our genetically-
evolved intestinal tract.   But man is not meant to be a garbage can.  Man is not even meant to be an
omnivore, although many people are, and have adapted, but at a cost.

Meanwhile, we are brainwashed and programmed through the encouragement of food advertisements,
which appear all around us, on billboards, in magazines, and on TV, and even in health books touting the
latest "secret" health-food. At the same time, food industry scientists are always coming up with a new pill
or potion that concentrates the magical qualities of different foods into a pill or potion.

The automobile is another convenience that contributes to the eating problem, because now we can go
shopping and carry tons of food in the back of our car.   And let’s not forget the convenience of
refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, and flush toilets.   If we didn’t have these things, or didn’t use
these things, we might be more conscious of our eating activity.

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