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Bruno: What is a definition of a Breatharian?

Wiley: A Breatharian is a person who is in alignment with the philosophy of Breatharianism, just as a
Catholic is a person who is in alignment with Catholicism and a Mormon is a person who is in alignment with
Mormonism. Whether a Breatharian eats solid food or not is a choice, not a demand. Vegetarianism is
relative to eating mainly vegetables for food. Fruitarianism is relative to eating mainly fruits for food.
Breatharianism is relative to the breathing of air for food. The average person breathes 110 lbs of air per
day. Air contains the basic building blocks for all physical matter, namely four gases, hydrogen, nitrogen,
carbon dioxide and oxygen. Unfortunately there are many additional poisonous substances in the air that
greatly diminish the proper assimilation of these gases, preventing their being used to sustain the human
body sufficiently. Common sense dictates that if you can't get enough nutrients or stimulation from the food
you taking, whether it is solid, liquid of air, you might have to use an alternative source. This would be solid
or liquid food for the Breatharian.

Bruno: In your web page you say that the pollution is the reason why we have to eat something. So it is
impossible to be a Breatharian in this world, is that correct?

Wiley: No, this is not correct. The truth is, we were all Breatharians long before we started eating solid and
liquid foods. Living on air was the natural way of nourishing our bodies. This is why people were able to live
for literally thousands of years in the same body. Eating solid or liquid foods is an acquire process or habit.
This process of trying to extract what the body needs to sustain itself from solid or liquid foods puts a
deadly drain on body's energy systems. When these facts are known it becomes apparent why we live for
decades instead of centuries. When we begin to look at air as a food, it becomes self evident that this food
is by far more essential for sustaining life than anything else we might take. Science has proven that the
average person can live 30 days or more on just air and water alone. But only a few minutes without air.

Bruno: How is Breatharianism linked with spirituality?

Wiley: Breatharianism is spirituality. They are one and the same. The very essence of remembering yourself
as a Breatharian goes hand and hand with the realization that we are Spiritual Beings sustain by the Breath
of life and that we are all one big family. Breatharianism is just one of the many processes or tools that can
be used to aid anyone traveling on the road to Self and God realization.

Bruno: Can Breatharianism be dangerous for the body?

Wiley: This depend on how you use it. If you believe that not eating is all that Breatharianism is about, it can
be very dangerous for your body. Like all knowledge and information, it needs to be applied with a certain
amount of wisdom.

Bruno: Are you religious?

Wiley: Yes. If by religious you mean, having certain beliefs and practices that I embrace religiously.

Bruno: Is Breatharianism a religion?

Wiley: It is for me. Since the world has historically always had some type of religion, I believe Breatharianism
could be very beneficial as a religion in helping to unify the peoples of the world. We are all one.

Bruno: What is Breatharianism technically speaking?

Breatharianism is physical perfection. Man came into physical existence a perfect Breatharian. The breath
of life supplied all the requirements of animation. God breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life, and man
became a living entity (Gen 2:7). Nothing was lacking, and nothing more was needed. The Breatharian
needs air and Sunlight only, and nothing more to sustain his body.

The world is flooded with books on food and eating. No one seems to realize that eating is not natural, but
an acquired habit, like smoking and drinking, and that FRESH CLEAN AIR is the Cosmic Reservoir of all
things, including the substance that builds and sustains the human body.

Science has shown that the body is built of cells, which are composed of molecules, which are composed of
atoms, which are composed of electrons, which are nothing more than whirling centers of force in the ether.

Electrons do not eat, atoms do not eat, molecules do not eat, cells do not eat, and the body is built of and
sustained by the cells, and not by what man eats.

More proof that eating is only a very bad habit, appears in the fact that a sick person often begins at once
to recover their health when given no food, and even shows signs of GROWING YOUNGER. This could not
be, and it would be dangerous for one to fast, if eating were natural and food were needed to sustain the

A Long time ago, pre-dating our currently known history there were very few different types of human
bodies residing on the planet at any given time. As the Earth became more populated by beings from many
different worlds, more body types and different density patterns became available, some by mutation and
others by choice. There were beings whose only need for sustenance was light and sound vibrations,
which their souls or higher selves provided. There were others whose only sustenance was breath.

There were also beings whose worlds of origin included the consumption of watery plant materials.
Because the Earth's kelp beds and seaweed grasses did not adequately meet the nutritional needs of these
beings; rather than leave the planet altogether, they were able to adapt over a period of time to what today
you would call a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Bruno: Why do we have a digestive system?

Wiley: I am sure you are already aware of the great amount of light the Sun produces everyday to light up
the day. Just as the light bulbs you use in your lamps at night require a certain amount of energy from some
outside source of power (electrical outlet) to make it light up, the Sun must also must have a source of
energy to produce its huge amount of light. The very Earth that we live on requires huge amounts of energy
everyday, 24/7, for its maintenance and sustenance just as we humans do. You may not have heard anyone
mention seeing gigantic mouths and digestion systems in the Sun or the Earth but I assure you that they are
there. The real function of the digestion system is the condensation of spiritual energy (energy we can’t
see) into physical energy/matter (energy we can see).

As to your question: ‘ why do we all have a digestive systems?’ The truth is that everything you see
as physical matter has a digestion system of some kind. When you turn on the light switches in your home at
night you do not actually see light until the spiritual/electrical energy from your power company or source is
literally absorbed/eaten and digested by the light bulb. In other words, some process of absorption/eating
and digestion of spiritual energy create all physical matter. The original intent of the digestion system was
to digest, process and convert spiritual energy into physical energy or matter. We are truly spiritual beings
sustained by the spiritual component of the breath of life (light). Our bodies are physical beings sustained
by the physical component of the breath of life (Air).

A long time ago the Earth was a place where love, peace, beauty and harmony between the many races of
people living at that time was the norm, not the exception. The air, the breath of life, was fresh and full of
pure spiritual energy. During that time there was an invisible energy grid that covered the entire surface of
the earth, which maintained a constant flow of the balanced spiritual energy needed to sustain all life on
earth. All life on the planet at that time had a symbiotic relationship with the earth and was fully supported
by this energy matrix or grid. There was more than enough of the right spiritual energy to support the
physical world. Considering the condition of the Earth and its environment at the time, it is easy to see why
human bodies were originally designed to be sustained by breath alone. Our bodies literally convert
spirituality into physicality.

The true digestion organ for a spiritual being is the heart. The primary distributor of physical energy for the
bodies is through the heart center. There really was a time when humans lived on love alone. Love is
simply a type of emotional energy of a specific frequency that causes us to feel good. When we have
enough of this energy we are complete. This energy is contained within all other types of energy.
This energy is experienced more in the heart than the mind.
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