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60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
My personal belief is that "foods" are, in reality, nothing
more than addictive drugs. Some foods appear to be less
harmful than others.

Why would anyone want to become a Breatharian?

For me, Breatharianism is about a spiritual quest -- a
questleading to the maximum expansion of personal consciousness/
awareness -- to come into a condition in which, ideally, all
doubt will be removed, a condition in which we will be able to
know how to correctly proceed in all circumstances -- to come
into a condition in which one's "contact" with god is maxed
out! -- to become at one with the very consciousness of God,
if such a thing is possible!

"Foods" and Consciousness

It is my belief that the brain is the organ through which
consciousness is manifested into the physical world. So, if
this is true, then it is reasonable to believe that the
structure and functioning of the brain will have an effect on
the nature of the consciousness that proceeds through and from
it into the outer world.

The brain is "fed" or conditioned by what resides in the
blood, and the blood contains the products, by-products, and
waste materials from what we have eaten. If we eat garbage,
will not the functioning of the brain suffer, and if brain
function is being limited by the food substances in the blood,
is it not possible that if we were able to cleanse the blood
of these limiting substances that our level of personal
consciousness might be expanded?

Where will the power come from?

well, i believe i have received what, for me, is a most
exciting and reassuring revelation concerning precisely by
what mechanism one will receive the actual power to finally
become a Breatharian, and so, with that, i will now share this
revelation with you...

i believe the power to actually become a Breatharian will come
to us from a Spirit. the power will come when a Helpful
Spirit literally comes to the one who is finally ready. the
Spirit will speak either words or thoughts into the head of
the person. (Sister Susan, being a visionary from childhood,
was actually able to both see and hear the "angels" who told
her what to do, regarding the cessation of diet. However, my
suspicion is that most of us will be wonderfully blessed to
just be receiving the words of the Spirit as thoughts that
come into our heads.)

i believe that our heads will be filled with various things in
regards to the process of becoming a Breatharian. and all of
these things will ENSURE the success of the undertaking! and,
that without the guidance from this Spirit, it will not

i believe that a plan will be given, specifically for the
individual. i believe that our minds will be sharply FOCUSED
by this Spirit on precisely and exactly what we must do. ibelieve
that a great MOTIVATION will also be given to us from
this Spirit, and great EXCITEMENT for the task, and this
motivation and excitement will be with us and will stay with
us, pushing us forward until the goal has becomes ours!

i believe we will be able to clearly see the course and KNOW
that we can and will finish it, and this vision and
knowingness will be given to us from this Spirit.

and the REASON for doing it will also be given. reason is
related to motivation. if we can see the Reason, we can call
upon this reason for motivation if temptation should try to
side-track us. but, when this Spirit is with us, there will
be no negative spirit who will have the power to take us away
from the FOCUS which is maintained within us by this Helpful

and, with the Reason, the Motivation, and the Focus - all
provided by this Spirit - success is absolutely guaranteed.
but, until this Spirit comes to the individual, i am doubtful
that it will be possible for the individual to actually become
a Real Breatharian, which is as it must be, imo.

so, if it is the Will of God that we should, in fact,
eventually become a Breatharian, then a Helpful Spirit will,
when the time is right, come to us, and the job WILL be done!

this is the revelation which i believe has been given to me.
and now, it is yours, too, if you want it.

so be it!

Breatharian Diet Review..

The Breatharian Diet is based on the inedia principle, which claims that food and water are not necessary to
sustain life and that the human body can very well subsist on air, sunlight and Prana (life force) alone. In the
US, the Breatharian Institute of America has been promoting the concept of the Breatharian Diet for the
past few years, focusing on the spiritual concept of inedia or fasting, although the practice has not been
without controversy. In the 90s, a few European followers died when trying to abide by the diet, mostly of
dehydration aggravated by the lack of food.

What to Eat
Most Breatharians claim that no food at all is needed to stay alive. Many believe than just water or herbal
teas, combined with sun exposure, are enough to keep them alive. However, many of the people who claim
to live a Breatharian life are either reluctant to be examined by doctors or refuse to submit to tests to
prove that they have, in fact, avoided solids altogether. Other Breatharians, such as the infamous Wiley
Brooks, founder of the Breatharian Institute of America, who claims he subsists on “air and sunlight” most
of the time, but that he breaks the fast once in a while by eating a McDonald's burger and a Diet Coke. He
explains the choice by saying that junk food provides a specific energetic balance needed to contrarest the
clean state he maintains the rest of the time.

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Inedia is the alleged ability to live without food, which has been dismissed by the scientific community.
Breatharianism is a related concept, in which believers claim food and possibly water are not necessary,
and that humans can be sustained solely by prana (the vital life force in Hinduism), or according to some, by
the energy in sunlight. The terms breatharianism or inedia may also refer to this philosophy practiced as a
lifestyle in place of the usual diet. While it is often seen as an esoteric practice performed by eastern
ascetics, recently some groups and individuals have promoted the practice as an option for anybody, once
the alleged proper techniques for accessing it are made known (sometimes only after paying enormous
fees, e.g. in the case of the "Breatharian Institute of America").[1]

The word "inedia" simply means "fasting" in Latin, and was first used to describe a fast-based lifestyle
within Catholic tradition, which holds that certain saints were able to survive for extended periods of time
without food or drink other than the Eucharist.

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