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Pro-Ana Acronyms, ect.
Ana:   Anorexia Nervosa

Mia:   Bulimia Nervosa

Coe:   Compulsive Over-eating disorder

Ednos:   Eating disorder not otherwise specified

BED:   Binge eating disorder.

ED:   Eating disorder

SI:   Self injury

MiAna:   Having both anorexia and bulimia (this term is what I came up with for my first website, and since
has been used on the net a lot ... I have never seen the term used before until my first site went on the net.)

Pro-ana:   This term infers being pro-active in the ED community, usually online. It does not mean promote
ED's in any way, shape or form.

Thinspiration:   Collection of thin looking peoples pictures, used to inspire those with ana/mia.

Anorectic:   One who has anorexia.

CW:   Current weight.

HW:   Highest weight.

LW:   Lowest weight.

GW:   Goal Weight.

STGW:   Short term goal weight.

LTGW:   Long term goal weight.

FGW:   Final goal weight.

IP:   In patient.

BMI:   Body Mass Index.
Compulsive Over Exercising

What is compulsive exercising?
Compulsive exercising, also called over-exercising or obligatory exercising, is when an individual engages
in strenuous physical activity with to the point that is unsafe and unhealthy.

How much exercise is considered too much?
To maintain cardiovascular health, 2,000-3,500 calories should be burned each week through aerobic
exercises, such as running, dancing, cycling and the like. Thirty to forty-five minutes a day, five or six days a
week is sufficient to acquire these health benefits. Exercise beyond 3,500 calories per week, however,
leads to decreased physical benefits and increased risk of injury. This can also lead to something called
muscle dysmorphia, a condition in which a sufferer engages in compulsive weight-bearing exercises.

What motivates sufferers to exercise too much?
Those who compulsively exercise often work out to attain a temporary sense of power and self-control.
Some over-exercisers are also anorexic or bulimic, and cope with their emotions and anxiety through
excessive exercise in addition to their eating disorder. Participation in athletics or dance can also play a
role, as coaches, parents, and other participants stress that being thin is necessary to succeed with the
activity. Those involved in sports or dance may also receive a great deal of praise for being so “fit and trim”
which can fuel the destructive behavior.

What are the signs and symptoms of compulsive exercising?
Over-exercisers typically work out beyond the limits of safe. They will find ways to work out even if it means
cutting school, taking time off from work, getting too little sleep, or missing social events. Sufferers
typically feel severe guilt when they cannot exercise, and rarely consider their workouts fun or enjoyable.

What are some consequences of compulsive exercise?
The risks with this disorder are both physical and emotional. All too often, a sufferer may see deterioration
of their personal relationships or failure at work or school. Many who exercise compulsively become
socially withdrawn.

The physical risks are numerous. A very real risk with this disorder is dehydration if the sufferer is not
drinking enough fluids. Over-exercise can also lead to insomnia, depression, and fatigue. Additional
physical side effects include muscular and skeletal injuries, like shin splits, bone fractures, arthritis, or
damage to cartilage and ligaments. Too much exercise can lead to the release of excessive free radicals,
which have been linked to cellular mutations and cancer. Females may no longer menstruate, a condition
called amenorrhea.

Can a person who compulsively over-exercises become cured?
About 80% of persons with body image disorders who seek professional help recover completely or make
significant progress. All in all, these disorders are behavior patterns that display very complex emotional
conflicts, which need to be resolved for the person to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.