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Daniela Hantuchova
Height: 5' 11" (1.81 m)
Weight 145lbs est.
Daniela Hantuchová (Slovak pronunciation: [danɪjɛla ˈɦantuxɔva]; born 23 April
1983) is a Slovak tennis player. She turned professional in 1999 and had her
breakthrough year in 2002, when she won her first WTA tournament, the Indian
Wells Masters, defeating Martina Hingis in the final and becoming the lowest-
ranked player to ever win the tournament. She also reached the quarterfinals of
that year's Wimbledon Championship and US Open, ending the year in the top 10.
She was also part of the Slovak team that won the 2002 Fed Cup and the 2005
Hopman Cup.

Hantuchová reached her highest ranking, fifth, in January 2003, after reaching the
quarterfinals of the Australian Open. She has gone on to win a further six WTA
tournaments, including the Indian Wells Masters for a second time in 2007 and
most recently the 2015 Thailand Open. She also reached the semifinals of the
Australian Open in 2008, the furthest she has progressed in a Grand Slam. She is
the most successful Slovak tennis player of all time and became only the 37th
woman in the Open Era to reach 500 career wins when she beat Laura Robson in
the second round of the Aegon Classic in June 2013.[2][3]

Hantuchová is also an accomplished doubles player. In 2005, she completed the
career Grand Slam in mixed doubles, becoming only the fifth female tennis player
to do so. She won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon in 2001 with Leoš Friedl, at the
Australian Open in 2002 with Kevin Ullyett, at the French Open in 2005 with
Fabrice Santoro and at the US Open in 2005 with Mahesh Bhupathi. She has also
reached the finals of the mixed doubles at Wimbledon in 2002 with Ullyett and the
finals of the women's doubles at the Australian Open in 2002 with Arantxa Sánchez
Vicario, at the French Open in 2006 with Ai Sugiyama and at the Australian Open in
2009 with Sugiyama.

Since December 2014 Hantuchová has been coached by Carlos Rodríguez[4] and
as of April 2015, she is currently ranked world number 46 in singles. She was
ranked 17 in 2012 but experienced a drop in her ranking due to injuries. Her WTA
Tour mentor in the "Partners for Success" program was Martina Navrátilová, who
was her doubles partner for a brief period in early 2005.
One of my favorite “first time” CrossFit workouts is a benchmark workout named Cindy.  It’s a simple
bodyweight circuit and can be done practically anywhere – the only equipment you need is a pullup bar.  It’
s a favorite for travelling, and shorter versions of it (3 rounds) is often used as a warmup.

Cindy is:
20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

What this means is that you put 20 minutes on the clock and then, you do as many rounds as possible
(AMRAP) of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats before the time runs out. There is no rest in between
rounds – so as soon as you finish your 15 squats you start on the pullups again.

Now, lets look at each movement and how to scale it down if necessary.

5 Pullups – You’re allowed to kip these (which is a useful skill any time that your goal is not pure
strength). If you can’t do regular pullups, you can do banded pullups, chair assisted pullups, or jumping
pullups instead.  Don’t have a pullup bar?  Do bodyweight rows.

10 pushups – The standard CrossFit pushup is chest to the deck, but if you can’t do that, you can
substitute knee pushups or wall pushups.

15 squats – this is a basic air squat, with no weight.

There are also other variations of this workout for beginner athletes.  Some examples are:

AMRAP 20min:
3 Pull-ups
6 Push-ups
9 Squats AMRAP 12min
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats AMRAP 12 min
1 Pull-ups
4 Push-ups
7 Squats AMRAP 10 min
1 Pullup
4 Push-ups
7 Squats

Sound too easy? Go faster. While you are getting strength benefits from this workout, the goal of this
workout is more metabolic conditioning, so making the movements harder (like switching to divebomber
pushups) isn’t something you would want to do here.  You can find some of the other benchmark
workouts here.