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Partial Fasting
Cleansing and Detox
While milder than other types of fasting, partial fasting does offer the same benefits of healing and cleansing of the body.
The speed at which detox occurs can be slower, but that also means it will be more comfortable.

There are lots of terms used in relation to partial fasting: selective fasting, modified fasting, fasting diet, cleansing diet,
single food fast, one-food diet, and mono-diet are some you'll run into.

Since some of the more intense fasting methods, like water, aren't appropriate for all people, at all times, partial fasting
may sometimes be the better choice. The intensity of a partial fast will vary according to which type you use. They can be
just as intense as liquid fasting or as mild as eating a regular diet.

As opposed to dry fasting and liquid fasting, partial fasting includes some solid food--from a very little to quite a lot, as it's
not the amount of food but the exclusion or limitation of certain foods that makes it a partial fast. For instance, the Daniel
Fast (see below) is actually a well-rounded diet encompassing complete and normal nutritional levels. On the other hand,
a mono-diet apple fast consists of just a few apples per day.

Calling the eating of normal quantities of solid foodstuffs a "fast" is a bit of a mis-use of the original term; regimens like
the Daniel Fast would more accurately be called "diets". But modern language has developed the term "partial fasting" or
"selective fasting" to refer to these regimens.

Even a partial fast with normal nutritional levels, such as the Daniel Fast or a cleansing diet, can be very cleansing and
detoxing when it eliminates chemicals, processed foods, and "dead" foods, and replaces them with nature's living foods.

Mono-diets provide for rest and healing
A mono-diet, eating just one food for a length of time, has the additional benefit of providing rest to the digestive organs,
same as a more traditional liquid/water fast does, only to a slightly lesser extent. On a mono-diet, the intestinal system
only needs to provide a limited number of enzymes to break down the food, therefore the most easily digested foods make
the best candidates.
That's why fruit and rice have been used for this purpose for centuries. As long as "feasting" doesn't occur and quantities
are kept to a minimum, for example, 3-4 apples per day or 3 cups of cooked rice per day, the digestive system is afforded
a rest and healing and rejuvenation can occur.

Some of the most common partial fasts:
One-fruit fast — examples are apple fast, grapefruit fast, grape fast or "grape cure", and melon fast
Any-fruit fast -- any fruit may be consumed, but the diet is limited to fresh fruit
Fruit and vegetable fast -- if you limit your intake, this is more of a fast, but if you eat the fruits and vegetables to satiation,
it becomes similar to what is called a "raw food diet", which is still highly cleansing and healthful.
Brown rice fast -- practiced for centuries, a rice fast can be very calming, grounding and warming; other grains can be
used. The yogic kitchari cleanse is a form of rice fasting.
Cleansing diet, detox diet -- these eliminate the worst of our food choices, like processed foods, microwaved foods,
possible allergens and irritants, and instead stick to the most natural and wholesome ones. The quantities allowed can be
minimal or more generous, depending on your situation. Highly comfortable to perform and a great way to create new,
better eating habits, promoting long term lifestyle changes.
Daniel Fasting--refers to the stories of Daniel in the Bible. There are three different fasts he underwent, but the one referred
to as "Daniel Fasting" is actually similar to what we now call a Mediterranean diet--excluding rich foods such as meat,
wine, and other delicacies in favor of more wholesome foods, like grains, vegetables, and fruit--very much what holistic
practitioners have been recommending for a long while now.

Intermittent Fasting
Great for both losing weight and getting healthier.
There's a reason for the momentum behind the popularity of intermittent fasting: research is showing a variety of positive
health benefits attained through intermittent fasting. Improved heart health, increased brain function, prevention of chronic
diseases, increased life span, and loss of weight are some of the effects noted.
Proponents of fasting and nutritional healing have known about these benefits of fasting for a long time. But with this line
of research perhaps we're a step closer to our medical community embracing fasting as the therapeutic practice it is.
Currently, the surge in popularity is due to the increased interest in losing weight.

As the name implies, intermittent fasting is alternating between periods of eating normally and periods of fasting. These
"periods" are open to user definition.

The varying schedules of intermittent fasting are usually based on one or more of the following intentions:

losing weight
extending lifespan
enjoying the benefits of fasting
adherence to religious traditions
Intermittent fasting, or IF as it is now popularly abbreviated, is thought to be as old as man. Whether gatherer or hunter,
man is thought to have experienced both feasts and scarcities. And Orthodox Christians follow a long-held tradition of
withholding foods at appointed times.

Alternate day fasting, also called "every other day fasting", is based on a 48 hour rhythm, fasting every other day and
eating to satisfaction on the other days.
This is mostly practiced by those wishing to lose weight as their primary objective. It is valued as an alternative to
calorie restriction, because studies on rats and monkeys are showing it to have the same valuable effects as caloric
restriction without the negative emotional and physical effects.

Caloric restriction is known to produce a long list of health benefits, like lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fewer
degenerative diseases, and of course, weight loss.

So you might think these lab rats experienced the beneficial effects to their health because eating every other day, they
must have been ingesting half the calories as usual, and thus enduring calorie restriction. But that isn't so. They actually
ate twice the calories on the days they were allowed food, making their total caloric intake the same as the control rats
who were eating "free choice" every day.

You can see why this is such a wonderful revelation to the diet world. Rather than watching what you eat every day, you
simply stop eating every other day. On the days you do eat, there is no need to count calories or fret over each meal. You
just eat to satisfaction.

Concern over this as a diet plan arise when healthy foods aren't stressed and poor eating habits can go unchecked on
"eating days". Yo-yoing between no food and junk food isn't going to put you in the best of health, it's apt to create a
heavier burden on the body.

From a pure fasting standpoint, fasting every other day is considered too often. One day per week is considered
appropriate for maintaining health.
One day per week fasting has been advocated for many years now as a healthful fasting practice. By current terminology,
it is now considered a form of "intermittent fasting".

The one day per week allows for rest and cleansing of our bodies, an antidote for our rich diets and toxic-laden world. It is
often prescribed as a continuing maintenance schedule after cleansing and therapeutic fasts of greater duration have
been performed. Generally, one day per week and/or three days per month and/or 1-2 weeks per year
are used for this purpose.
24-hour plans of intermittent fasting break the day into defined fasting periods and eating periods, also called "eating
windows". These periods vary from plan to plan, but most define "eating windows" as periods ranging from four to eight
hours, and abstention the other 16-20 hours. Rather than total abstention from food, with only water allowed, some plans
suggest juices and/or fruit be allowed during the 16-20 hour fasting period. READ MORE BELOW...
Examples of plans based on the 24-hour rhythm:

"Unto the 9th hour" fasting is an old form of intermittent fasting, where one abstains from food til 3 p.m. If your day were to
start at 6 a.m., 3 p.m. would be the ninth hour.
One plan, from Annemarie Colbin (author of Food and Healing), is to have a light snack of fruit or raw vegetables at 3 p.m.,
then a regular nutritious and wholesome dinner at 6:00 p.m. Between 6 p.m. and 3 p.m. the next day, you only ingest water,
tea, or juice. This form of intermittent fast would be said to have an "eating window" of three hours, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

One meal per day is another type of intermittent fasting. One can choose the timing of the one meal according to their own
schedule and lifestyle.
If you do well with a large breakfast, make that your one meal. But most do better with an evening meal, reserving the
higher energy experienced during abstention for daytime activities. Digestion requires energy and is best suited to the
evenings when most of us are winding down our outer activities anyway.

In The New Detox Diet, Elson Haas, M.D., offers what he calls the "one-meal-a-day plan", used as a transition that
progresses toward a one-day fast, then to longer fasting. He suggests the one meal be around 3 p.m. and consist of a
protein and a vegetable, such as fish and a salad, or of a starch and a vegetable, such as rice and steamed vegetables.
During the hours of abstention, he suggests fresh fruit and vegetable snacks be allowed in addition to liquids.

Natural nightly fasting of 8-12 hours occurs during our sleep. The sooner we stop eating in the evening, the longer this fast
becomes, and the more the body can benefit from it. Like any fasting method, internal energy is freed up that can then be
used toward the cleansing and healing of bodily tissues.
Intermittent fasting helps bring balance
All of these intermittent fasting methods allow for a period of time to be given for the rest and recuperation of the body.
Some voice concerns that these patterns of eating can wreak havoc with their metabolism. It may, but it may not. Many do
quite well, enjoying high levels of energy. You have to experiment some to find out your unique reactions.
During your eating periods, upgrade your food choices as much as possible. Be sure to soak your grains before cooking
and avoid microwaved foods.

If you live in (or travel to) a cold climate, you might need to make alterations to your schedule accordingly. For some,
keeping warm in cold weather requires eating more frequently. I can eat one meal a day in the summer and do fine, but in
the winter I begin to get chilled easily and have to eat more often.

We're always happiest when we find balance. Intermittent fasting, used correctly, is simply balancing eating with not
eating. American culture embraces eating as a 24/7 activity, and perhaps intermittent fasting, even as small as a skipped
meal occasionally, can help bring us back toward balance.

For all fasts:
Preparation - Prepare for a fast by eating fewer and lighter meals for a couple days prior. The length of preparation is based
on the intensity and length of your planned fast. The longer and/or more intense the fast, the more days of preparation you
should make. For a one day fast, you can just eat a light dinner the night before.
Caffeine - If you're a coffee drinker, wean yourself off and you'll avoid the withdrawal headache. This goes for other
caffeinated beverages, as well.
Exercise and activity - Plan for a light workload during a fast. Don't overdo. Moderate exercise is ok, even helpful, but
save the more strenuous workouts for another time. Walking and yoga are particularly well-suited to fasting.
Detox - Take time to do breathing exercises for increased health and detox. Engage in dry skin brushing to enhance the
body's ability to detox through both the skin and the lymphatic system.
Rest - Get plenty of rest--allow yourself naps during the day whenever you feel the need.
Tips - Read the Water Fasting Tips page as most of the information there can be helpful during
any type of fast or cleansing diet.
Colon health - Many recommend enemas during any kind of fast, but it isn't necessary. If the bowels don't move for the
duration of your fast, that's ok. The bowels will move when you resume intake of regular foods.

You can add the psyllium cleanse to your routine by adding 1-2 tablespoons of psyllium husks (available in most
pharmacies, in the laxative section) to a glass of water. Do this one or two times per day for 2-3 days both before and after
your fast, but not during. Or follow the instructions on the Colon Cleanse Recipe page. Psyllium is a natural fiber laxative
that is excellent for cleansing the intestines. Organically-grown psyllium from your health food store, is the best to use.

There are other options for fasting colon cleansing, as well.

Breaking the fast - Coming off a fast requires special attention as well. Do so slowly, easing back into regular foods (but
making better choices about which foods!). See the Guidelines for Breaking a Fast page for information on the order of
re-introduction of foods, quantities, and frequency.
After the fast - Pay attention to the subtle signals from your body as they can guide you to the foods most appropriate for
your needs. Check out the Recipe Section of this site for ideas.

Fasting will:
rest the digestive system
allow for cleansing and detoxification of the body
create a break in eating patterns, while shining a spotlight on them
promote greater mental clarity
cleanse and heal "stuck" emotional patterns
lead to a feeling of physical lightness, increasing energy level
promote an inner stillness, enhancing spiritual connection

Fasting frees up energy so healing can begin
Fasting is a wonderful antidote for our usual over-indulgences. There's nothing wrong with enjoying our food, but excess
food on a continuous basis does create a burden for the body. When it must handle more than is comfortable and
appropriate for it, it will suffer.

Imagine at work how you feel when you're handed a huge work load--more than you can handle in your 8-10 hour day, more
than is comfortable and appropriate for your job title (or salary level). You're under duress. But you WILL cope. You MUST
cope. You must make decisions. You attend to the most important and urgent of matters and
set aside those that can wait for another day.

This is what our bodies do when they're overworked; they tuck things away for another day. Whatever tasks can be
postponed will be. And more work is dumped on them at every meal- or snack-time, whether they're ready or not. This is
why fasting is a beautiful gift you give to yourself. A vacation for your weary, overworked, under-appreciated body.

During fasting, we rest our system from the constant onslaught of food stuffs. We usually think of food as giving us energy,
so it can be a new way of thinking to understand how the food we eat actually requires energy. Digesting, assimilating and
metabolizing--these activities require a great deal of energy. It is estimated that 65% of the body's energy must be directed
to the digestive organs after a heavy meal.
Free up this energy and it can be diverted to healing and recuperation. It can detox and repair cells, tissues and organs,
eliminating foreign toxins as well as the natural metabolic wastes (which are also toxins)
produced even by our healthy cells.
And this is what the body will do during a fast. It will take advantage of that time and energy to do some housecleaning. The
overloaded, overworked system, unable to properly handle all the toxins, has been storing any excesses in the tissues
where they can be dealt with later. This is one of the great health benefits of fasting in that it offers
this opportunity to play "catch up".

Fasting itself isn't necessarily a "cure" for anything. What it does is "set the stage" or create the environment in which
healing can occur. Our bodies know how to heal themselves. We just have to "get out of the way", and this means on all
levels of our being. Fasting has a way of rebalancing us on all those levels.

Physically, fasting is of high benefit to the chronic degenerative diseases that are plaguing our population
and that modern medicine is at loss to cure.

Losing weight
Losing weight is, for many of us, one of the greatest benefits of fasting. Due to differences in metabolism and/or body
chemistry (or mental patterns), exact results will vary from person to person.

Using fasting to lose weight can create many opportunities to gain insights into your patterns with food and for making
changes to your habits and lifestyle much easier to accomplish.

Professionally supervised fasts may be the best for serious obesity. They offer both medical and psychological support
during the process and guidance toward healthier eating habits after the fast.

Those who have the best luck "going it alone" are usually fasting to "get healthy" rather than to "lose weight". The change
in mentality can be the trick.

Sometimes a short 3-day fast is used to "jump start" a new healthy diet plan, because fasting will change your tastes
toward more natural and wholesome foods. It will also give you a new perspective on your relationship to food; why and
when you eat what you do, what your mental and emotional attachments are, and offer an opportunity
for you to heal these issues.

Fasting can give you more energy
When you've progressed past the stage of dealing with detox symptoms, a fast will have you feeling lighter, more
energetic, more enthusiastic, and requiring less sleep.

Mental and emotional benefits of fasting
Because fasting improves mental clarity and focus, it can become a tool in your life to give you greater freedom, flexibility,
and energy to get done the things and projects that are important to you.
Many experienced fasters find it helpful to fast whenever they need an additional boost for a major project or deadline, e.g.
writing a paper, preparing for a big presentation, getting ready for a long trip. Artists and writers often talk of foregoing food
during great creative inspiration; that it helps to keep the momentum going. (Although, beginners must be warned that this
won't be the case at first. Don't fast for a big event until you are more knowledgeable about your fasting reactions, and
you're sure you won't get a "detox headache" or such.)

Emotionally, you will feel calmer, clearer and happier. Fasters often report that depression lifts, goals begin to feel more
obtainable as obstacles are put into proper focus. Doctors have reported patients experiencing improved concentration,
less anxiety, sleeping better and waking more refreshed.
Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between our emotional and mental aspects, where one begins and the other ends .
Am I sad because I had this thought? Or did I have the thought because I've been feeling sad? Fasting has a way of
clarifying those issues. Your awareness can focus in more accurately and determine the source of some unpleasantness,
that then snowballed into a mess. Once the source is identified, it's easy to see how overblown everything else
was that came after....

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