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Dear Jodee,
Thank you so much for your site.
I have lost 20lbs and am using the Chad and love it my cellulite has really started to diminish what a great
side effect of those pills.

I am writing because I am super interested in C & S  for times when I just have to taste, and would like to
know some of your thoughts on the subject and some tips and tricks I could use for Chewing and Spitting in
public and what if it is something that sticks to the roof of your mouth?  
Thank you for your help.
Sally Texas

Dear Sally,
I put together this quick post for you, hope it answers all your questions,
Thank you again for your support... Jodee

Chew & Spit.  
The media likes to say its the latest ‘new’ eating disorders, but in fact to anyone who has had and eating
disorder knows this form of disordered eating is nothing new... As a child my mom struggled with her
weight. She would chew and spit out many of her meals... She would chew her food and discretely feed it to
the dogs under the table. Her weight watcher group at the time actually supported the idea of chewing and
spitting so you didn't feel deprived and still got to taste the goodies but not swallow them. Today it is going
under eating disorders... But there are many cases where people who chew and spit don't have an eating
disorder at all... So it is really an individual thing.  So what is it? Simple you chew up your food and don't
swallow it.. That is Chewing and Spitting... here are some tips and answers to questions about chewing and

Is chewing and spitting a sign of an eating disorder? In some cases it is when the person uses C & S as way
not to eat a healthy amount of calories a day.

Can you chew and spit safely? Yes you can.

When is it safe to chew and spit? After you've gone over your healthy calories for the day or when you're
eating junk food and want to taste but not swallow. Just think of junk food like bubble gum for it's meant to
be chewed not swallowed.

How to Chew and spit? And what if it is something that sticks to the roof of your mouth? You can chew and
spit almost anything but food that can stick to the roof of your mouth like peanut butter and white bread.
Get two cups, fill one with water, chew a small amount of food, take a sip of water and spit food mixed with
water in empty cup.

Is spitting and swallowing worth doing? If you chew and spit you will absorb some calories but it won't be
any where near the amount of calories you would have absorbed if you would have swallowed so in the end
C & S is worth it.

Should I chew and spit in public? C & S if you're able to do so when no one is looking, like if you're eating
out by yourself. If you're around other people like friends and family don't gross them out and make them
think you have a problem by chewing and spitting in front of them.

It can become an eating disorder that is hard to quit so be careful.. Chew and Spit isn’t uncommon, and
there are many people who are struggling with it right now.

It is a now a well established fact that eating a balanced diet, reducing calorie intake and engaging in
regular exercise helps lose weight and keeps one healthy. Let me tell you about another effective weight
loss technique (that you are already know or have heard about but usually forget), that is, to chew food
slowly and thoroughly.
The chewing process, also known as mastication, serves as the first step in the digestive process. When
you eat quickly, you tend to overeat and the food is not digested properly. This inadequately digested food
in turn, promotes intestinal bacteria causing flatulence, bloating, constipation, stomach ache, cramps,
diarrhea and surely, Weight gain.
For effective weight loss, even while you eat, it is good to chew your food approximately 32 times after you
have taken a bite of it. Efficient chewing allows thorough breakdown of food by the enzymes present in the
saliva, easy lubrication and digestion in the stomach and the intestines.
Slowing down when you eat is a weight loss strategy based upon the fact that the brain registers fullness
about 20 minutes after the stomach. This lag time causes overeating and ultimately, weight gain! By making
a few easy changes to eating habits, you can slow down swallowing and allow your brain to catch up with
your belly. This would result in consuming fewer calories without feeling any less satisfied.

Taking a small sip of water in between bites would be perfectly fine. While water doesn’t reduce appetite, it
does slow down your eating process and is certainly healthy for you.

When you try chewing food for this long the first time it will seem very odd and unnecessary. As time goes
on, however, you will notice the difference that this weigh loss eating tip makes in terms of taste and
satisfaction. This technique would not only help lose weight, but would let you enjoy your favorite foods at a
less risk of overindulging.


The Chew Chew diet was invented in Edwardian times by an American named Horace Fletcher. Horrace, who
was somewhat overweight at 15 and a half stone, believed that all bodily weakness resulted from the
improper treatment of food while in the mouth. This diet is extreme and most people would find it pretty
hard to stick to. On the other hand, if you like the idea of having no restrictions on what you eat, you might
be tempted.
How Does it Work?

The idea Fletcher came up with was that every mouthful of food should be thoroughly chewed until it is
liquefied. He believed food should be chewed this way to enable the body to easily digest and absorb it into
the body. As a general guide, all food must be chewed exactly 32 times. Anything which isn’t reduced to
liquid pulp after this amount of chewing, has to be spat out. This meant that diners had to have a separate
bowl at the table specifically for this purpose.

What Can You Eat?

You can eat virtually anything you like on this diet. However, as dieters will soon find out, food such as
meat and fibrous vegetables take inordinate amounts of chewing effort and usually result in remains which
must be spat out. As such, portion sizes are likely to become smaller as it takes so long to get through a
meal. Fletcher particularly liked sweet foods and cereals with full cream milk and sugar. However, he did
warn against the danger of consuming too much protein from animals. Also, he didn’t recommend eating
breakfast and suggested toast or fruit or just going without. Wine was allowed but must be swilled around
the mouth

Is It Healthy?

This diet could be healthy if you eat lots of fruit and vegetables. If you’re cutting down on meat because of
the difficulty in chewing, you’d need to make sure you replaced the lack of nutrients such as protein with
alternative sources. Food such as wholegrain bread, pasta and rice are easier to chew.

Does it Work?

The diet worked extremely well for Fletcher who shed more than 40lbs after four months. It also caught on
across the Atlantic in England where diners held ‘munching parties’. However, most people these days
would have a hard time sticking to the diet under their own willpower since it would be too easy to cheat by
swallowing food too soon.

As featured on Channel 4 as one of the
‘Diets That Time Forgot’, the participants following this diet found it
revolting and often had to abandon their meal halfway through because of the monotony of the chewing,
not to mention an aching jaw and meals gone cold.

Dear users
In this bubble I am going to tell you about the great idea behind eating. How to eat knows everyone but in
what way it should be, sadly some of knows that.
So when was the last time you all remember that taste of your food? No , I got it. Cause you have not
chewed the food in the way it should be. Why I am telling you all this because there is a scientific idea
behind it. If you chew the food 32 times, the following things comes in light:
1. your digestion system works well
2. You will get more nutrition from the food
3. You will see a significant reduction in your cholesterol level.
4. You will eat in healthy manner and body will be fit.
Now the question is how to let it come in our daily routine because it is a very awkward process to do that.
But yes you can do that. You have do one thing before you get into it is, keep practicing it.......

What have I taken from Fletcherism?

1.Hunger is good, but too hungry is bad.
2.Small portions are the key to weight loss without counting units.  Chewing each mouthful 32  times works
and stopping as soon as the feeling of hunger fades stops you over eating but don’t put too much on your
plate or cook too much in the first place.  You can always have a small snack later if you find you’re hungry
3.Enjoy life and don’t obsess.
Have I given up on the Chew-Chew Diet?

Simple Answer – No.  But I have to modify it to suit me and my lifestyle.

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