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Animals lost 5 to 10% of their body weight. Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to
target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which abdominal fat is burned.
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blah blah, but  In a double-blind fashion,
60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
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What is Hunger?

What is hunger? To me it’s the desire to numb out all feeling. If all you feel is that aching twist,
than you’re really okay after all.
It’s proving to yourself, that you can do the un doable.
Most people can’t make it more than a few hours
without food, and yet you’re determined to go days, push weeks. You must prove this in order to prove
your worth. Your happiness depends on how little you eat, when in fact you feel awful and your mind is
constantly revolving around sight, smell, and imagining “what does that taste like?”
But each day without food adds up, and your weight begins to decrease steadily….And now, it all seems
worth it. Each morning you wake up and pop out of bed, tear your cloths off in haste and get on the
scale. Is it a good day, or a bad day? Either way, you’d rather be hungry. Hunger implies purity. It implies
that your free of your sins. The world is now in order, and you can handle anything, as long as you’re hungry.

What is Control?

Control. Holding on to control is a precious balance. Its listening to the right voices in your head, and
ignoring what everyone around you tell you is best for you. It’s about pushing your limits. It’s about not
giving in no matter how weak you feel, how ever strong the temptation may be.

It’s about redefining your character. You’re only as strong as your state of mind. Control lies in needing
very little, and being able to sustain yourself through sheer willpower. It’s taken to a place where it almost
becomes a superhuman power. “I need nothing, and I will prove it.” And so you do, day after day. Your
body grows weaker, but your mind becomes sharper to make up for what you physically lack.
Control takes on an almost holey significance to you, whether or not you can hold up to it.
You’redetermined as hell to try.

Go for a walk
Hit the gym
Practice yoga
make a list of all the reasons you want
to be thin
burn some Cd's
download all your favorite oldies song's
do an Internet search
write letter's to all your relatives
write a letter to your favorite celebrity
read trigger books
read a book
write your own trigger book
Practice Pilate's
Search health/nutrition info on the WWW
Clean the house
Make a new play list in iTunes
Go swimming
Learn to skip stones
Try aromatherapy
Go fly a kite. (no power lines, please)
Color coordinate your closet.
Alphabetize your CDs& dvds
Do a stretching routine.
Drive somewhere beautiful and just
enjoy it.
Drink water or anything diet
Read a book or magazine
Express your creativity
Lift weights
Play with your pets
Learn a new skill or craft.
Memorize something (preferably for
Jump rope
Wander and browse through the library
Write in your journal
Ex foliate your entire body
take a long hot bath
pluck/wax you eyebrows
paint your finger and toe nails
use crest white strips
apply self tanner
try a new hairstyle
have your hair cut
straighten your hair
give yourself a make over with totally
different makeup
shave/wax your legs
put a face mask on
go for a manicure or pedicure
Make someone a bracelet or necklace
Take a nap
take a sheri quill and go to bed
Make a cat toy and play with your kitties
Drink a big bottle of sparkling water
Devise freakishly low calorie recipes.
Paint or draw.
Online shopping to redecorate your
Paint the walls
rake the leaves
knit/do cross-stitch/crochet
organize your notes for class
go through all your makeup and throw
away the old stuff
Write down a list of 50 things to do
instead of binge.
Go for a drive
Do laundry
Work on my scrap booking
Go to the mall
work on my website
Write a poem
Go shopping online, find something
you love, and get it once you go x
number of days without binging.
Get a nature guide and identify all the
trees/birds/insects/snakes in your
Learn your constellations.
Go through your computer and delete
unnecessary files and de fragment your
hard drive
make your own red bracelet
start your own book, magazine,
newsletter about ED's and your
organise your room
throw away all your holey socks and
underwear or mend them to take up
more time
vacuum the whole house
wash all the windows and mirrors in the
Put on really good music and clean up
your house
Get jiggy
.Plan your dream vacation on expedia.
Play computer games
Watch the fashion channels on tv
do homework
go shopping for skinny clothes
study for classes
floss your teeth for an hour
listen to your favourite music
change the tv channel without using
the remote
browse random web sites
eat ice
take a cold shower if it's hot, hot
shower if it's cold
brush your teeth
clean something
do the laundry including the bed linens
dust the entire house
clean your bathroom
clean out your closet
sew all your clothes with holes
clean the litter box
go through all your books and find
one's to donate to the local library
get all your clothes that are too big
and donate them to charity
mop all the non carpeted area's in
your house
steam clean all your carpets
disinfect the toilet
write a journal entry
weigh yourself
read lots of online journals
exercise some more
post to lists
remove yourself from temptation
Watch a movie
Look through a catalog
Try on tight jeans
Take photos and measurements of
myself to compare to later
Guzzle down water
Play with a baby, kid, cat, or dog
Volunteer somewhere
Go to a chatroom
Go online and look for thinspiration
Phone someone
TIPS TO GET A TIGHTER TUMMY….  Breathe slowly and steadily instead of holding your breath.
Focus on quality rather than quantity.•  Don’t over do it. If you exercise intensely, wait a day before
exercising again so your muscles can recover.•  Stay faithful. The best way to get the results you
want is to do core strengthening exercises at least three times a week. Having a strong core is a
great thing, but you should keep in mind that your body still needs more than just core
strengthening exercises. Find ways to incorporate other aerobic activity into your fitness regimen
as well. With this combination, you will be well on your way to being healthy, strong and well