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Healthy Eating Tips for Losing Weight
•If you can't avoid eating at junk food restaurants from time to time, make sure you know how to choose
healthy fast foods.
•Cut down on fat.
Try these Low Fat Dinner Recipes.

•Eat lots more fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only are they good for you and low in calories, but they help
to bulk out meals by satisfying your appetite without adding many calories.

•Eat a mixed salad before your main meal to take the edge off your appetite. Drinking a glass of water half
an hour before you eat can also help you eat less.
•Serve two types of vegetable with every meal and again, serve less meat.
•Add fruit to your breakfast, sliced on to cereal or served as it comes.

•Offer a plate of raw veg sticks and fruit pieces as a snack or pre-dinner appetiser.

•Eat plenty of salads

•Use vegetables and pulses in pasta sauces, stews and casseroles and reduce the amount of meat you

•Homemade soup is delicious and very sustaining.
Try this Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss.

•Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Research shows that eating breakfast is a characteristic of
slender people, plus a sustaining meal first-thing can keep you going snack-free until lunch.

•No need to give up on snacks, if you use Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

•Cut down on alcohol, or cut it out completely. It's stacked full of sugar - and calories - it's super-easy to
drink it without even thinking about it. You'd need to jog for a mile to use up the calories from just one unit
of alcohol - that's a small glass of wine, half a pint of beer or a measure of spirits.

•Don't buy wine boxes, which make it far too simple to drink a lot. Stick to one drink a day - choose the
best time to have it and enjoy.

•Soft drinks are also bad news for slimmers, as they are laden with sugar and calories. You can switch to
diet versions, but better, to avoid artificial sweeteners, is to take to drinking water instead.

•Fruit juice counts towards your daily intake of fruit and veg, but is also high in sugar, so limit yourself to
one glass per day.

•Use skimmed milk in tea or coffee and cut out sugar.

•Eating healthy to lose weight is a great idea, and is good for your heart as well, but your weight loss plan
will be far more effective if you add regular exercise to the agenda.

Eating healthy to lose weight isn't a short term strategy, it's a permanent change for the better. Make a
start today - you'll never regret it.
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How to Train for a Triathlon?

The fact that a triathlon is divided into three components: swimming, cycling and running – each
requiring your body to perform in a different way can be very daunting to the beginner triathlete.
Beginner triathlon training should focus on learning how these three separate events interact with
one another, and how this affects your body.

When choosing a beginner triathlon training program, it should contain achievable goals for you to
meet each calendar week, and should increase the load gradually. If you can, try to recruit a friend
or join a team in training. Your calendar (and, if you can find one, your training partner) will help
keep you on track and progressing along your training plan.

Beginner Triathlete Training for the Swim

The swimming leg of a triathlon is often the most intimidating for beginner triathletes, because it
is the event with which they are the most unfamiliar. Unless you were a childhood swimmer, you
must overcome your initial fear during your training.

Tailor your training program to making your swimming more efficient. This will help reduce fatigue
and by improving your technique, you will also improve your speed.
As much as possible, perform your swimming training in open water, to mimic the conditions you
will encounter at the race. Practice ducking below oncoming waves to avoid being pushed
backwards. You should also practice wearing your triathlon wetsuit as often as possible. As the
common saying goes, “you should train like you race”.

You may notice that you tire quickly in the water, and this is likely a result of poor technique.
Incorporate more arm work and less kick into your swim strokes. Not only will you glide twice the
distance at half the effort, but you will save your legs for the cycle and the running portions.

Although in pure swimming races you will see the swimmers use their legs a great deal, different
considerations are at work in a triathlon. The increased speed achieved by use of your legs in the
water is not enough to warrant the fatigue your legs will suffer. You need them fresh for later in
the race.

I know the thought of the triathlon swim can be intimidating. Overcoming this fear is just one of the
many tips I’ll give you in my free guide to Triathlon Training. Just add your email below and I’ll send
it to you right now.

Beginner Training for the Cycle

The cycle leg of a triathlon is the longest part of the race in terms of distance and, normally, time.

Ensure that an experienced bike expert fits you to your bike. It’s important to make use of the big
muscle groups and a proper bike fit will help this become a reality and ultimately will make your
triathlon bike training much more productive and enjoyable.

Try and bike 2 or 3 times a week. You can do 1 or 2 of those rides on a wind-trainer or at a gym on
one of their exercise bikes. As your season progresses, try and plan for one longer ride of 2 or 3
hours once a week. Don’t worry about how many miles. Pay more attention to actual time on the
bike and finding a cadence and speed that you’re comfortable with.
To improve your speed on the bike, you may want to incorporate spinning classes into your
training. Not only will you develop camaraderie with the rest of the spinners, but spinning classes
are filled with anaerobic exercises that will help maximize your ability and performance.

During your training rides, like during the race itself, you should eat and drink as much as you can
while you cycle (while still remaining comfortable). You need to guard against dehydration – a
common mistake for some beginner triathletes.

Prepare yourself for race day – learn how to change a punctured bike tire during your training, and
learn the rules of triathlons (such as those against drafting and all helmet requirements).

Sounds like a lot of stuff to learn right? Why not start off with a free step-by-step guide to all this
crazy triathlon stuff. Just add your email address below and I’ll send you a free guide right away.

Beginner Training for the Run

The best way to prepare for the running leg of a triathlon is to train the same way you do for the
swimming leg: in conditions that mimic what you will be experiencing at the race. This means
learning to run on already tired legs.

Incorporate “Brick” workouts into your training. Bricks are back-to-back bike-run workouts that
not only help your endurance, but help your muscles adjust to the unique transition from biking to

Your legs will indeed feel like bricks during the first few minutes on your feet after a bike workout.
Ease into running with smaller strides to warm up your muscles before moving on to longer,
faster strides.
Although you should try and work on your outdoors running, the treadmills you can use today are
so sophisticated that they represent great alternative if you just cannot get outside to run very
often for some reason.

Certainly you should try to work some outside running in with your triathlon treadmill training
program, but there’s no reason that a big percentage of your triathlon run training can’t be done
with treadmill training.

The electronic displays that most treadmills have are a great way to monitor your progress and
ensure you are on track with your training.

I’ve learned a ton of sneaky little tips to avoid “dead legs” and really improve my triathlon run. I’ll
send you them and a ton of other fantastic triathlon tips. Just add your email below to receive your
free guide.

Training for Transitions

Transitions are the often forgotten “fourth leg” of triathlons. There are two transitions in
triathlons: T1 is the transition from water to bike, and T2 from bike to run. You can save valuable
time on race day by learning how to transition efficiently.

Prepare for transitions by practicing them. During your training after a swimming workout, put on
all your swim gear, then time how long it takes you to strip it off, change into your bike gear, get on
your bike and go.

Find ways to cut this time by wearing a fuel belt underneath your wetsuit, taping foods and energy
bars to your handlebars, investing in a tri-suit, or mounting your bike with your cleats already
strapped into the pedals.

The more you practice your transitions to find which tricks work best, the more time you will save
yourself on race day.

Wow – that was a lot to learn. But it’s essential you learn early on how to train for a triathlon.  Why
not print it out and give it another read through? Better yet – I’ll send you an easy to follow Guide to
Triathlon Training…..For Free.