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Misty Elizabeth May-Treanor (born July 30, 1977) is a retired American professional beach volleyball player. She is a three-
time Olympic gold medalist, and as of August 2012 the most successful female beach volleyball player with 112 individual
championship wins in domestic and international competition.[1]

Misty May-Treanor and teammate Kerri Walsh Jennings were the gold medalists in beach volleyball at the 2004, 2008, and
2012 Summer Olympics. Together, May-Treanor and Walsh Jennings are considered the greatest beach volleyball team of
all time. May-Treanor retired from competitive play on August 8, 2012 after she and Walsh Jennings finished first in the
2012 Summer Olympic games; they defeated the United States team of Jennifer Kessy and April Ross in the gold medal

5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

72kg(159 lbs)

A prominent tattoo on May-Treanor's shoulder — an angel with the initials "B.M." — is a dedication to her mother, who died
of cancer in 2002.[29]

In her autobiography, May-Treanor revealed that she was sexually assaulted in college. She pressed charges and testified
at the trial.[5]

In January 2004, May-Treanor began dating baseball player Matt Treanor;[30] the two wed in November 2004.[31] On June
3, 2014 their daughter, Malia Barbara, was born in Long Beach. She has two brothers, Brack and Scott. Brack has
competed on the Food Network's show Chopped. May-Treanor's first cousin is tennis player Taylor Dent.[32]

May-Treanor is listed as residing in Coral Springs, Florida;[31] she and her husband also own a home in Long Beach,
California.[33] She serves as a Sports Ambassador for Special Olympics Southern California and previously served on the
Board of Governors. May-Treanor is obtaining a master's degree in coaching and athletic administration at Concordia
University in Irvine, California.[34]


May-Treanor, just prior to teaming with Kerri Walsh-Jennings for a third straight gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics,
announced that she was retiring from beach volleyball. She confirmed this shortly after the Olympics victory.[35]

May-Treanor has now completed her Graduate Degree with Concordia University Irvine and received a Masters in
Coaching and Athletic Administration.
Macrobiotics, from the Greek "macro" (large, long) + "bios" (life), is a lifestyle that incorporates a dietary regimen. The  earliest recorded use of the term
macrobiotics is found in the writing of Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine. In his essay 'Airs, Waters, and Places,' Hippocrates introduced the word to
decribe people who were healthy and  long-lived.[...]Herodotus, Aristotle, Galen, and other classical writers used the term macrobiotics to describe a lifestyle,  
including a simple balanced diet, that promoted health and longlivity." (Stephen Blauer, in Michio Kushi (1993),
The  Macrobiotic Way
Macrobiotic methodology was brought to Europe from Japan by George Ohsawa (1893–1966). Ohsawa was a Japanese  philosopher, who was inspired to formalize
macrobiotics by the teachings of Kaibara Ekiken, Andou Shoeki, Mizuno  Nanbaku, and Sagen Ishizuka and his disciples Nishibata Manabu and Shojiro Goto.

Ohsawa influenced Nishibata Manabu (who taught extensively in Paris) Owsawa ,subsequently, brought his macrobiotic
teachings to North America in the late 1950s. Macrobiotic education was spread in the United States by his students  Herman Aihara, Cornelia Aihara, Michio Kushi
and Aveline Kushi, and their students.

George Owshawa coined the term for a natural way of living, macrobiotics, in the late 1950's. Macrobiotics, from the  ancient Greek language, means the way of
longevity. This term has been used by many authors in describing longevity  teachings from the Far East.

Followers of the macrobiotic approach believe that food, and food quality, powerfully affects our lives . Food affects our  health, well being and happiness. The
macrobiotic approach suggests to choose food that is less processed, more  natural, and to employ more traditional methods of cooking for family, friends, and
oneself. The link between health,  behaviour and food consumption has been proven by modern research and studies.

Macrobiotics emphasizes locally grown, organically grown whole grain cereals, pulses (legumes), vegetables, fruit,  seaweed and fermented soy products, combined
into meals according to the principle of balance ( known as yin and  yang). The new USDA food pyramid is more in line with macrobiotic food guidelines than the
old "four food groups" model.

Dietary recommedations include whole grains such as brown rice and grain products such as pasta, a variety of cooked  and raw vegetables, beans and bean
products such as tofu, sea vegetables, mild natural seasoning, fish, fruit, nuts,  seeds, and mild beverages.

Certain types of vegetables, such as tomatos and eggplant, are either avoided, temporarily, for health reasons or used  sparingly.

People who practice a Macrobiotic lifestyle try to observe balance in everything they do. They strive for balance and  happiness in their daily lives attempting to live in
harmony with people,nature and their physical surroundings.

Macrobiotic Diet composition
Consists of

Whole cereals: 25-50%
vegetables: 25-50%
Beans and Bean Products: 10%
Soup: daily
Seaweed: 5%
Fruit: 5%
The remainder is composed of Fish and Seafood, Seeds and Nuts, Seed and Nut butters,Seasonings, Sweeteners,and

Other factors
, the composition of dishes and the choices of foods is is adjusted according to

The Season
The Climate
Health Condition
Transition in One's Diet
and any other personal considerations

Food preparation techniques
Food is prepared in various ways, including: Steaming, boiling, raw, ohitashi/blanching, nishime/long steaming,
nitsuke/sauteeing and boiling, kinpira/ sauteeing and boiling, sukiyaki/ stew, nabe, oven baking, baking in a pressure  cooker, tempura, frying

Cooking according to the time of the year In spring:

food with a lighter quality
wild plants, germs, lightly fermented food, grain species, fresh greens light cooking style: steaming, cooking for a short time, etc. In summer:

food with lighter quality
large-leaved greens, sweet corn, fruit, summer pumpkins light cooking style: steaming, quick cooking, etc. lighter grains such as barley, bulghur, cous cous,
and corn
In autumn:

food with more concentrated quality root vegetables, (winter) pumpkins, beans, cereals, etc. heavier grains such as sweet rice, mochi and millet In winter:

food with a stronger, more concentrated quality round vegetables, pickles, root vegetables, etc. more miso, shoyu, oil, and salt heavier grains such as millet,
buckwheat, fried rice, etc.

Switching to a macrobiotic diet
For those wishing to adopt the Macrobiotic diet, it is recommended that a person research it and either consult a  macrobiotic counselor or make a gradual
transition to the macrobiotic way of eating. It is generally recommended that any  diet be adopted gradually: for instance, reducing animal products, refined flour,
sugar, and dairy products, and adding  more whole-grain and vegetable-quality foods . Faster changes in your diet can be done with the help of a qualified and  well
trained macrobiotic counselor.

Macrobiotic teachers and counselors vary in their knowledge. Choose ones that have many years of experience, training  and research.

Amount of Yin and Yang in the products
Macrobiotic eating follow the principle of balance ( called yin and yang in the east). Products that are extreme are not  suggested for regular use. No foods are
forbidden but better quality natural foods are always suggested.

Foods that are overstimulating can exhaust the body and mind. These are classified as extreme yin ( stimulating) in their  effects

refined flour products
very hot spices
chemicals and preservatives
commercial milk, yogurt and soft cheeses
poor quality vegetable oils
Foods that are very concentrated , heavy and dense, create stagnation. These have yang ( ,strengthening but stagnating effects).

Refined salt

Foods that create balance are whole cereal, vegetables,beans,sea vegetables, fruit from the local environment,nut and  seeds Foods such as these are used in a
macrobiotic way of eating.

Macrobiotics vs. normal Japanese cooking
The macrobiotic way of eating is erroneously said to be Japanese. A majority of the world population in the past ate a
primarily plant based grain and vegetable based diet in harmony with the climate. Because some of the original teachers
came from Japan, foods from Japan that are beneficial for health are incorporated by most modern macrobiotic eaters.
Many macrobiotic ingredients are also standard ingredients in Japanese cuisine.

Macrobiotics vs. vegetarianism
The macrobiotic way of eating shares many of the same foods as vegan eating. One major difference is the selection and
preparation of foods according to the principle of balance that is used in the macrobiotic approach. This can make a
macrobiotic approach to veganism very satisfying. Many people who follow a macrobiotic way of eating are vegans. Others
choose to incorporate small amounts of fish or occaisonal other high quality animal foods.

Examples of Macrobiotic Dishes
rice balls
standard miso soup
miso soup with daikon