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Nuţa Olaru
Nuța Olaru (born August 28, 1970 in Orodel, Dolj) is a female long-distance runner
originally from Romania, who became a naturalized United States citizen in
November 2012. She specializes in the marathon race. She set her personal best
(2:24:33) in the women's marathon in Chicago, IL on October 10, 2004.

She won the Big Sur Marathon in 2012, 2013 and 2014,[1] ran the 2013 Boston
Marathon in 2:42:57 and the 2014 Boston Marathon in 2:37:29.

In April 2013, Olaru teamed up with the product development, ROLL Recovery, in
Boulder, Colorado to help develop tools for runners .[2]
This 3200 Meter Workout is a challenging continuous run. It is meant to be run on a track
because you have to change up your pace often. Coach Mulrooney my high school track
coach would have us complete this "Fartlek" or "Speed Play" type workout
do develop speed and stamina.

Don't forget to warm up before this workout. It's designed to be a faster run, so make sure
you're loose and ready to roll at the starting line.

Don't forget to warm up before this workout. It's designed to be a faster run, so make sure
you're loose and ready to roll at the starting line.

You can adjust this workout for any race from 1600 meters up to the 5k. You will run a total of
four laps if you are doing this as a workout for a 1600. It will be an 8 lap workout if you are
training for a 3200. For a 5k, run this workout for 12 1/2 laps. Also, don't be afraid to wear
running spikes to feel really quick for this run. Below is the breakdown of each lap.
1. 300 meters at just below goal race pace.

2. 100 meters of jogging back to the start line.

3. Repeat 4 times for 1600 meters, 8 for 3200 meters, and 12 1/2 for a 5K.

On the track you will run 300 meters hard, just below your goal race pace. The final 100
meters of the lap will be much slower. The total time of each lap will be at a race pace one
minute slower than your goal time. Let's say your goal time for the one mile is 5 minutes
flat, or the two mile is 10 minutes flat. Your four lap time will be 6 minutes, or eight lap
time 12 minutes. The first 300 meters of each lap will be just below race pace at 55
seconds. The last 100 meters will be jogged slowly at 35 seconds. The total lap time will
be 1:30 which is six minute per mile pace.

Here is the pace breakdown for your goal race paces. I only did each minute, so you
might have to adjust these times if you have a goal time in-between each listed item.

- 4:00 mile pace = 300m at 44 seconds, 100m at 31 seconds. Total lap time of 1:15.

***Note - If you run too fast or too slow for your 300 meters adjust your 100
meters so you are at the starting line on time. Let's say you run the 300m in 42
seconds, then make the 100m last 33 seconds.***
- 4:30 mile pace = 300m at 49 seconds, 100m at 33 seconds.
Total lap time of 1:22.

- 5:00 mile pace = 300m at 55 seconds, 100m at 35 seconds.
Total lap time of 1:30.

- 5:30 mile pace = 300m at 61 seconds, 100m at 37 seconds.
Total lap time of 1:37.

- 6:00 mile pace = 300m at 66 seconds, 100m at 39 seconds.
Total lap time of 1:45.

- 6:30 mile pace = 300m at 71 seconds, 100m at 41 seconds.
Total lap time of 1:52.

- 7:00 mile pace = 300m at 77 seconds, 100m at 43 seconds.
Total lap time of 2:00.

- 7:30 mile pace = 300m at 81 seconds, 100m at 45 seconds.
Total lap time of 2:07.

- 8:00 mile pace = 300m at 88 seconds, 100m at 47 seconds.
Total lap time of 2:15.

- 8:30 mile pace = 300m at 91 seconds, 100m at 49 seconds.
Total lap time of 2:22.

- 9:00 mile pace = 300m at 99 seconds, 100m at 51 seconds.
Total lap time of 2:30.

You really should cool down after your finished with the workout. You will recover faster if you jog
slowly for at least 10 minutes once your workout is done.

Good luck out there. Remember to run relaxed and fast. Set your goals high and put in the work!

This is just one workout of a number of different things you can do if your goal is to complete a
marathon. For a complete workout package, I recommend Olympic Distance Runner, Marius Bakken's
100 Day Marathon Plan. It will help you train from day one to your race day.

- Written by David Tiefenthaler