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For many of us, it is a natural reaction to turn to food when we are upset,
happy, sad or depressed. Over time, this reaction becomes a learned
activity that we resort to without even realizing it. Whether your parents
used food rewards when you were growing up or you learned the
behavior on your own, emotional eating can really derail your diet plans.
However, there are ways that you can overcome this issue and get back on track for healthy eating.

Before you even get started, you'll need to write down the reasons
behind your emotional eating. Sometimes, just seeing them on paper
makes it easier to get a handle on the problem. Take one week and keep a
food journal. Write down absolutely everything that you eat, as well as
making a note about your mood at that exact time. By taking this step,
you'll be able to target which foods you turn to when you are in different
moods. Don't be ashamed if the amount of food seems like a lot - we're going to fix that.

Now that you know which foods you turn to and why it's time to start
working on the actual habit. Now, for many people food is an actual
addiction, just like a drug. And, when you're combating drug abuse,
especially with serious drugs, going cold turkey is extremely difficult and
stressful. This can backfire for an emotional eater and they can easily end
up binging when the stress levels get to be too much.

So, let's look at a food addiction like a heroin addiction. When a heroin
addict is trying to quit, they go through some hideous withdrawal
symptoms. In order to help them through this stage, doctors will prescribe
a drug known as methadone. This is intended to work as a bridge that will
help the drug user step down from heroin to a lesser drug. Once they get
past the need for heroin, they are weaned off of methadone.

While food may not be as dangerous as heroin, we can learn a lot from
this process. You need to create a bridge food that will replace the foods
you turn to in an emotional crisis. For example, if you eat ice cream when
you are upset, throw it all away and replace it with frozen yogurt. You're
still going to get that benefit of a comfort food, but it's a lot more healthy.
Once you find that it's easy to replace your ice cream with frozen yogurt,
you can then wean yourself from this with something else that is even healthier.

By taking the time to slowly wean yourself from the foods that you turn to
in an emotional crisis, you're much more likely to be successful at giving
up your addiction. It's not going to happen overnight, but with time and
patience, you can stop turning to food as a drug. We also recommend
counseling during this process to get at the roots for your reasons for emotional eating.

Quickest way to trim your waist..
Nearly everyone wants to lose inches off their waist and there are many
schools of thought on how to accomplish this. Many people believe that
the best way to trim your waist is to do hundreds if not thousands of sit-
ups or crunches, but in reality, this method will not do much good. In fact,
you may end up actually thickening your waist as a result.

Another common misconception is that you can target specific areas on
your body for weight loss. While it would be great if it were true, there are
absolutely no proven techniques that will allow you to lose weight only
from your waist. It simply is not genetically possible to target only one area on your body for fat loss.

A trim waist is best achieved by using the right kinds of exercises in the
right amount. We'll get to the second way in just a minute, but let's focus
first on the types of exercises you should be doing. We already mentioned
that crunches can make your waist bigger, so let's look into that a little further.

If you are just doing crunches and you're not working on a fat loss plan,
you are essentially building up muscles underneath a layer of fat. While it
is true that some calories can be burned with these exercises, it is not
enough to burn that fat away from your midsection.

So, you are essentially building up those muscles under that fat, which will
increase the volume of your waist, not decrease it. In addition, chances
are you may not be doing your crunches effectively. They are only
effective when you are using your abdominal muscles, not your back
muscles to pull yourself upward. The abs are only in use from the time you
lift your shoulders off the ground until you get a few inches up in the air.
After that, your pelvic muscles take over and you're not getting much benefit.

The best exercises that you can use to isolate your waist are the ones that
require cross over your body. This twisting motion will reduce the size of
your waist much more effectively than crunches. Whether you're standing
or on the floor, cross body movements are the most effective means of whittling your waist.

In truth however, the absolute best way to make your waist smaller is to
burn the fat that is deposited there. Once you do that, you'll be able to see
the actual results in your muscles and you'll be able to peel off inches
from your body. In order to burn up that fat, you're going to need to
reduce your calorie intake and increase your aerobic workouts.

Pumping iron without an aeorobic component doesn't do any good here.  
True you are using energy to lift the weights, but you need to ramp up that
heart rate and get your body working to burn that fat. If aerobics aren't
your thing, find exercises that do get your heart rate up and stick with
them. Even spinning can help you burn abdominal fat if you do it long enough.

Are Carbs really that bad to eat??
Out of every food on earth, in the past few years, there has been no other
food as demonized as the ones that contain carbs. There are so many fad
diets that focus on completely removing carbs from your life - but is this a
smart solution? The simple answer is no - it's not smart. You do need
some carbs in your life, it's just a matter of finding the right kind of carbs.

So, let's look at a few examples of bad carbs and good carbs and find ways
to lose weight, eat healthy and not feel deprived. That is probably the
worst part about a no carb diet, since many of those foods are so filling
and low calorie. By replacing bad carbs with good carbs, you'll be able to feel full and you'll still lose weight.

Bad Carb -
White refined flour. This is a bad carb simply because the foods made with
this are so high in sugar. Even if they are low in overall calories, those
little sugar grams really add up. Americans especially eat so many foods
that contain this flour that it is really hard to completely get rid of them. If
you like sandwiches in particular, this can seem like a death sentence.

Good Carb -
Whole grain flour. The sugar content in whole grains is much lower and
you'll get the benefit of having more fiber in your diet, which can help
flush fat from your system. Instead of completely getting rid of bread, try
replacing it with whole grain bread. It may take a little time to get used to,
and the taste will be a little different. However, after a few weeks, you may
find that you're actually starting to appreciate the taste and you'll be able to make more substitutions.

Bad Carb -
Breakfast cereals made with wheat and corn. Most of us don't think of
cereal as fattening or bad for us, but it is highly processed and can be a
big contributor in weight gain if you eat too much of it. In addition to the
natural sugars present in the grains, you're dealing with the sugar added by the manufacturer. This is a bad combination.

Good Carb -
Oatmeal. This is by far one of the best foods you should be eating. Not
only is it good for weight loss since oat fiber definitely does bind fat and
flush it out of your body, you can also lower your cholesterol and your
blood pressure. Oats are really the ultimate food and they taste good too.
Try eating at least one bowl of oatmeal every day, but skip the sugar
toppings. Instead, use fresh fruit or a small amount of honey. You'll feel a lot more full and you'll be doing your body a big favor.

Some carbs are very good for you and it is important to find that balance.
With this, you can get on the path towards healthy weight loss.

Is skipping meals ruining your diet??
It is a common practice, and many of us are guilty of it. We forgo eating all
day long, because we know we’ll be eating out that night, or that there is a
special event coming later in the day and we want to be able to eat
whatever we want. However, is this type of planning actually derailing
your diet? Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why this mindset is not healthy, and may actually be counterproductive.

1. You’ll end up eating more.
If you don’t eat all day, and are suddenly faced with plenty of food, it is all
too easy to eat way more than your recommended amount of calories, and
worse, you may never even realize how many calories you’ve had.
Remember, 3500 extra calories equals one pound of fat. At some special
events or dinners, it is all too easy to get more than 3500 calories on a single night.

Because you went hungry all day, your body’s blood sugar levels are off.
This can also cause you to eat more, simply to get regulated. There is no
point in starving yourself for a day, and then try to make up for it at night, it’s just too rough on your body.

2. It puts you in the wrong mindset.
Right off the bat, you’re preparing to cheat, and in a big way. Many people
feel that it is all right to have that big dinner, especially if they didn’t have
any calories all day. But once again, we go back to the point that you do end up eating more, usually much more than you intended.

By sticking with that “it’s ok to cheat” mindset, you may be hampering your
future progress on your diet. If you’re not making those lifestyle changes
that will stick with you, the chances of future success and being able to keep your weight off do decline dramatically.

3. You can end up in a bad cycle.
Once your body gets used to fasting during the day, and eating whatever
you want at night, it’s all too easy to get into a bad cycle. You may find that
you’re tempted to do this more than once, and before you know it, you’re
back to making excuses and falling into the wrong mindset. A diet is much
more than food control, it’s also about being able to control your mind, and your food cravings.

By allowing yourself this much wiggle room, and setting yourself up for
behaviors that are hard to change, you’re making your diet needlessly
complicated, and chances are, over time, you’ll be disappointed with your results.

Instead of fasting all day, even when you have a special event coming up,
eat as you normally would. You may even want to have a healthy snack
before you go. Your blood sugar won’t be sending off signals that will
make you want to eat everything in sight and you’ll end up being able to
successfully avoid even the dessert tray. A way to fight eating too little
during the day is eating many small meals during the day.

How many times have you gone on a diet, only to gain back the
weight, plus a little dividend? For many people, dieting is a
vicious cycle full of ups and downs, and plenty of
discouragement. If you want to keep your weight off
permanently, you are going to need to implement a few
techniques. For most of us, staying at a healthy weight
requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but it will pay off in
a longer life span, less sickness and simply feeling better.
Let's look at a few of the ways that you can keep your weight off permanently.

1. Change your lifestyle -
If you want to keep your weight off successfully, more times
than not this means changing your entire lifestyle. It's not easy,
but it is worth it. You don't have to become entirely
preoccupied with your weight, that's not healthy. But you will
need to keep focused on eating right, getting enough exercise
and avoiding trigger foods that you know will put you back on
that wrong path again. It's fine to cheat now and again, but you
can't let it become a regular event. Allow yourself a nice dinner
out every few weeks, but don't fall back into your old habits.

2. Replace bad foods with better foods -
There are some foods that you may never be able to enjoy in
large quantities again. There are also other foods that simply
may be too dangerous for you to eat ever again. These are
known as trigger foods, like we mentioned above. These are
the foods that start you on that downward spiral that can be
nearly impossible to overcome. If you simply cannot eat one
piece of chocolate cake, it's better to avoid eating it at all than risk falling back into your old habits.

Replace that cake with something that still satisfies your sweet
tooth and chocolate craving but doesn't trigger that old
behavior. This works for any food, not just cake, that you
simply cannot control your reaction to. It's not easy and it's
more than a little sad. But, you can look at this way. Which
would you rather have - a few bites of cake or a longer life that
you can enjoy? A little extreme yes, but sometimes you need to get tough with yourself.

3. Treat every day as a brand new challenge -
If you've fallen off the wagon, don't let that cycle continue.
Every day is a brand new day where you're going to have that
chance to succeed at your healthy lifestyle. We all fall down
every now again, but not all of us can get back up. Stop that
cycle of falling and staying down, and start realizing that you
are on a lifelong path towards getting healthy. It's ok to take a
break for a few days, but don't let those days stretch into week, months and years. Get back in that saddle!