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So many members have asked these same questions so let's discuss them...
What are the questions?
How to trick your mind into not wanting to eat anything?
How do i trick my stomach into thinking it's eaten already?
How to trick yourself into feeling full?
Ways Your Body Tricks You into Being Fat...
Why do some people feel the need to gobble up everything in their line of sight, while others can eat a third of that and yet stay satisfied? Are the moderate
eaters just pretending to be happy with their stupidly tiny portions, secretly bursting into tears every time they see a Doritos commercial?

Well, there might be an actual, physical reason, and that reason is all about the mouth: Some of us have crappier taste buds than others. Namely, obese people,
and specifically obese children. It appears that fat kids tend to have worse taste buds than their leaner counterparts, and this could be a significant factor as to
why they became fat in the first place. The theory is that because of their crappy tasting capacities, it takes more food to experience the same "taste hit" as a
person with a normal tongue.

In an effort to verify this, researchers gave both obese and non-obese children different taste strips to lick and identify. These strips were infused with base flavors
(sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory), and they all had different intensities of taste. Their scores were ranked on a scale of 0 to 20, and the fat kids performed
significantly worse than non-obese ones; on average, they only scored 12.6, while others scored a solid average of 14. While the obese children had no problem
identifying what a given taste was, they did have trouble identifying its strength level. In other words, they tasted the same things, only not as intensely. Now, this
is the sort of thing that might not have mattered back at a stage of evolution when it was really hard to get fat -- there was a time when how much we ate
depended on how much we were able to kill/gather/grow. But now that virtually everyone reading this has ready food waiting just a refrigerator away, little
physical flaws like this suddenly make it way harder for some of us to know when to stop cramming Hot Pockets into our cheeks.

Once you jump onto the Overweight Train, those pounds just seem to keep on coming. Little by little, day by day, the usable holes in your belt grow fewer -- even
if you're eating the exact same amount as always. It's easy to blame this phenomenon on lack of exercise, or perhaps ye old "I'm not as young as I used to be"
effect. But while they may certainly play a part, there's also another, far darker force at work: Once you reach a certain weight threshold, the very cells of your
body throw in the towel and piss off to eat ice cream and watch reruns of Frasier.

Humans have immune cells that carry the awesome name of invariant natural killer T-cells. Their job is to help prevent metabolic trouble, and they fight obesity
as part of that. But their numbers don't scale up with your fatness -- the opposite happens. The more fat you gain, the fewer fat-fighting' natural killer T-cells
remain. And once they've lost the battle, there is no backup.

In practice, this means that maintaining your weight is easy as pie when you're near your ideal weight, because at that point you have an army on your side.
Once you hit a certain weight, you're left fighting alone, like a city whose police force just quits when crime gets too out of hand. Yes, your body's fat regulation
system works just like the plot of RoboCop.

It's not all bad, though: Research indicates that not only can the body's T-cells be reactivated with either weight loss or various therapies, but they can actually
be used as a super weapon against certain metabolic ailments, such as diabetes

Below are ways to avoid hunger pangs. Mind you, these tips are for people who are already consuming a healthy number of calories,
yet still feel hungry. These should not be used to facilitate an eating disorder. Follow these tips to help your waistline shrink, but
remember to stay healthy and strong. These tips are taken from the tips and tricks page..
click here for more..

1. Drink Water - This is one of the most essential ways to stay healthy and stick to your diet. Not only does drinking water flush toxins from your body, it keeps you
energized and makes your stomach feel full. Do not force too much water down, as that will make you feel sick. However, drinking eight glasses a day plus one
before each meal will stem your hunger. READ MORE ON WATER FASTING ..

2. Chew Gum - Sugarless gum is a guilt-free way to keep your jaws busy. Many people attest that chewing gum can help you lose weight and make you feel as if
you are eating food. Other benefits, such as building stronger jaw muscles and increasing concentration, are also associated with chewing gum. MORE ON

3. Take a Nap -Feel like you can't  stop thinking about how hungry you are? Take a little nap and you will probably wake up feeling more energized and more
satisfied. Most people don't€™t feel hungry first thing in the morning and that is because there is less acid in your stomach. A nap can recreate this feeling.

4. Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day - One of the best ways to not feel hungry is by constantly eating! Yes, this can actually help you lose weight. By eating
smaller meals throughout the day instead of a few large meals, your metabolism stays high and your stomach always has a little food in it. Try six meals a day
instead of three.

5. Fill up on Fresh Veggies - If you really need a snack, you should eat one that is guilt-free and that won't contribute to more hunger. Non-starchy vegetables are
foods that you can eat all day without gaining weight. They also stick to your ribs longer than other snacks. Did you know that it takes more calories to consume a
stick of celery than are actually in the celery? That is why celery is referred to as a negative caloriefood.

6. Reduce Your Carb Intake - Carbohydrates turn to sugar and stimulate your bodies insulin levels, thus causing a vicious cycle of hunger. Remember, food is
supposed to satiate your hunger, not increase it! Reduce your carb intake to gain control over your constant hunger. READ MORE ON CARBS

7. Eat Lean Protein - Protein stays in your body longer than carbohydrates, so choose a lean piece of meat over a low-fat bagel. There is a reason why people
were dropping serious pounds on the High Protein Diets. While that is an extreme diet, you can sensibly increase your lean protein intake and minimize your
hunger between meals.

8. Increase Your Fiber Intake - Bulky, high-fiber foods usually fill your stomach quickly and keep you satisfied for a long time. They also require quite a bit of
chewing, which psychologically triggers the feeling of satisfaction.

9.  Skip Breakfast OR NOT - So many people run out the door before eating a good breakfast. Likewise, misinformed people who are trying to lose weight will
sometimes skip meals. Breakfast is definitely not the meal the skip, as it gives you a much-needed metabolism boost to keep you going until your next meal.

10. Eat More Eggs - Looking for a low-fat, high-protein snack to stem your hunger? Eggs will give you that in spades. If cholesterol is a concern for you, skip the
egg yolks and make yourself an egg white snack.

11. Brush Your Teeth and Tongue - How great does a minty, clean mouth feel? Probably good enough to make you think twice before you eat something
directly after a good tooth and tongue brushing. This is a method used by many dieters.

12. Exercise - A nice  boost your adrenaline and kill your HUNGER for a while, at least. Burning more calories will make your body hungry. However, most people
are not hungry directly after exercising, so this can be a great way to pass the time between meals instead of eating.

13. Drink Vinegar - A fad diet that has come and gone involved drinking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal. While it was proven that vinegar
does not directly cause weight loss, some people feel less hungry after drinking it.

14. Avoid Salt - Excessive amounts of salt is never good for your body and can definitely lead to dehydration. Since many people don't recognize the difference
between hunger and thirst, eating salt could make you feel as if you are hungry when you really

15. Avoid Sugar - Foods that are high in sugar may taste delicious, but they burn through your body too quickly. Even sugary snacks that are low in fat are a bad
idea, as you will just get hungry soon again and require more food.

16. Stay Busy - Many people convince themselves that they are hungry when they are actually just bored. If you find yourself eating because there is nothing
else to do, put yourself to work. Keep your mind off food and your diet.

17. Avoid Food - Literally. Not only should you keep yourself busy, you might want to avoid places where you will see (and smell!) food, this means don't  hang
out in the kitchen and try not to meet friends at a restaurant if you aren't planning on eating. And fast forward through commercials those can really just send you
into the kitchen grazing for food when you aren't even hungry.

18. Avoid Alcohol - Not only is alcohol filled with empty calories, it can greatly increase your appetite. It is hard to tell when your body is full after you become a
bit tipsy. Alcohol also relaxes that willpower of yours, which makes you even more likely to go for a second helping.

19. Eat Slower, CHEW THAT FOOD AND PUT THE FORK DOWN - Often times, we will eat until we are so completely full we have to open up our pants
afterwards you don't  want to go that far before you stop eating, which is why you should slow down when you eat. You may be surprised at how much less you
will have to eat before your body feels satisfied.

20. Suck on a Peppermint - Many physical and psychological benefits have been attributed to peppermint over the years. Although this has not been proven by
scientists, some dieters swear that sucking on a peppermint makes their body feel full when they are a bit hungry.

21. Avoid Caffeine - Although some people use caffeine as an appetite suppressant, you will just quickly crash after the caffeine burns through your body. This is
similar to how sugar makes you hungrier than before.

22. Chew Ice- no calories.. Put some Grapes in the freezer and suck on them when you feel hungry, the grapes will make you feel fuller and the sucking on the
cold will also burn calories.

23. Learn to Manage Stress - Mind-over-body diet tricks are hard to control if you are not thinking with a straight head. Therefore, you should do your best to
manage your stress level. Stress will not only make you want to eat, it is a leading cause of overeating.

24. Suck in Your Gut - Your body experiences hunger when the stomach is empty. By tightening your abdominal muscles, you will compress your stomach and
temporarily mask hunger pangs. It is recommended that you always keep your stomach muscles tightened anyway, as it helps you to get your abs into shape.

25. Put Your Fork Down Between Every Bite - This is a great way to make yourself slow down while eating and it also sends signals to your brain that you are
through eating each time you put the fork down. Some dieters will put the fork down between each bite and take a sip of water.






Appetite control, weight loss, and healthy eating can all be influenced by your subconscious mind.

So why not play a few tricks on your subconscious? Not only can you use these five powerful calorie control tricks to trick your brain
into eating less food, but you can make yourself feel fuller, faster – and resist the urge to eat more.

Here’s how:

Calorie Control Trick #1: Use Smaller Utensils & Dishes
In the video above, I show you how the size of the bowl, plate, or spoon that you use can significantly influence how much food and how many calories you
consume. In the study “Ice cream illusions bowls, spoons, and self-served portion sizes.”, 85 nutrition experts who were attending an ice cream social were
randomly given either a smaller (17 oz) or a larger (34 oz) bowl and either a smaller (2 oz) or larger (3 oz) ice cream scoop. After serving themselves, they
completed a brief survey as their ice cream was weighed.

Even when nutrition experts were given a larger bowl, they served themselves 31% more without being aware of it. In addition, their servings increased by over
14% when they were given a larger serving spoon.

In this study from University of Pennsylvania,psychologists conducted an experiment in an upscale apartment building in which they left out a bowl of the
chocolate candies with a small scoop.

The next day they refilled the bowl with M&M’s, but used a much larger scoop – and when the scoop size was increased, people took 66 percent more M&M’s!

So use smaller plates, bowls and utensils, even if somebody laughs at you for eating your soup with a teaspoon.

Calorie Control Trick #2: “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”
Whether you’re eating dinner at home, at a party with snack tables or out at a buffet, there is a simple rule that multiple studies have confirmed: the less exposure
your eyes, ears and nose have to food, the less likely you are to eat too many calories.

For example, unless we are eating outdoors, for dinner my wife or I will plate the food and bring it to the table, but leave any larger dishes, pots, pans or bowls
full of food on the counter top or on the stove, where we are less likely to reach for them and grab a second serving.

You can use this same trick in many other ways, such as:

-At parties, don’t park next to the snack table, but instead socialize farther away from the grub…

-At buffet restaurants or regular restaurants, seat yourself farther away from the kitchen, the bar, or other food displays…

-Keep any snacks or tempting sweets in opaque (non-transparent) containers or places where they’re not readily accessible in your home…

-Shove any tasty, tempting food to the back of the refrigerator or pantry, and bring the healthy food to the front…

Any of my energy bars, sweet exercise drinks, or other sugary, tempting treats are kept in two inconvenient places: the garage, and a door in the bottom of my
bedroom closet. This ensures I’m much less likely to eat empty calories. I talk about more tricks similar to this in my book “100 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism”.

Another good book for learning about how easily our minds are tricked is 59 Seconds, in which the author describes a series of experiments that compared
putting chocolates on office worker’s desks to putting the chocolates six feet away. When the chocolates were placed on the desk instead of 6 feet away, each
person ate on average 6 more chocolates per day.   In another similar experiment, the chocolates were placed inside either transparent or opaque jars. The
chocolates in the transparent jars were eaten 46% more quickly than the opaque jars!

Calorie Control Trick #3: “Limit Your Options”
In a recent British study, research revealed that when kids were presented with snacks that were familiar and not much different than the snacks they usually had,
they ate fewer calories.

Not only does this mean that you might be able to get your kids to plow through slightly less Halloween candy this year by ensuring that they get many of the
same types of candy, but you can also assume that we probably don’t change much as we age.

So instead of heading to the supermarket and stocking up on three different types of cookies, several varieties of cereal, five different types of fruits, and several
choice selections of deli meats and cheeses, you’d be better off simply choosing one option. In doing so, you’ll reduce selection in your pantry and refrigerator,
and leave yourself less likely to overeat simply because you want to try a variety of new flavors.

Interestingly, this study reminds me of Stephen Guyenet’s “Food Reward Hypothesis”, in which he suggest that by eating simple foods and reducing our reward
response to food, we can probably do a better job controlling overeating and obesity.

Calorie Control Trick #4: “Slow Down”
Eating more slowly can help you to eat less. When you take your time with each bite, and fully chew and swallow (in many cases this means chewing a bite 20-
25 times) you allow the fullness signal from gastric hormones to reach your brain and shut down your appetite before you eat too much.

But there may be more to eating less than simply slowing down.

At Pennington BioMedical Research Centre, 48 participants were studied in a lab as they ate three meals at lunchtime on different days.

Each participant was asked to avoid eating or exercise for 12 hours before lunch, and ate a meal of fried chicken, cut up into bite sizes at their own rate, at half
their normal rate (paced by a beeping noise), or at a mix of their own rate and then the slower rate.

The finding was that the combination of beginning the meal eating at one’s own eating rate, and then dropping to a slower eating rate, had the biggest
reduction on appetite for both men and women – more than eating slowly all the way through.

So to reduce the appetite, it may make sense to eat at whatever pace seems natural at first, but about halfway through your meal, to consciously slow down and
begin to savor every bite.

Of course, I always look at studies like this with a wary eye, because how often do you eat lunch after a 12 hour fast with no exercise?

Calorie Control Trick #5: “Remove Distractions”
Multiple studies have found that you eat more when you are distracted by TV, movies, phones or games. In that same book 59 Seconds, people who were paying
close attention to a movie ate significantly larger amounts of popcorn compared to those that were paying less attention to the movie.

In another experiment in that book, people who actively listened to an engaging detective story being told to them during lunch ate 15% more than those who
had no story to listen to.

In another interesting study, researchers at University of Southern California gave moviegoers either fresh popped or stale popcorn and monitored how much they
ate. They found that taste of the popcorn was not the primary motivator for how much people ate. People ate the same amount of popcorn whether it was stale
or fresh. But when people watched the movie in a meeting room instead of a theater, they ate more of the fresh popcorn than stale.

This study suggests that when you are engaged in an environment that is primarily geared toward entertainment, or absorbed in a movie on your iPad, you’re
likely to eat more food, whether or not you even like the food! It seems that distractions not only make you eat more, but can even make you eat more food you
wouldn’t normally eat anyways.
Appetizers are finger foods usually served prior to meal, or in between mealtimes, and are also called starters. They may range from the very simple to the
very complex, depending on the occasion and the time devoted in making them.

How appetizers help in weight loss?

Appetizers can be a powerful to prevent overeating when you're trying to lose weight. Having something in your stomach before you sit down to a large
meal can take the edge off your appetite, leaving you in control when a full meal is put in front of you. This is especially important when you are dining out.

One of the reasons appetizers help you to lose weight is that they put the brakes on your eating. It takes the brain several minutes to get the message that
your stomach is fulfilled, so going slow is an easy way to shed extra pounds. Adding appetizers to your dinner means that it will take you longer to eat, and
that gives your brain more time to process the message that you're full.

There is a major role between the calories, appetizers and weight loss. It is very essential to understand that how the incorrect choice of appetizer dish
might lead to weight again and vice a versa.

There is a good way to lose weight but only if you make right choices in your eating pattern in terms of appetizers as well as major meals. Traditionally, it
is always believed that as an appetizer one go for salads and soups. That’s very true, but along with them one should be cautious with the dressing on the
salad as well as dips on soups.

Always choose vegetable based soups (without cream), vegetable based salads (without cheese) with a low fat dressing or a fruit salad. They are the
best appetizer for filling up on healthy and satisfying foods for your first course. These foods may contain only 100 to 150 calories and will give you an
opportunity to have a serving of a fruits or vegetables.

Avoid high fat appetizers such as cream based salads; cheese and crackers or nachos which may actually increase your appetite and lead to overeating
later in the meal. These kinds of foods also contain more calories and salt than lower fat alternatives. And since salt is a flavor enhancer, salty foods tend
to make you want to eat more of them. Some high fat appetizers may contain as much fat as you should consume in a whole day!

Things to Remember -

If you are trying to limit your calories when eating out, you should try to find dishes that center around vegetables. Look at the menu for salads or grilled
vegetables to start.

When planning dinner or supper at home, why not have a salad or soup ready to eat when you arrive home and before preparing the meal? Even if it's a
half an hour or an hour before dinner will be ready, this strategy may help you to avoid nibbling on the food you are preparing or prevent you from
munching on pretzels or chips. And this kind of casual first course will help to reduce your appetite for the main course.

List of appetizers ideas which can be healthy and filling -

Salads (without creamy dressing)

Soups without cream

Baked vegetables (can opt for baked potatoes)

Grilled paneer, veggies

Corn tomato salad

Fruit salad

By starting your meal with an appetizer, you won't fill yourself up on the main course. It will also take you longer to eat, giving you extra time to realize
you're full. You will eat fewer calories overall, but you will also get to enjoy your meal, and that's an appetizing way to lose weight, no matter how you