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WHY AM I BLOATED?Although bloating tends to happen without warning, there are easy ways to reduce and prevent symptoms.
However, before this can be done, it helps to pinpoint the exact cause of abdominal bloating.

Common Causes of Bloating

• Pre-menstrual syndrome
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• High salt intake
• Large consumption of sodas
• Too little protein in diet
• Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive tract disorders
• Food allergies
• Lactose intolerance

Tips to Reduce Symptoms of Bloating

Often times, a build up of intestinal gas can be eased by simply burping or passing gas. Occasional bloating is normal, and generally
subsides within a few hours without treatment. However, if bloating prolongs for several hours or days, the following tips may assist
relieving discomfort.

• Until the bloating lessens, avoid foods that may cause additional gas. These might include beans, fruits, vegetables, and so forth.

• If intestinal gas or bloating is the result of constipation, increase your water and fiber intake. Attempt to drink at least eight glasses
of water daily. Water helps to soften stools, which relieves constipation and abdominal bloating. (

• Many women experience abdominal bloating before, during, or immediately following their menstrual cycle. Over-the-counter
medications such as Midol are very effective with relieving abdominal bloating and distention.

Another common cause of intestinal bloating is irritable bowel syndrome. IBS is a common condition. The extent varies, and
symptoms are generally recurrent. For the most part, specific foods or drinks may trigger symptoms of IBS and bloating. Keep a food
log. This will help you identify possible foods causing bloating. Furthermore, reducing stress is also effective with easing IBS

• Persons suffering from lactose intolerance may have periodic bouts with bloating. However, symptoms can be prevented by
eliminating certain foods from your diet. If you cannot live without ice cream and other dairy products, make a habit of taking
medication intended to help he body break down lactose before eating.

Does this sound like you?
"I want a flat stomach but my stomach never looks flat!"
"My jeans fit in the morning but won't fasten by evening!"
"My tummy feels heavy and bloated even after small meals!"
"I've tried every pill, potion and diet on the market but despite losing weight my stomach still looks fat and bloated!"

If this sounds all too familiar you are not alone! Bloating makes you look and feel fat and for some people, trying to keep a Flat
Stomach is a daily battle due to constant abdominal bloating. How often have you complained that those favourite jeans that fit so
snugly first thing in the morning are bursting at the seams by evening? You eat healthily, you exercise regularly and your weight and
bmi are normal so why do you still look fat? How can you stop bloating?

Bloating is not simply an inconvenience. For those who suffer from it, it can be extremely distressing and at times incapacitating. We
all crave a Flat Stomach yet it is rarely taken seriously by medical professionals and usually dismissed as something that merely has
to be endured rather than treated and cured. Sufferers of bloating may be plagued with recurring, embarrassing flatulence as well as
crippling stomach cramps. In extreme cases some may find themselves with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, as a
large bloated stomach can give a distorted image of a person's overall figure.

Yet how often have you spoken to your doctor about your digestive disorders only for it to be diagnosed as just another case of i.b.s
(irritable bowel syndrome) and offered no real solution to the problem? A flat stomach rarely seems to be a priority to anyone else
except the sufferer, and fitting into your favourite pair of jeans is hardly considered a medical emergency.

While it must be pointed out that bloating can sometimes be a symptom of serious illness, once this option has been eliminated by the
appropriate medical investigations sufferers should consider the possibility that the culprit may lie in the food they are eating. Also, if
you suspect you may be suffering from a serious eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, PLEASE consult your doctor as soon as

In today's hectic world few of us have the time to devote to creating the plain wholesome food enjoyed by our predecessors. We have
come to rely on ready prepared meals and seasonings to provide our dietary needs. Unfortunately along with the ever growing list of
convenience foods is the endless array of additives contained within the package. Much has already been written about additives, e-
numbers etc and their effects on our health and it is not the purpose of this site to investigate other problems or symptoms which may
be related to them. The sole problem we are concerned with here is stomach bloating and the possible causes of it.

For although in many people a bloated stomach will be regarded as nothing more than an annoying inconvenience, rather like waking
up with a nasty spot on your face on the day of an important interview for example. For others it can be far more worrying. The
abdomen may be completely flat first thing in the morning only to become hugely distended throughout the course of the day. Some
sufferers complain of looking pregnant by the evening and are often troubled by crippling painful cramps.

So what is the answer to bloating and that elusive Flat Stomach?
Well forget the diet pills. Not only do these mask the problem they may even make things worse. In most cases, just a few basic
modifications to the diet are all that is required. Of course most of us are already aware that certain types of food are known to cause
excess gas, for example: onions, broccoli; cabbage and beans, etc but how often have you avoided these foods and still found your
stomach swelling and your clothes pulling uncomfortably tight? You may have also tried other popular remedies such as peppermint
tea and charcoal tablets which may help to ease the cramps but somehow never seem able to get to the root of the problem. So that
leads us to the question about other possible causes of bloating and particularly the role of additives in our food.

But why should additives cause bloating?
Quite possibly because our systems are simply getting overloaded by them. Unlike the diets followed by our parents and
grandparents, convenience foods play an enormous role in the lifestyle of today's generation. In years gone by meals were far simpler
and usually prepared using fresh produce. Nowadays we are more likely to buy a pack of ready battered fish rather than whisking
together the ingredients to make our own. Spaghetti Bolognese will probably be made with the assistance of a packet or jar of ready
prepared sauce instead of blending the herbs ourselves. Even salads can be bought pre-packed with little sachets of dressings
included. The corner shops and market places that were so prevalent a few decades ago have been overtaken by super stores with a
massive range of mouth watering convenience food and drinks. It's no wonder our meal choices have changed completely. So it's
probably fair to say that it isn't necessarily the additives themselves which are the problem, it is the sheer quantity in which they are
consumed that often causes the symptoms. You could therefore argue that to prevent bloating all you need to do is follow a strict diet
using only natural ingredients. That may well work for you, however in reality not all convenience foods are bad and it would probably
make more sense not to reject them altogether. Not only would that be impractical for many people, in most cases it is also
unnecessary. As far as bloating is concerned we need only control or limit our intake of the ingredient that causes the problem.

TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION..Fluid retention occurs when water accumulates in the body. Water is is always plentiful in the body.
Most of the water is contained in cells. About one-third of the water is located outside of the cells. The water outside of the cells is in
lymph fluid and blood vessels, the space between cells, officially called "interstitual space". The fluid can accumulate in the interstitial
space as a result of disease conditions. Serious fluid retention is called edema.

Edema is often seen as a swelling in the legs. If a indentation in the skin occurs and stays in the skin after pressure, such as by the
finger, is applied and released. The indentation is called pitted. This most serious form of edema is called pitted edema.

Edema can be caused by several diseases including diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver. Severe allergic reactions can also cause
edema. Varicose veins or a blood clot can also cause edema. Cirrhosis of the liver causes excessive fluid accumulations in the
abdominal cavity.

The treatments and drugs used for diseases can also cause edema. Drugs that can cause edema include: hormones, steroids and
treatment for hypertension.

Most fluid retention is mild and temporary. Often fluid retention is related to eating salty food. Swelling can occur after eating high
sodium meals, such as: Chinese food, chips, deli meats, smoked fish, frozen entrees, canned soups and salad dressings.

After consuming a salty meal or snack , the sodium causes the body to hold more water in an effort to bring the sodium and water
ratio back into proper balance.

Fluid retention related to the menstrual cycle is caused by a surge of hormones causing the kidneys to retain water.

Although it is counterintuitive, drinking water alleviates bloating. Many people think that drinking water causes bloating, but the
opposite is true. Experts recommend drinks at least six to eights glasses of fluid daily to keep your body functioning properly and
keep fluid in correct balance.

Certain foods have a diuretic effect to help avoid the puffiness of fluid retention. Diuretic foods include: cranberry juice, caffeinated
beverages, asparagus, eggplant, anise, celery, dandelion greens, lemon, parsley and tea.

There have been studies that show that immersion in water can help to relieve fluid retention. Getting into a swimming pool and taking
a water aerobics class or going swimming are activities that can relieve bloating.

For edema or swelling in the legs, the best remedy is to keep the legs elevated as much as possible so that the water doesn't pool in
the ankles and lower legs. Increase circulation to the lower legs by doing ankle exercises. Pointing and lifting the toes is a good
stretch for the feet and increases circulation.

Fluid retention can be mild and temporary or it can be serious and chronic. Bloating can be very uncomfortable, as well as unsightly. In
order to avoid this problem you should avoid salty foods and snacks, eating the high potassium food with a diuretic effect instead.
Drinking lots of water has been proven to flush the sodium out of your system and to alleviate bloating. Get your circulation going with
exercise. If you have access to a swimming pool, or lake, take advantage of the opportunity to immerse yourself in water while you
exercise. READ MORE..