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So this post gives you some information on how to warm up for a run, cool down from a run and how to eat clean and get the most out
of a lifestyle change to get to your goals, maintain them and be strong.
All of your runs should start with a warm-up and end with a cool down. Why are they so important?

A good warm-up dilates your blood vessels, ensuring that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen. It also raises your muscles'
temperature for optimal flexibility and efficiency. By slowly raising your heart rate, the warm-up also helps minimize stress on your
heart when you start your run.
Just as critical, the cool down keeps the blood flowing throughout the body. Stopping suddenly can cause light-headedness because
your heart rate and blood pressure drop rapidly. Winding down slowly allows them to fall gradually.

This is pretty easy give yourself... 5-10 minutes for warm-up; 5-10 minutes for cool down

It's never a good idea to stretch cold muscles, so don't start with stretching. I remember the days when they used to stretch you out
before doing an aerobic class and then one by one someone would get a cramp so.... Do about 5-10 minutes of light aerobic exercise
to loosen up your muscles and warm you up before your run. You can do this by walking briskly, marching, jogging slowly, doing some
knee lifts, dancing around or cycling on a stationary bike. Make sure you don't rush your warm-up. Now you can stretch out a little bit
and go run...  Don't start out racing, but instead jog slowly and gradually build up your speed. You should be breathing very easily. If you
feel yourself getting out of breath, slow down.
After you finish your run, cool down by walking or slowly jogging for 5 to 10 minutes.
Now you can start to really get a good stretch out...Stretch fully after your cooldown. Your body should be warm and stretching should
be easier.

So with that all said, let me also say.. Whether or not runners should stretch before and after and when is the optimal time to stretch,
are popular debates among runners and fitness experts. I being one in the business since I was 14yrs old have heard this argument
many times...  Recommendations about stretching vary from expert to expert and the research on the subject is conflicting.  Runners
also have differing opinions about stretching – some swear that regular stretching helps improve their running and keeps them injury-
free, while others never stretch and don’t suffer any adverse effects. I came to this conclusion...Like many running-related things,
what works for one runner may not necessarily work for another so do what feels best for you every body is different.

Do's and Dont's for Stretching
Follow these tips to get the most out of your stretching:

•Don't rush it. Stretch slowly and hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.
•Don't stretch through pain. Don't stretch beyond the point where you begin to feel tightness in the muscle. You shouldn't push through
muscle resistance, and never stretch to the point of pain. As you feel less tension, you can increase the stretch a bit more until you
feel the same slight pull.
•Do stretch both sides. Don't just stretch your left calf because you feel tightness on that side. Make sure you're stretching both sides
•Don't bounce. It's a common mistake, but bouncing risks pulling or tearing the muscle you're trying to stretch. Make sure you stretch
your muscles gradually.
•Don't hold your breath. Stay relaxed and breathe in and out slowly. Make sure you don't hold your breath. Take deep belly breaths.

That said, you should be careful about how you stretch. If not done properly, stretching can actually cause injury rather than prevent it.
Rule number one in stretching: do not bounce. It's a common mistake, but bouncing risks pulling or tearing the muscle you're trying to
stretch and relax. Muscles must be stretched gradually. If a stretch is applied too quickly, the muscle responds with a strong
contraction, increasing tension. If the stretch is applied slowly, however, this contraction reflex is avoided, muscle tension falls, and
you may stretch the muscle further. The lesson here: stretch slowly and hold the stretch for 30 to 40 seconds.

Do not stretch beyond the point where you begin to feel tightness in the muscle. Do not push through muscle resistance, and never
stretch to the point of discomfort or pain. Build stretching into your regular schedule both before and after your daily run I think is best
and works for me... And it's best to do your pre-run stretching after a gentle warmup run of five or ten minutes of warming up as
discussed above, since "warm" muscles stretch more easily.
I do these stretches below. If you must abbreviate the routine, at least do the three types of wall pushup, the hamstring stretch, the
heel-to-buttock stretch, and the groin stretch.

Repeat each stretch two or three times if you can..

Wall Pushup

Stand about three feet from a wall, feet at shoulder width and flat on the ground. Put your hands on the wall with your arms straight for
support. Lean your hips forward and bend your knees slightly to stretch your calves.

Wall Pushup

From the previous position, bend forward to lower your body to waist height. Bring one foot forward with your knee slightly bent. Lift
the toes of the front foot to stretch the muscle under the calf. Stretch both legs.

Wall Pushup  

Put your feet together, rocking back on your heels with your hands on the wall and your arms straight to form a jackknife with your
body. This stretches your hips, shoulders, and lower back.

Back Scratch

Grab your elbow with the opposite hand and gently push the elbow up and across your body until your hand reaches down to
"scratch" your back. Gently push on your elbow to guide your hand down your back as far as it will comfortably go, stretching your
triceps and shoulders. Stretch both arms.

Hamstring Stretch

Lie down with one leg straight up in the air, the other bent with foot flat on the ground. Loop a towel over the arch of the lifted foot, and
gently pull on the towel as you push against it with your foot. Push only to the point where your muscles contract. Stretch both legs.

Quadriceps Stretch

Kneel on your knees (without resting back on your heels). Lean back with your body erect and your arms to the side. Hold for 15

Heel To Buttock

Stand on one foot, with one hand on a wall for balance. Hold the other foot with the opposite hand and raise the heel of the lifted foot to
the buttocks (or as close as comfortably possible), stretching your quadriceps. Keep your body upright throughout. Change legs and

Hip & Lower Back Stretch

Sit on the ground with your legs crossed. Lift your right leg and cross it over the left, which should remain bent. Hug the right leg to
your chest and twist the trunk of your body to look over your right shoulder. Change legs and repeat (i.e. looking over your left

Iliotibial Band Stretch

Lie on your side with both legs bent in running position. Bring the bottom leg toward your chest and then bring the top one back toward
your buttocks, so that the running position of your legs is exaggerated as possible. Hold for 30 seconds then flip sides and repeat.

Hamstring & Back Stretch

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Hug your shins to your chest to stretch your hamstrings and lower back.


Lie on your back and, with your feet flat on the ground, lift your hips up until your body forms a flat plane. Repeat this one ten times for
30 seconds each to stretch your quads and lower back.

Groin Stretch

Seated, put the soles of your feet together. With your elbows on the inside of your knees, gradually lean forward and gently press your
knees toward the ground.

So with all this get out there and RUN!! Of course please be sure to consult a doctor before starting any
new diet or exercise plan. Everyone is different!

Now you started a great new running plan, You can run inside on a treadmill and keep it up even in bad
weather... So now how about your diet? Are you watching what you eat? Counting Calories? How about all of
the above and EATING CLEAN... Okay, lets talk more about an Eating Clean diet..So here is a quick list of the
clean foods that you might not be eating..

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. We’ve all heard it, what does that mean exactly? Apples are
fantastic for your heart as well as for keeping your bowel movements regular. And lets face it. If things are
“moving” along smoothly, many diseases are far less likely to occur.

These orangey little fruits are a health inducing powerhouse! Apricots help fight cancer, control blood
pressure, slows the aging process and even fights against Alzheimer’s!

While it can be tough to eat these without drenching them in butter or mayo, these fabulous green globes
actually lower your cholesterol, aid your digestions and even fight liver disease.
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