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Thermogenic formula designed to increase thermogenesis and assist in fat loss, without eliminating muscle.
(Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms.)
Now with Fucoxanthin.
Fucoxanthin is being explored for weight loss to naturally increase the metabolic rate. Japanese researchers
have found that fucoxanthin (isolated from wakame) promotes the loss of abdominal fat in obese mice and rats.
Animals lost 5 to 10% of their body weight. Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to
target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which abdominal fat is burned.
HOW TO GET SUPER SKINNY... COCAINE SKINNY...Here is what's in THIS CART Program and how this product
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good and the bad when it comes to weight loss.
A Spray Mist Crave Controller Is Diet Defense... It  has been all over the runways this season... models are spraying
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As a model before a show I can tell you that you really can't eat... not before a show, it  can quickly change your
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calcium/potassium salt of 60% HCA extract from Garcinia cambogia alone and in combination with niacin-bound
chromium and a standardized Gymnema Sylvestre Extract on weight-loss parameters in human volunteers. I know
blah blah, but  In a double-blind fashion,
60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
Some spells...
Venus, Goddess of Beauty, Goddess of women, Goddess of love, I evoke your power to aid me, to make
me strong, to fill me with your power to help me in my purpose to be the best that I can be.

Venus, Goddess of Beauty, Goddess of women, Godess of love, I evoke your power to heal me, to
cleanse me, to charge me with life and love of life.

Venus, Goddess of Beauty Goddess of Women, Goddess of Love, I call you into my life to stand beside
me to protect me to guide me towards beauty, and love.

Look into the candle flame and see yourself in the future, of the right age, BEING HAPPY and ALIVE
(which is MUCH more important than "being thin"!).

When you are ready, blow out the candle.

Here comes the real magic.

Anytime before you eat (and where you can), light a candle to Venus before you start.

A lot of people eat a lot of stuff and they don't get fat - it's a mystery, really.

Let the power of Venus transform your whole eating experience.

When you're done, leave a small morsel as a token offering and blow out the candle.

When you are in a place where you cannot light a candle, imagine one so strongly in your mind that you
can nearly see it right there on the table in front of you and act just the same, quietly inside.

Should you feel it wearing off after a week or so, do the ORIGINAL full on evocation with the prayer above
again to strengthen it even more.

This is very powerful, it really does work and YOU deserve to be happy, and alive ABSOLUTELY.

Blessed be,

A Further Note: Weightloss is also about changing the way you eat and what you eat, AND what attitude
you have when you're eating.

That's the practical side of weightloss, and this is a place where this spell and the Goddess Venus can
come to the rescue.

For example, if you are getting those feelings inside that tell you that you need to eat to relieve them,
what really helps is to say:

Venus, Goddess of Beauty, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Women, Goddess of Power, STAND BY ME!
Help me, change me, make me right, make me bright! Transform me in your image This is my will.

... or words to that effect, so that the *energy* of the Goddess Venus can flow through you and really,
truly, CHANGE you, help you change what needs to be changed so you can be healthy, flowing, beautiful
in the truest sense of the word.

Do this all the time, like a mantra, it makes A LOT of difference, you'll see!

* A further update:

I have had *a lot* of feedback from people saying they LOVE this and how much it has helped them,
especially in dark nights when you are all alone and feel you need to comfort eat, but also when you are
out and about and get the sense that others are judging you.

One young lady from the US told me that it had really helped her with GUILT over having eaten at all! This
can only be for the best, that's for sure.

This invocation and the idea to call on Venus particularly for help with weight loss/being more beautiful
and more healthy was delivered to me in the old fashioned shamanic "flash of an insight" in response to
the original request. I don't know if this works for men, I suspect it is very specific for women of all
ages, for the essence of Venus is - WOMAN. I'll see if I can find something similar for men, and I
guarantee it won't be Mars, either ...

blessed be...

Weight Loss Spell using mirror...
Meditate during the waning moon. Light a pink candle for self-love. Anoint it with the oil of your choice.
Next light a brown candle, engrave the number of pounds you want to loose on it. Then visualize
banishing the excess weight. Runes can also be carved on the candle if you wish and incense can be
burned. Visualize the smoke taking the excess pounds away!!

Here is another Spell to Lose Weight...
Take a piece of parchment paper and draw a pentacle in the center. In each point write one word of
“Refrigerator Stay Invisible To Me”

While writing concentrate on yourself at the desired weight you have in mind.
Attach the paper to the fridge, until you reach your goal. Moon should be waning.

Candle Weight Loss Spell
You get 1 white, 1 blue, and 1yellow candle. Light them all in front of a mirror and say this chant:

Lighter thinner
that I say
Make me my right size
this very day

When you finish this chant, pour the wax from the candles into a small glass with a new wick in it.
Repeat this day after day until your new candle is made. Burn your new candle until it or the wind puts
the candle out. When you're feeling overweight again light the candle and let it put itself out.

Simple Weight Loss Spell
Timimg: Waning Moon (start just after Full Moon)

Preparation: Using an athame (or another sharp item that you have ritually blessed) mark a black candle
into 14 equal parts (13 rings). Mark each section with number fives (5).

On the night after the Full Moon, burn the candle down to the first mark while meditating, and chanting
the following:

"As this candle burns, so my fat burns.
As this candle decreases, so my weight decreases.
I have complete control over my weight.
My body is truly perfect in every way.
I now weigh a perfect __(insert desired goal)___ pounds.
Every day I am slimmer and healthier.
I am as perfect as the Goddess within me.
Thank you, Goddess, for your help.
This is my will, so mote it be."

Do this nightly, burning the candle down to the next mark, until the night of the New Moon, when the
candle should be allowed to burn out. It is also helpful to picture your body's fat cells burning off and to
feel your increased metabolism and energy. Your body may feel warm and tingly. As the candle goes
down, so your weight goes down. You will lose 5-10 pounds over the two weeks. This spell can be done
every month, or as needed.

Points to Remember:
This is the affirmation that I wrote for myself, you are free to change it in any way to suit yourself.
Rhyming works well, but I wrote this before I was very good at rhyming everything, and I have continued
to use it in the original form simply because I like it that way. Always bear in mind that you must see
yourself as having already accomplished your goal in the present moment. Also remember that you
need to keep wording things as positive, your subconcious mind really hates to "lose" anything. The
word "Goddess" can be substituted for whatever God or Goddess you are working with on this, but I
would definitely ask for Divine help.

Weight Loss Spell

Stand in front of a mirror and put your hands on your stomach. Chant these words with feeling:

Godess hear my plead,
Make me the weight I want to heed,
This size is to big for me,
A size (size you want to be) I want to be,
So Mote It Be

Once you do this you will feel a funny feeling in your stomach and your cloths will be to big (or if there to
small for you the right size) for 6-7 hours

This is tested and works really well as me and my friends have tried this and it is really good. Thats why
we put it in my B.O.S (Book of Shadows).

This weight loss spell increases your metabolism, helping your body burn calories faster.  The results
will not be instant, but over time, you’ll find yourself shedding those extra pounds.  You can speed the
results up by eating healthier food and making sure to exercise regularly. For this weight loss spell,
you will need: A red candle A small cloth pouch, preferably red or orange Cayenne pepper, ground
cinnamon and ground ginger – about a teaspoon of each (it is preferable to use all three of these , but
if you can only find one or two, then that will work as well). The weight loss spell should be performed
during a waning moon.  In order to make it most effective, perform it seven days in a row from the first
day following a full moon. Performing the spell to lose weight First of all, center and ground yourself,
and then cast your circle.  Place all the ingredients for the spell in front of you, and light the red
candle. As the candle burns, imagine the heat from the flame warming the inside of your body.  Stare
into the flame of the candle, and imagine your body taking on the attributes of the fire.  See how it
burns the wax of the candle, and visualize your own body burning all your stored excess fat just as
easily and efficiently. Keep your attention on this image, and repeat the following incantation three
times: Fire, awaken inside me, Burn away the weight I don’t need, Flame, heat up my body, As my
metabolism increases in speed. Now take the spices and pour them into the small pouch and close it (if
this isn’t the first time performing the spell, you should already have all the spices inside the pouch –
it’s not necessary to create a new one, just use the same one you created on the first day).  Circle the
pouch around the candle clockwise three times, and visualize it absorbing the heat of the candle. Say:
So mote it be Now blow out the candle and close your circle. Keep the pouch of spices close to your
body at all times, for as long as you still wish to lose weight.  It’ll be most effective if placed close to
your stomach. After every meal you eat, hold the pouch in your left hand for a minute or so, and
visualize yourself absorbing the heat from it, pulling the warmth up through your arm and into your
stomach.  You’ll find that your body will start burning the calories from your meals faster, leading to
healthy and effective weight loss over the long term.

Read more: http://wiccanspells.info/weight-loss-spell/