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If you have a fat face, then you’ve endured the comments–the snide quips about the moon face or Buddha
cheeks that won’t go away, even after losing weight.  While some nip and tuck can get rid of face fat
artificially, chances are most of us don’t want to go under the knife just for a slimmer visage.  For a more
natural way to lose face fat, here’s what can help.

How to Lose Face Fat

If plastic surgery isn’t an option, here are five way to lose face fat for good:

1. Keep hydration levels high.  An odd thing happens when you don’t drink enough water–your body begins
hoarding whatever water is left inside of you, creating a bloating effect.  Most people will first notice signs
of it right under their eyes; their eye bags may look more prominent and they may develop chipmunk
cheeks.  Chances are if your face looks bigger than usual, you’re dehydrated.

The solution: For a slimmer face, keep hydration levels high.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, sipping
at regular intervals to keep bloating on the down low.  Also avoid beverages that can increase your bloat
potential–the most notorious being caffeinated sodas.

2. Cut your sodium intake.  Sodium is a tricky beast–when you don’t get enough, your electrolytes go
haywire, making you feel nauseous and fatigued.  But have too much–which is the case for many Americans–
and you’ll pack on a lot of bloat, which can sometimes be downright painful.  Sometimes too much of a good
thing really is too much.

The solution: To lose face fat, consider cutting, but not eliminating, your sodium intake.  The 2010 Dietary
Guidelines for Americans recommend consuming less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily.  Thankfully,
avoiding sodium is easy–simply limit processed foods and go easy on the salt shaker.

3. Cut your carbohydrate intake.  Carbohydrate are a delicious, energy-providing addition to any meal, but
are you eating too much?  Research shows that people who eat too many carbohydrates but not enough fat
or protein suffer from bloating–and you can bet that will also make your face puffy too!  Here’s how to slim it

The solution: If most of your diet is comprised of grains and other carbohydrates, consider cutting your
intake by 1/3 or 1/2.  This may reduce the bloating in your face.

4. Stop drinking alcohol.  Sure, alcohol may be a relaxing way to end a evening, but just one serving can
send you into bloat city, as well as compromise your judgment and critical thinking skills.  People who drink
alcohol are also more likely to eat more calories, all because alcohol triggers the urge to eat with poor
judgment.  It’s not a good deal.

The solution: For a slimmer face, stop drinking alcohol.  If you want a relaxing way to end your evening,
consider something alcohol-fee, such as a mocktail or a warm chai latte.  Soon your face will look slimmer–
and you’ll no longer have to endure mean-spirited comments!
Facial Exercise’s For Eyes
One of the key areas of the face which you want to
workout is the area around the eyes. We all know
how those crow's feet can make you look older.
Here are some Face Exercises for the eyes:
1.        Close your eyes firmly. Place both thumbs at
the outer corners of the eyes and gently pull the
skin towards your temples
2.        Firmly close your eyes. Place both forefingers
flat under your eyebrows and stretch the skin
upwards while keeping your eyes closed
3.        Keep your eyes open. Raise your eyebrow
while half closing your eyes. Hold for a second.
Open your eyes as wide as you can. Hold for a
4.        Keep your eyes open. Look up and down as
far as you can without shifting your head. Do the
same to the left and right. At the end, stare ahead.

Face Exercise’s For the Neck & Throat
We all know how ugly a wrinkled throat looks. Here
are some facial exercises for the throat:
1.        Grasp the underside of your chin with an
open palm. Tilt your head back so that your staring
upwards until you feel your throat skin stretching
2.        This is a continuation of the previous
exercise. Now shift your hand to the bottom of your
throat and stretch the skin downwards
3.        Bring your lips together as if for a kiss. Tilt
your head back to the ceiling. Stretch your lips as if
you're trying to kiss the ceiling above you
4.        Tilt your head back as if staring at the ceiling.
Bring your lower lips over the upper one and feel
the stretch in your throat skin
5.        Tilt Your head back as if staring at the ceiling.
Bring your tongue out as if trying to touch your chin.
Feel the stretch and relax

Each of these exercises should be done 5-10 times
Facial Toning Exercise’s for The Lips
Here are some facial exercises for the lips:
1.        Bring your lips firmly together. Now bring your
lips towards your nose. Hold and relax
2.        While keeping your lips and teeth pressed
together, smile as widely as possible. Hold the smile
and release
3.        Bring your lips in a Kiss position as hard as
you can. Hold this position and release
4.        Pucker your lips as far out as possible. Try to
touch your nose with the upper lips and aim for the
chin with the lower one
Face Toning Exercises For The Cheeks
One of the most common and annoying things
people find in their faces is the shape and size of
their cheeks. People with chubby cheeks frequently
try to reduce their cheek fat. Here are some facial
exercises that can help with that:
1.        Keep your lips closed. Such both Cheeks
inward. Hold and release. Do this exercise by
sucking in one cheek at a time
2.        Keep your mouth closed. Feel your mouth
with air. Hold it under your upper lip for a few
seconds. Move it to your right cheek. Hold. Move to
your left cheek. Hold. Move the air to your lower lip.
Hold. Blow the air out
3.        Keep your lips closed. Pucker your lips by
using your cheek muscles. Hold your lips puckered
for a few seconds and release