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Animals lost 5 to 10% of their body weight. Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to
target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which abdominal fat is burned.
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60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
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OMG I just saw the scale.... "I’d like to start an exercise program, but where do I begin?"
Making the personal decision to begin exercise is the first step. Committing to make it a priority in your life is the next.

Often, the biggest challenge you will face is changing your lifestyle. Many of us have created
bad habits over a the years and changing these requires a committed effort to consciously
recognize and alter some of these patterns. Ultimately you need to change both your internal
beliefs and your external environment to step you up for success.

It takes time to develop new habits, so a positive, forgiving attitude is essential. You will not
become an athlete overnight, but by slowly changing your internal dialog and external
situation, you will find a new lifestyle that encourages fitness.

Begin by checking with you doctor to ensure that you can safely exercise without
restrictions. Once you have the OK, surround yourself with supportive people and role
models. Having a support system is crucial in starting a workout program. Accountability and
motivation are very important to success. Ask those who are active how they’ve set up their
lifestyle to support activity. You will learn a lot from those who are doing what you want to do.

You might also consider several sessions with a qualified personal trainer to learn what to
do to reach your fitness goals. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to stay
active. Find something that works for you whether it’s bike commuting to work, walking after
dinner, joining a sports league, exercise while watching tv, or training for a marathon. There
are so many options and sometimes we don’t realize how life provides many opportunities to be active –
we just have to recognize them.

Physical health is often the last item on the daily agenda in trying to balance, school, jobs,
relationships and all of the other demands of your daily life. However, if you make physical
fitness and healthy lifestyle a priority, you will find more energy and enthusiasm for the other areas of your life.

Ideally, your exercise routine should be goal oriented, especially for new exercisers. Your
goal must be realistic relative to your starting point, and measurable in a way that you will see your progress.

article source... http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/tipsandtricks/a/howtostart.htm
The cucumber is a vegetable that is a part of the same family as the zucchini, pumpkin and squash.
About 90 percent of the cucumber is water. It is low in calories, yet contains essential nutrients that
you can fill up on at the dinner table as well as in between meals. As a result, the cucumber helps to
promote weight loss, which in turn can help you to prevent many other diseases.

Cleansing Properties
The cucumber works like a diuretic, which not only helps you to lose fat cells, but water weight as
well. It essentially helps to remove excess body fluids and fat cells by breaking down the fat cells
so that they can be eliminated from the body.

Cucumbers contain silicon and sulphur, which help to stimulate the kidneys to cleanse the body
from the accumulated uric acid, which is often the result of being overweight. The kidneys also aid
in breaking down fat cells to be removed from the body.

In addition to the diuretic effect, the cucumber contains powerful antioxidant vitamins such as
vitamins A, C and E to help remove toxins and fat cells. They help to clean your systems at a cellular
level, to remove pockets of fat and toxins that have built up in your body and underneath your skin.
Cucumbers can help you to achieve your weight loss goals gradually over time.

Increased Energy Levels
Cucumbers are high in fiber, which is essential when it comes to weight loss, as it helps to get your
bowels functioning again so that wastes can be eliminated. Fiber not only helps to clean your
digestive tract, but the rest of your body as well. This helps to increase your metabolism so that you
will have more energy to help the body to burn off fat cells by engaging in exercise.

Tartrate acid is another component in the cucumber that increases energy and promotes weight
loss. It basically helps the body to convert carbohydrates into energy, so that they will not be
stored as fat cells.

Low in Calories
Cucumbers are very low in calories. 1 cup of sliced cucumbers contains only about 13.52 calories,
while the high levels of nutrients and water content will help to fill you up without the calories.
Therefore, cucumbers are the perfect addition to any green salad, as well as a great vegetable to
snack on in between meals.

Cucumbers have an alkalizing effect on the body to help restore the pH level in your blood. This is
crucial if you want to lose weight, as an acidic environment in the body can make it difficult to lose
weight. This is due to the fact that too many acids in the blood or body can damage your organs and
blood vessels. In order for your body to protect itself from these acids, it stores them away in
pockets of fat. In order for you to lose weight, you need to restore the pH balance, so that these fat
pockets can be eliminated from the body.

The cucumber is often seen on vegetable trays alongside carrots, broccoli and other chopped
vegetables, but are there any other ways that they can be included in your diet? Here are four
different ways that cucumbers can be added to meals to make them tastier and healthier. Try them
out today and get started on the path to good health!

1. In Cream Cheese
One of the easiest ways to incorporate cucumbers into your meals is by creating a garden
vegetable cream cheese and spreading it on your morning bagel. This adds a unique zing to an
otherwise ordinary breakfast, and helps to increase your vegetable intake. Start by choosing
cucumbers that are firm to the touch. Carefully peel the cucumbers either by hand or with a peeler.
Chop the cucumber into small pieces, and add to a bowl of softened cream cheese. Mix the
cucumber and cream cheese thoroughly. If you like, you can also add other vegetables, such as
peppers, carrots or onions. Bagels make a great morning snack because they’re hand-held and don’
t need to be refrigerated.

2. In Beverages
Another great way to incorporate them in your meals is by making a cucumber smoothie.
Cucumbers have a very mild taste, making them a great pairing for almost any fruit. Peel the
cucumber, and then mash. This can be done by either placing the cucumber in a food processor or
blender. Add strawberries, melon or any other fruit of your choice, and mix until combined. Add ice,
milk or yogurt, and get ready for a tasty treat!

3. In Sauces
Cucumbers can  be pureed and combined with other ingredients to make sauces which can then be
served with chicken, beef, fish, pork or even pasta. As described above, cucumbers have a mild
taste, and therefore can blend well with a variety of different flavors without being too
overwhelming. You may have to experiment with a few different recipes and ingredients before
finding a flavor combination that works well for you. But don’t give up – with time and practice, you’
ll find the perfect sauce!

4. In Salads
Cucumbers are often used in salads, which is a final way to incorporate them into your meals.
Typically, cucumbers that are in salads are not peeled. Research has found that the peel of most
fruits and vegetables contains a high amount of dietary fiber, which is slow digesting and therefore
essential to help keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Also, fiber is “bulky,” which
means that it takes up a lot of room in your stomach. To get the most bang from your buck when
eating salads, try to keep the peels on your cucumbers. Not only will you get extra fiber in your diet,
but you will also get a satisfying crunch from the peel!

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to make a cucumber face mask. While
the pulp of the cucumber can provide a great deal of moisture, the skin of the cucumber acts as an
exfoliate. This great face mask is not only highly effective, but it can also help to save you lots of
hard earned money!

Start With High-Quality Cucumbers
Aside from bones and fat, your body is composed almost primarily of water. Therefore, it is no
surprise that cucumbers, which are very high in water, can be used to make a great, high-quality
face mask. Since the water content of the cucumbers is one of the reasons why they make such a
great mask, it is important that you find fresh, high-quality cucumbers in order to achieve optimal
results. Head to the produce section of your local grocery store, and look for cucumbers that are
firm and have dark green, waxy skins. These skins should appear taut and should not be wrinkly or
dried out.

Prepare the Cucumbers
Once you have actually purchased the cucumbers, you must go home and prepare them properly.
Start by using a sharp vegetable peeler to remove the outer skin of the cucumber, but do not
discard it. Instead, place it in a separate bowl for later use. Cut the cucumber into thin, evenly sized
slices. Carefully place the cucumber slices into a food processor, and mix thoroughly. Remove the
cucumber pulp from the blender. Next, place in to the skin of the cucumber that was removed
earlier. Use short bursts of the food processor to chop the cucumber skin into small pieces.
However, the cucumber skin should not be made into a paste.

Prepare the Cucumber Face Mask
Now it is time to combine the ingredients to make the mask. Start by combining the cucumber pulp
and skin in a large bowl. You should be able to feel the “grains” of the cucumber skin in this
mixture. Add a small amount of lavender or citrus oil to the face mask to give the mixture a
refreshing fragrance and help moisturize the skin. Allow the mixture to sit in the bowl for at least
five minutes, so that all of the ingredients have an opportunity to mesh with each other.

Apply the Cucumber Face Mask
Finally, you must apply the cucumber face mask. Start by using a clean washcloth to wash your face.
Ideally, at this point you should use very warm water in order to open the pores in your skin.
Carefully apply the cucumber face mask and let it rest on the skin for at least ten minutes. After the
time has passed, carefully remove the face mask and discard in the garbage. To rinse your face,
this time use cold water. This will help to seal your pores, thereby trapping in the moisture that was
provided to your face from the face mask.
SOURCE.. http://www.3fatchicks.com