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Whether we want to do it for a class reunion, an impending date, or simply out of the desire to look better, nearly all of us have tried
to shed ten pounds at one time or another.  We want the weight to come off as quickly as possible.  We’ve turned to
supplements, and crash diets, lured by the glorious promises to “Lose a dress or pants size by this weekend!”  But, as anyone who’
s ever tried this knows, THEY WORK, But you need to keep up exercising and calorie restriction to keep it off.  
So what if I told you there really is a way to lose ten pounds – instantly – that’is perfectly safe, and it doesn’t require a single cut
calorie or drop of sweat on your part?  Well, I’d be lying.  
There’s no way to lose ten pounds instantly, without that
drastic calorie cut and exercise...but with a few tricks of the trade, you can
look like you’ve lost ten pounds, and it’s as easy as getting dressed.  
Can't drop the pounds fast enough... I will teach you to hide ‘em!
Step One: Proper Posture
How many times have you heard your mother order you to stand up straight?  She may have warned you that if you kept on
slouching, you’d get a hump in your back.  This is a maternal truth, just like “If you cross your eyes, they’ll stay that way.”  You won’t
really end up looking like Quasimodo if your posture is bad, but you may look quite a bit heavier than you have to.  If you’are aiming
for perfect standing posture, here are some guidelines:
Your weight should be concentrated on the balls of your feet, not your heels.
Your knees should be slightly apart, approximately the width of your shoulders.
Your arms should hang naturally at your sides.
You should avoid locking your knees; keep them “soft.”
Keep the head level by tucking in your chin a little bit.
Make sure that your head isn’t pushed forward or leaned backward, but square atop your neck.
Stand as straight and tall as you can, with your shoulders pushed back.
To check yourself, stand against a wall with your shoulders and butt touching it.  If your posture is good, the back of your head
should also touch the wall in this position.  If it doesn’t, you’re carrying your head too far forward.
Proper posture is crucial for more reasons than just looking slimmer.  It can say a lot about your attitude and your confidence level.  
It also makes you feel more energetic, makes deep breathing easier, and helps prevent back pain.  According to the experts at the
American Council on Exercise, “Correct posture and body mechanics play a vital role in preventing back pain because pressure on
the discs and strain of the muscles, ligaments and back joints is aggravated by incorrect posture and body mechanics. At the same
time, when your posture is good and you move your body correctly, you reduce strain on the lower back.”
To improve your posture, you should start by strengthening your core.  “Core” refers to the abdominal and back muscles that attach
to the spine or pelvis, and they’re responsible for keeping us stable.  Pilates and yoga are excellent methods for strengthening and
toning these muscles.  
What – you’re not running directly to the gym to sign up for those Pilates classes?   Well, here is a simple exercise you can do to
help improve your posture in the meantime:
Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart.
Tighten your abs, making sure not to lean forward or backward – your head should be directly over your shoulders, and your
shoulders should be over your pelvis.

Tighten your butt.
Hold this position for ten seconds, breathing naturally.
Repeat it twice.
Bring the feet together a little bit so that now they’re just under shoulder-width apart, and repeat everything.
No matter what kind of exercises you do – or whether you do any at all – the most important thing to remember about posture is that
you must always be aware of it.  Awareness is crucial … if you don’t realize you’re slouching, you won’t do anything about it, right?  
For the next week, commit yourself to staying posture-conscious.  If you find yourself out of alignment, correct it.  You’ll be surprised
at how much leaner you’ll look when you’re not allowing yourself to slump!

Step Two: Dress the Part
If you “dress thin,” you’ll look thin.  Looking ten pounds lighter is as simple as being a bit choosy when shopping, and remembering a
few key do’s and don’ts.

Don’t …
Wear anything with a thick elastic waist (read: sweatpants!).  It’ll just add an extra roll to your middle, and possibly even make your
flesh bulge over the top … not pretty.
Wear clothes that are too big for you in order to hide your bulk.  It might cover the flesh, but you certainly won’t look any smaller.
Wear all white.  Monochromatic dressing is great for looking thinner (see the “Do” section below), but not when it’s white – it isn’t
slimming like darker colors.  The same goes for any very light color, such as pastels.  Use these as accent colors instead.
Wear cropped jackets.  They’ll cut off right at your waist area and exaggerate your hips.
Wear cargo pants.  The big, bulky pockets will just add … well, bulk.
Wear Bermuda shorts.  Like cropped jackets do for the waist, these shorts will cut off at a very unflattering place on the thigh.
Wear anything with elastic at the arms, such as many peasant-style tops – the elastic will squeeze any extra arm flab and give you
an unappealing sausage-like appearance.
Wear horizontal stripes, unless you want to look wider.
Wear patterns on top and bottom.
Wear two large or heavy items together.  For example: if you’re wearing a full skirt, don’t wear a sweater with it – choose a more
form-fitting top instead.  Big shirt + big pants or skirt = big problem!
Allow any flab to hang over the tops of any clothing.
Wear anything belted.
Wear jackets with lapels.
Wear shoulder pads.

Do …
Dress in a monochromatic scheme.  Most people assume that head-to-toe black is the way to go when you’re trying to look slim –
and it is – but it’s not the only way to go.  Face it: if you wear all black, all the time, people will think you’re either in perpetual
mourning or going through a goth phase.  It’s definitely okay once in a while, but any other dark color, such as chocolate brown,
navy, or deep red, can be used instead of black.  A tip if you’re dressing in all one color: be sure to use accessories to break up the
Wear A-line skirts.  Flowing skirts are excellent at hiding any flaws on the bottom half.  If you’re large on top, choose a fluffier skirt,
one with volume at the bottom such as multiple tiers or ruffles.  If you’re smaller on top, choose an A-line with less volume.
Invest in a good bra that pushes your breasts together and upward, making your chest area appear narrower.
Forgo the cute panties in favor of elastic reinforcement (unless, of course, it’s a very special occasion and someone’s going to see
them).  Buy the control top-type underwear that reaches up to your ribcage, where there’s less flab.  This way you won’t have tummy
overhang.  If you’ll be wearing a dress that is somewhat fitted, take the undergarments a step further and buy one of the many
available body-slimming devices that reach from the ribs to the knees.  Note: this is not always comfortable, so weigh the benefits
against that fact before you buy.
Wear tops and dresses that are fitted just beneath your breasts – an empire waist – unless your breasts are unusually large.  This
is normally a woman’s narrowest part.
Wear V-neck shirts to open up the neckline and make your neck appear longer.
Wear Capri pants that end at the slimmest part of your leg, a couple inches above the ankle.
Wear vertical stripes, such as pinstripes, to elongate the body.
Wear shirts and dresses with zippers or buttons going down the front; the vertical line is slimming.
Be choosy when selecting pants with pockets.  Pants without pockets are best, but if you must have a place to stash your goods, go
for pants with diagonal slash pockets that look like slits.  They’re best for drawing attention away from saddlebags.
Pick the right jeans.  Choose a pair that sits lower on your waist; those with high waistlines can be extremely unflattering.  Choose
boot-cut, because the slight flare will balance out the bottoms of your legs with the tops.  Buy them a little bit long, so that they break
over the middle of the foot, creating the look of longer legs.  And when it comes to the back pockets, find a pair with big pockets
rather than small.  Small pockets just make your butt look bigger.
Think three-quarter-length.  This length is flattering, whether it’s shirt sleeves or jackets.
Even your choice of footwear can make a difference in how slim your legs look.  A few tips for fabulous feet:
Add height.  Wedges and espadrilles are great for this.  Anything with a chunky heel will work to balance out the leg – if you’re heavy,
always wear a heel.
If you have thick ankles, avoid small heels (kitten heels, for example) and don’t wear shoes with a strap that cuts across your foot.  
Wear open-toed shoes; this visually elongates the leg.
Be careful when wearing boots.  If you have chunky legs, thin them out by making sure the boot is tall enough to reach over the calf,
ending just below the bend of the knee.  Never wear boots that end at the thickest part of your calf.
If you’re going for a sporty look, avoid wearing tennis shoes with no socks – they make the leg and ankle look extra thick.  Wear
backless shoes, such as sporty mules, instead.

Step Three: “Makeup” a New Weight
Believe it or not, you can even use beauty products to make yourself look thinner.  Follow these tricks of the trade to dramatically
slim down your face and body.
Start with your eyebrows.  Beautifully sculpted brows frame the eyes, add definition to the face and draw attention to the middle.  
Make sure yours are tweezed, waxed, or otherwise groomed.
Use bronzer.  Dark color makes areas recede, so use bronzer – either liquid or powder – below your cheekbones, along the jaw line,
and under the chin.  Be extra sure that everything is very well-blended so you don’t look like you’are wearing a dark mask!
Make your eyes look as big as possible.  The bigger they look in proportion to the rest of your face, the more petite your face will
seem overall.  Dust a pale, shimmery shadow lightly from lash line to brow bone.  Brush a neutral taupe or gray into the crease.  Line
the eyes across the entire upper lash line, and instead of eyeliner on the bottom lashes, dab a bit of taupe or brown shadow into the
lash line for a softer look.  Curl your lashes and use two coats of volumizing mascara, making sure you let it dry between coats.  To
make your eyes “pop” even more, apply false lashes to the outer corners.
Bring out the angles in your face by highlighting them.  Use an iridescent cream or powder along the tops of your cheekbones and
blend well.  You can take this one step further by blending the same iridescent shimmer along your collarbone.  
Plump up your lips with a dab of gloss directly in the middle of the lower lip. Avoid lip liner, as it can make your pout look smaller.  
Dab a teeny bit of bronzer or light brown eye shadow just under the center of your bottom lip, right where it folds down – but be
careful with this tip.  Overdo it and you’ll look like you have a dirty chin (or worse, a five o’clock shadow!).
And a few slimming secrets for the body …
Bring on the sunshine-in-a-bottle!  A faux tan is a wonderful slimming trick.  Don’t forget to exfoliate first!  Try a spray-on.
Add some shimmer.  Use a lotion with iridescent shimmer (or even body oil) to highlight your shoulders.  Blend this same shimmer
down the fronts of your shins, from your knee to the top of your foot; highlighting the bone makes the rest of the leg appear skinnier.
Make your fingers appear less stubby by painting your nails in a light, neutral, fleshy shade – this will elongate them.  Another trick is
to paint the center of the nails, leaving a tiny bit of space on either side, making the nail – and consequently, the finger – look
Wearing your nails long helps, too.

Step Four: Choose the Right ‘Do
I know what you’re thinking: my hair can help me look thinner?  Yes, it can!  In fact, the right hairdo can make an enormous
Use subtle highlights to create slenderizing vertical lines throughout your hair.
Choose softly layered cuts over blunt ones.
Go for a side part rather than a center part, which can make your face look more round.  Use the natural arch of your eyebrow as a
guide – part your hair directly above it.
Don’t wear bangs, or if you must, wear them long and wispy, and sweep them to one side.
Add some “oomph!”  Flat, head-hugging hair only serves to make the face look bigger.  Soft waves, swept away from the face, are
very slimming.
Wear an updo.  When your hair’s got extra height at the crown of your head, it draws the eye upward and elongates and thins the
Pull your hair up into a high ponytail or any other style that is off your neck and shoulders to make that area appear longer.

Step Five: Accessorize Those Pounds Away
A few well-placed accessories can be a nice finishing touch to your newly-slim appearance.
Think long.  Wear long, dangling earrings and long necklaces; they’ll provide slimming vertical lines.
Stay away from tight-fitting watches and bracelets; wear bangles instead.
Avoid belts.  If you have to wear one, make sure it’s thin – thick belts visually cut the body in half – and worn low on the waist, rather
than cinched tightly around your waistline.
Wear wide, rectangular sunglasses to slim the face.
Wear chunky rings and bracelets as accessories only if your bone structure is on the bigger side.  If you’re small, chunky jewelry
will only engulf you.
Choose your purse according to your body size.  If you’re petite, carry a small clutch.  If you’re bigger, you can get away with a
medium-size bag – just don’t go overboard on the size.  An extra-big bag adds bulk to any body size.

Step Six: Beat the Bloat
Okay, so this may not exactly be an instant tip, but it’s still something you can do very quickly – and it’s much easier than actually
losing the ten pounds.  We all know that bloated bodies do not look their best in form-fitting clothing … or any clothing, for that
matter.  To make sure you’re as svelte as possible before a big event, you should …
Count on natural diuretics.  Eat plenty of asparagus, celery, watermelon, and parsley (the parsley will help freshen your breath as
well!).  These diuretic “superfoods” will help to flush excess water out of your system.
Eat bananas and cantaloupe, fruits that are high in potassium.  Potassium helps regulate the fluid balance in your body.
Avoid soda, carbonated water, champagne or anything else that contains gas-creating bubbles.
Cut the starchy carbs.  Foods like pasta, bread, and rice will absorb water and leave you bloated.
Steer clear of salt!  Nothing promotes water retention like foods with a high sodium content.
Boost your water intake.  (It may not be wise to do this on the day of an important event, unless you want to spend a large amount of
time running back and forth to the toilet!)
Load up on fiber to get things moving through your intestines – constipation can be the culprit when you’re bloated.
Taking in excess air will cause gas bubbles to form. When you eat, take small bites and chew carefully, with your mouth closed.  
And don’t drink from a straw.
If it’s menstrual bloating you’re cursed with, try popping an over-the-counter bloat reliever such as Pamprin or Midol.
The shine of self-confidence is sexier than any slimming trick in the book – hands down! The preceding tips are guidelines, not hard
and fast rules set in stone; you don’t have to follow all of them in order to look good.  If you feel great in your head-to-toe white outfit,
then by all means wear it!  If you feel silly wearing shimmery lotion or long, dangling earrings, then you won’t look good in them.  
The bottom line: sport the look that makes you feel your best – ten pounds lighter or not!