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Animals lost 5 to 10% of their body weight. Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to
target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which abdominal fat is burned.
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blah blah, but  In a double-blind fashion,
60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
First of all, let me begin by saying that being short does not go against the concept of beauty as
defined by society. It is absolutely fine to look short. Shorter people are cute, cuddly and come across
as lovable and huggable! Good things do come in small packages. However, if you feel you would still
like to add a few more inches to your height, don those three-inch stilettos and read on.

Monochrome outfits

Opt for a single coloured outfit. Don't try and pair a blouse with contrast trousers, as once a colour
break is introduced it cuts down your height, making you look shorter. A single colour from top to
bottom adds to the illusion of height. You could add a second colour to your ensemble by
accessorizing it. Wear a scarf around your neck or carry a contrasting handbag. Add still more pizzaz to
your monochromatic outfit by contrasting fabrics and textures. Blue denim with a blue satin blouse,
brown leather pants with a brown chiffon blouse.


Wear a scarf with one end hanging down. This makes you look taller. If you wear a jacket or cardigan,
wear it unbuttoned to add to the vertical and lengthening effect. Similarly, chose long necklaces over
chokers, hanging earrings and loops over studs. Big belts appear to cut you in half and make you look
shorter, so you should best avoid them. Wear heels.

Match your shoes to your trousers, not to your top. Nothing adds height more than wearing a pair of
shoes exactly the colour of your trousers. Doing this elongates the legs. If you are wearing black
trousers with a white top, which we have already told you is a bad idea, you may be tempted to wear
white shoes. True, it goes with the look, but remember, we are trying to make you look taller and black
heels will do the job far better than white stilettos. Similarly, match the hue of your stockings to your
skirt or pant.


Any strips on your outfit should be vertical, not horizontal. Vertical stripes not only make you look
taller, but they make you look slimmer as well. Thus if you are top heavy and have a big bust, you could
wear a top with vertical stripes, while if you want your hips to look slimmer, you could wear striped
pants. Thankfully colourful striped pants are very trendy, so invest in a pair.


Add height to your tresses. Wearing your hair up in a ponytail or bun makes your neck look longer and
is a better idea than wearing your hair loose, and the higher your ponytail, the better it looks. If short
hair suits you, cut it off to above your ears - but once again, only if it suits you! The idea is for you to
look tall so you can look better, not worse! Not many women can carry off short hair, so if you can, go
for it! Essentially, if short and long hair both look good on you, go for short. Similarly v-neck tops make
your neck look longer, consequently making you look a little taller.


If you are even a little overweight, you will look plumper and shorter. Tall people can carry off excess
fat with no one noticing, but unfortunately shorter people cannot. The good news is, if you shed a little
weight, you gain a little height as well, so if you can lose a few more pounds, do so. If you are slim
enough, don't lose any more weight. Looking too skinny ruins the 'cute' factor of being short!


Wear skirts that are longer in length than in width. Alternatively, pair a long jacket with a mini.

As men, it is said that our height is the biggest determinant of our physical attractiveness. In fact,
research has also shown that in many cultures height is associated with social status, hence taller men
being more likely to be promoted than shorter men. And if you're reading this article, the odds are that
you are looking for ways to add a couple of inches to your height.

Well, the first thing that you can do is to practice good posture. Start by keeping an upright torso as
often as you can. This will make an incredible difference in your height as well as make you look more
self-assured to the people you interact with.

But having an ideal posture is not suddenly going to result in your 5'6" stature reading as 6'2" (keep
dreaming, bud). However, you can appear a few inches taller -- if not longer -- with the right clothes.
Here are six tips for how to look taller.

Wear fitted clothes
By "fitted" we don’t mean a second skin. Many American men tend to prefer wearing loose clothing as
it is a lot more comfortable. As a result, these men fail to purchase the right size, often leaning on the
larger end of the fit continuum (you know who you are). However, wearing fitted clothing will help to
accentuate your body's lines, which will naturally create a slimming effect and an appearance of added
height. Consider finding a tailor to alter your clothes if you must, but never wear clothes that are too
big; they will make you look even shorter since your lines will not be visible at all.

Choose monochromatic colors
When trying to look taller, color choices are relevant. Wearing clothes consisting of the same shades
and hues from one of the colors on the color wheel is a sleek trick to elongate your frame since people
will not look at your body as different parts. For instance, wearing pants and shoes of matching colors
will make you seem like you have longer legs. As for your belts, you want to blend them in to your
outfit. Thus, avoid contrasting colors.

Do wear dark colors
Opting for dark colors such as black, navy and deep gray will not only make you look slimmer, but will
also project dominance and power. In today’s society, people subconsciously respond to dominance,
power and competency. Combined with a balanced and upright posture, people with such traits always
seem to be taller and slightly intimidating, even if they’re physically not. This is a simple psychological
dynamic that you can easily work to your advantage.

Pay attention to your hairstyle
Some men prefer a spiky hairstyle not just because it is trendy, but also for the additional inches it
adds to their height. A hairstyle that is thin on the sides and tall on top will dramatically increase height
even when you’re standing right in front of others. Bonus: It’s also one of the 2010 men’s hairstyles.
Check out any issue of a fashion magazine and you will probably see several different hairstyles in
photographs that honor this rule. Consider all of them and decide which hairstyle suits you best.
Alternatively, you can also work with your hairstylist to find the most flattering style for you.
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