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For the best diet advice, look to the East. Compare the shapes of the average American to the average Asian and you will be quickly reminded that America, with all of its diet
fads and super foods, is the most obese nation in the world. Chinese culture, on the other hand, has adhered for over 4,000 years to a diet plan of balance and moderation
and simple principles that we can all practice to live healthier.

If we eat like the Asians, we will look like the Asians (thin). When they start eating like us, they start looking like us (not thin). The overriding principles are Balance and
Moderation. You don’t need to eat Chinese food or any Asian cuisine every day. The various countries cuisines are very different; but they all adhere to the same principles;
a diet of simple whole grains, slightly cooked vegetables, and a little bit of everything else.  Too much or too little of any one thing is not good.

All foods have upsides and downsides. A good diet should be like a good stock portfolio, diversified. If you have the same thing every day, you are overloaded in one sector.
This makes you more prone to the dangers of that sector, and at the same time you are missing out on all the other good things happening in the market. So like with a
good portfolio, you should hedge your bets. Have smaller amounts of more foods, then no single one can have too great an influence.

White rice is better than brown. Brown rice is white rice with a thick hull around it. It is kind of like eating a walnut and not taking the shell off. There are nutrients in the hull,
but they have a very poor bioavailability. Our bodies spend a lot of time and effort trying to break down the shell, which will use up energy and slow our metabolism. But
since moderation and balance are the principles, don’t have white rice all the time. Rotate between all the grains (including brown rice). The more processed a food is, the
harder it is for us to un-process; so simple grains should be taken more than breads and pastas.

Cooked vegetables are better than raw. It is true that cooking slightly will destroy a little of the nutrients (about 10 percent), but that remaining 90 percent is then unlocked
and available. Whatever you put in your stomach that is cold and raw, you have to heat and cook. This takes your time, your energy, and slows your metabolism. We get all
our energy from our digestion. We want to get the energy and life out of the food and excrete that which we don’t need. Cooking outside the body lightens the load and
then our digestive tract can simply act as a filter: send the good stuff to the tissues, the bad to the tissue paper. We should eat a wide variety of vegetables, mostly locally
grown and organic.

Calories don’t matter. The average person in China consumes between 25–40 percent more calories than the average American. Even the sedentary office workers have more
calories and less obesity. This is because of the kinds of calories they consume and how they are prepared. Calories ingested from natural sources will give you a more
steady release of energy, satisfy your hunger, and facilitate appropriate elimination of waste. Eating cookies, snack foods, artificial sweeteners, sodas, etc, will spike our
blood sugars, make us hungrier, and slow our digestion. You should never be hungry. Just keep yourself full of good, natural food.

You should eat a little red meat. Most Americans have too much red meat and that is clearly associated with myriad health problems. Vegetarians almost have it right, they
just go a little to far. Giving up meat usually will show a short-term improvement, but almost always will lead to a long-term deficiency. The Chinese recommend that we get
two ounces, twice a week of specifically mammal meat. A little bit of fish and fowl are good as well, but we do need a little mammal in the rotation. White meat is not better
than dark, chicken is not better than beef, egg whites are not better than yolks. We should have a little of everything. One famous Chinese medical doctor wrote the
“Vegetarianism is best suited to monks, living in the shelter of a temple, spending their days in seated meditation”. Those of us with a more active lifestyle need a little more
of an active food source.

Regarding the ethics of meat eating, I believe that God loves carrots too. Everything has a life force and wants to grow and reproduce. So it is not possible to “do no harm”
and survive. Everything has to eat something. We should always be grateful and mindful for the lives that are given so ours may continue.

Stay away from Dairy. Dairy is designed by nature for infants to turn into substance in the body. Humans are the only animals that have dairy after infancy. Dairy does have
calcium, but it is overwhelmed by the protein Casein, which seems to rob the bones of calcium. Green leafy vegetables are a much better source of calcium for our bodies,
with less ill effects.

Chinese medicine teaches that in adults, dairy turns into a substance called Phlegm. Phlegm can manifest in many different ways: fat, mucus, sinus infections, mental fog,
respiratory problems, skin conditions, and even fibroids and tumors. A little dairy won’t kill you, but a lot of it is not good. Your primary beverage should be water (room or
body temperature), number-two should be green tea. Everything else, including coffee, should be occasional.

Try and put these principles to use in your and your family’s diet and you will see the benefits. Trust what has worked for THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!!!
Keep it simple, balanced, and moderate.
For diet


•Eat whole grains (the less processed the better)
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•Caloric science in inherently flawed- Calories don't matter

•Eat organic

•Eat local

•Cooked vegetables are better than raw

•Eat fruit in moderation

•Your diet should be like your portfolio- diversified
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•Eat a wide variety of food.  Too much or too little of any one thing is not good

•Juices and sauces are not moderate

•You should eat a little red meat

•White meat is not better than dark; egg yolks are not worse than egg whites

•Dairy is for infants and is not good for adults, despite what the commercials and billboards tell you

•Sugar substitutes are not good

•Don't go hungry

•Don't microwave

•Chew your food well..
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•Fill your stomach half way with food, one-quarter with liquid, and leave one quarter empty for processing.. click here water tips.


•Should be balanced and

•Don't always be "doing", spend some time just "being"

•Get some exercise every day.  Tai Chi is the best exercise or
. krav.. click here.

•Get enough sleep; and sleep at the right time (night)
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•Don't overdo any one activity.. click here for exercises..

•Take time every day to recharge.. click here for attitude tips.


•Keep a wide perspective - Don't sweat the small stuff

•Forgive yourself and others!!!!!!

•Keep an open mind

•We are not here to just accomplish; we are here to learn and to teach

•Your emotions should be like the wind

•Have compassion for all creatures great and small

•Don't be too quick to judge things


The traditional Chinese diet, featuring low or moderate amounts of animal-based protein
and plenty of plant-based foods, is one among many traditional diet styles that has
received praise for its disease-fighting abilities. More than just a delicious way of
preparing food, traditional Chinese cooking uses food as therapy to harmonize the body
with the seasons. Strategic blends of spices and flavors contribute to the healthful and
delicious qualities of this diet. The traditional Chinese diet features vegetables that have
been lightly steamed or stir fried, accompanied by starches like rice, noodles or
dumplings. Meat and fish are part of the traditional diet, but are served in much smaller
amounts than is typical in the Western diet. While American cooking styles tend to
associate spices with flavor enhancement, in Chinese cooking, garlic and ginger tend to
be included as aids to digestion, according to the website Chinese Holistic Health
Exercises. Green tea, known for its antioxidant qualities, also features prominently in the
Chinese diet. Traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, posits that everything is made up of five
elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element has a corresponding flavor:
sour, bitter, sweet, hot and salty. Balancing the elements by eating strategically from the
different flavor groups is an important component of Chinese medicine, and can help you
and even your pet achieve better health, according to the University of Florida's on TCM
and food. If  you have diarrhea, sour foods like lemon or food pickled vinegar can help.
The sweet taste exemplified in honey and many fruits offers mood-elevating effects.

The landmark study into the benefits of the traditional Chinese diet was the 20-year China-
Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project, the results of which were published by lead
researcher T. Colin Campbell in his 2005 book “The China Study.” Campbell’s overarching
conclusion from the study was that lower animal protein consumption among rural
Chinese is the primary factor in their lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
The traditional Chinese diet’s emphasis on vegetables, light cooking techniques, and
certain spices are also likely factors in its health-promoting qualities. One of the more
sophisticated concepts in Chinese cooking is the idea that anything you eat can influence
your overall condition and well being. Choose what to eat based on your personal
physical tendencies, Lizette Montgomery advises in her 1996 article on healing foods in
“Yoga Journal.” Chinese medicine divides foods into the categories of “heating” and
“cooling.” If you tend to be cold, eating warming foods like cooked grains and chilies
might help. If you’re overheated and nervous, you might try raw vegetables and raw fruits,
which are cooling.You don’t have to be a professional Chinese chef to benefit from
traditional Chinese cooking methods. Misha Ruth Cohen, practitioner of traditional
Chinese medicine and author of “The Chinese Way to Healing,” notes on the website that a traditional Chinese diet works because it relies on locally grown
whole fruits and vegetables that are in season. Cohen advises using meat as an accent to
meals, not a centerpiece. When you first try to shift to a Chinese style of eating,
consuming beets, carrots and burdock is thought to help your body cleanse itself of any
toxins it might need to purge...
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